Wednesday, April 1, 2009

American Idol- Top 9- iTunes Results

OK, so I didn’t really take notes this time around cuz I was really eager to see who was going to go home!  I just knew there was gonna be a shocker and Megan would be safe of something along those lines..LOL

I have to say that I like the fact that during the group performances they are letting Scott stay on the piano.  Why won’t someone put some glasses on him??  Just curious.  Anyway, he’s a great musician and I think the piano is right where he belongs!  This group number was really good to me!  I liked the song and everyone’s deliverance (lip-synching even) I truly enjoyed it!

I also enjoyed the FORD video!!  Nice with the changing and 3 way screen split stuff….pretty neat.  Again, Scott really needs a pair of glasses.  They don’t have to be dark shades, they could be some brown ones, just something to get the focus off his wondering eyes.

Ryan talks to the contestants a bit after they show a video of the day in the life of…and the contestants are all imitating each other.  Matt does Danny in the video.  Then on stage Anoop does Kris and it was really funny!  Then Allison took the whole show when she did Danny doing “Jesus take the Wheel” it was really funny!  They have all seemed to have developed a really good camaraderie and that’s really good.  Takes some of the pressure off when they aren’t performing!  At this point they have all “made it” so why “hate”!?!  hehe

David Cook’s performance was stellar!  Expected nothing less from such a brilliant artist as his self! I was impressed with his album.  David A…, kinda just what I expected….little boring.

Hmmmm…What else…. OH OMG!!!  Lady Gaga…what the UH - HUH!???  I wasn’t into that other than the dancing!!    Kewl costumes but I was not into the song…still not really sure what she was talking about!  Parts were a little hard to understand… she from overseas?  Sorry if you did like it, I just didn’t get it. 

OK, so that’s all I remember before eliminations….Ryan split the guys all up into 3 groups of 3….like they always do when there’s 9.  But this time there was one bottom 3 in each group of 3.

So the first group is:

Matt Giraud

Megan Joy

Kris Allen

Second group was:

Adam Lambert

Lil Rounds

Allison Iraheta

Third Group was:

Scott McIntyre

Anoop Desai

Danny Gokey

Kris was sent back to safety first, then Megan was sent to bottom 3, and Matt THOUGHT he was sent to bottom 3 when he was actually safe.  Kinda funny moment.

Lil was then told she was safe, and left standing are Allison and Adam.  I’m thinking OK anyone next to Adam is losing, right!?  Right!  Allison is bottom 3 and of course Adam is safe. 

Next group, Danny is sent back to safety while Scott and Anoop wait as Ryan asks Randy who’s B3.  Randy says based on last nights performances it would have to be Anoop and sure enough it was Anoop.  Scott of course is safe.

So the Bottom 3 are:

Megan Joy

Allison Iraheta

Anoop Desai

First one sent to safety is of course Allison, who in my opinion did not belong there at all!  I voted for her.  Not like that is the reason she shouldn’t have been there….LOL but come on the girl can really sing!  Stop listening to these judges America!! (Ok, maybe sometimes…hehe)

Anyway so between Anoop and Megan ……..drum roll…….

Megan Joy

Anoop better come with it next week when they get to pick songs from the year they were born….this is the theme that always reminds me of how old I’m getting!! LOL  If the kids don’t do that enough everyday!  Anyway, whole nother subject..haha

Night Yawl!!!