Tuesday, March 31, 2009

American Idol- Top 9- iTunes Top 100

Most Popular Downloads from iTunes.  So there could be anything on this list, but a lot of more current music.

Well on with it!

Anoop Desai – Caught Up by Usher – I still love his voice, BUT tonight proved to me that he is truly a “Brian McNight” singer.  He sounds much better when he sings ballads period!!  Usher is one of my favorite artist and that performance did that song not ONE bit of justice!!  No dancing??  That is a dancing song, Usher is a dancing performer.  It was vocally pitchy and really not the right song for him at all.  He basically just copies what he’s heard…..he may be just a copy cat-er.  He says he wants to be an R&B artist and while he has the chops for it he doesn’t have the “feel” for R&B.  He’s good at mimicking what he hears.  He needs to be part of a group OR he could have done a simple Babyface selection, but he has to learn to use his voice in the open places and play with it a little for R&B.  That straight note holding singing is for “pop”.  The Judges didn’t care for it either. (can you tell hubby helped with that one!!! ROFL)

Megan Joy - Turn Lights Down Low by Bob Marley/Lauryn Hill – NOTHING like Lauryn, but I have to admit that I kinda liked what she was trying to do with the song!  She has such a unique voice and sound that she could have scatted that song out OR jazzed it out with her voice a little more.  Make it more her own!  I really want this girl to do well for some reason I think once she gets to do HER music we are gonna hear some great stuff from her!  Judges didn’t care for it either and I think she may just be going home this week, but that’s OK.

Danny Gokey – What Hurts the Most by Rascal Flatts.  Shocked he picked that song but he sang the shyte out of it!  Made me want to go look up the original since I don’t know it, but something tells me it won’t sound the same.  I think he did a really good job with his performance and really showed what we are to expect from him once he releases an album of his own.  He was one I voted for tonight.

Allison Iraheta – Don’t Speak by No Doubt – Vocally the girl is just off da chain!! I didn’t too much care for the dress thingy, but I loved her hair.  The judges bashed her for her outfit since they couldn’t really say anything about the song.  I think she did really good and she continues to perform with consistency!  We’ll see if she really does end up being the only girl standing.  I did vote for her tonight.

Scott MacIntyre – Just the Way You Are by Billy Joel.  I completely missed his performance cuz my sister was lost on her way to my house and we had the TV muted and by the time we got her going again and realized the show was back on he was just hitting the last few notes.  I’m not upset I missed him since he’s not a fav of mine anyway, but from the playback it sounds like he may have done OK.  The judges liked it well enough so I guess he added a little more flavor to it this week!  

Matt Giraud – You Found Me by the Fray.  I didn’t really like that song so the performance didn’t really move me one way or the other.  I like him better when he does the soulful stuff…isn’t he from Detroit??  Anywho, I think he sounds better with the soulful stuff, but if he wants to rock it out then more power to him.

Lil Rounds – I Surrender by Celine Dion.  Boo!  I didn’t like this performance at all.  The girl can sing, but it was so boring and pitchy in places.  I don’t really think she knows who she wants to be as an artist.  The judges keep pushing for MJ Blige, but I can understand if she’s not feeling that. (She’s not an artist I really care for either)  She needs to hurry up and show us something or her vocals will only carry her so far.

Adam Lambert – Play that Funky Music by White Cherries.  He is the ONLY one that has given props to Ricky Miner and the band!!  Thank you!  Those guys are awesome!!  Now I thought he would pull this off a little better than he did.  Not that it wasn’t good, but he’s back to that style I’m not to fond of so no vote from me this week for him, but again he was still good.

Kris AllenAin’t No Sunshine.  That was a GREAT performance for him!  His best yet for me!  If that’s the type of music he’ll do I will be getting it!  That was a hot arrangement as well.  If he arranged that I give him mad respect!!!  He may be our dark horse……he’s never really been named a possible winner, but if he keeps performing like that it is definitely possible!

Well, that’s my quick take on the show tonight! 

My bottom 3 picks are:

Megan Joy

Matt Giraud

Anoop Desai/Lil Rounds 

Going home will be:

Megan Joy

Now if they stay true to the fact that Megan was not even bottom 3 last week then we could possibly see Matt leave, but I doubt it.  At this point any of the mediocre singers can be goners.  Once it comes down to Allison, Danny, Adam, and possibly Kris, then we will have some competition going on.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Moats vs. Cops - Just My Opinion

I'm sorry, but given the situation that he made him aware of from the time he stepped out of the car this cop was just being a hard azz cuz he could be.  Flexing his muscles so to say!  Just Wrong!  This is just my opinion you can feel free to agree or disagree!

I can see his point on Moats IF Moats was being reckless, but he wasn’t he was being careful and cautious.  Me as a cop I would have let him go with a warning and let him know the law is to stop and let the officer know what is going on. 

Well at least now I know!!

Link to unedited cop dashcam: 


Thursday, March 26, 2009

American Idol - Top 10 - Motown Night

Smokey Robinson and Mr. Berry Gordy!!  What a treat to have such icons present.  Then to see Smokey mentoring!!!  How awesome that must have been for the contestants!!!  Gotta love the celebrity mentoring….very kewl!!  I’m just really posting my quick notes from last night…since we were pretty much emailing each other during the show there isn’t going to be too much you don’t already know :)

First up:

Matt Giraud - Let’s Get it on by Marvin Gaye – It was OK for me.  Vocally he was pitchy and kinda all over the place.  It was a good performance overall, but it wasn’t enough to make me a fan!

Kris Allen – How Sweet it is by Marvin Gaye – It was good minus the last attempt at that riff at the end!  So this week he finally won me over.  He has a nice voice and executed that song very well!  I put in a vote for him this week.

Scott McIntyre – You Can’t Hurry Love by Diana Ross and the Supremes – It was OK.  His voice didn’t annoy me, but there were a lot more pitch issues going on.  I can tell what it is he is trying to do, but his vocals just aren’t strong enough to execute it. (Kara kinda said what I’m trying to)  I don’t think that was a good performance for him and I really think he’s getting to prove how everything he sings pretty much sounds the same.

Megan Joy– For Once in My Life by Stevie Wonder – All bad!!  She has NO where near the vocals to pull of Stevie!  I was anticipating train wreck when she said it!!!  She may just be going home tonight! That was just horrible for me.  I didn’t like anything about it.  I think Kara suggested “My Guy” and I think she would have pulled that song off a TON better than what she did with Stevie’s song!

Anoop Desai – Ooh Baby Baby by Smokey and the Miracles – It was very good, but I want him to give it that little umph that’s missing!  He’s proven he has great vocals, but if you guys could have heard just the slight umph hubby gave me here at the house you’d understand what I’m saying.  He can sing that’s for sure, but now make it “colorful” so to say.  Not sure how to say it, but play around maybe or add some “feel” to your sound….that’s the best I can say it…LOL

Michael Sarver – Not to Proud to Beg by Ike and Tina – OK, Since Megan is more popular I believe he may end up leaving this time around.  We’ll see at the end of it all.  I didn’t like his performance of that song at all.  It was almost like he tried a country spin, either way it was not a good performance at all. 

Lil Rounds – Heat Wave – HUH?  I for the life of me can’t understand why she would pick this song!!  She is turning out to be a huge disappointment!  I don’t’ think she will go home, but that was definitely a going down hill performance.  She completely picked the wrong song and she may pay for it!

Adam Lambert – Tracks of my Tears by Smokey Robinson – That was the shyte performance!!!!  Amazing vocals, man, and just simply amazing vocals!!!!  But I have to say that the boy cleans up very nice!!!  Not a bad looking kid, but I think I prefer the other hair style ….he looked good in his suite though and proved he can be a truly eclectic artist!!!  I think he may have just shown me his edge over Danny!!! 

Danny Gokey – Get Ready – I liked it.  It was ok.  Definitely a Danny performance and I think he’s going to just maintain at this level.  This was the week I expected him to stand out, but he didn’t Adam did!  So unless he’s going to have a step out week later on I don’t think Danny will pull off the win.  It will be interesting to see the final 5 go at it though!!!

Allison IrahetaPappa was a Rolling Stone by Temptations – Very good!!  The girl definitely knows who she is as an artist.  Like I said last week she should have never been in the bottom 3 last week!  She may be the last girl standing after the performance we saw from Lil.

The people I voted for are Green.

I think the bottom 3 will be:

Scott McIntyre

Megan Joy

Michael Sarver

And going home will be either Megan or Michael.  I can’t really decide since popularity plays such a big part in voting with this show!   Matt and Lil I don’t think will be voted off due to bad performances, but they weren’t significant performances for me.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

American Idol - Top 11: Grand Ole Opry Results

So 31 million votes later and we have another person leaving and we will also know who will be going on Tour for a year.

The FORD commercial seemed like they had fun, it was entertaining, but I didn’t really care for the song.

The segment with the party clips was kewl.  I always wondered what happened once they were voted off so that was nice to see.

They also show a clip with everyone at rehearsal wearing masks attempting not to catch the Influenza B that Megan picked up.  She had her face completely wrapped up it was kinda funny looking!!! Anyway, on to the eliminations as Ryan backs away from the group a little more…..

Danny Gokey – SAFE

Lil Rounds – SAFE

Anoop Desai – SAFE

Allison Iraheta and Michael Sarver are told to stand.  Allison is told she is B3 and then Michael is told that he is ALSO B3.  So they move to the hard looking steel things they keep calling stools!!

Brad Paisley performs.  Not surprised I don’t know who he is!

More eliminations:

Scott McIntyre – SAFE

Megan Joy – SAFE

Matt Giraud – SAFE

Kris Allen – SAFE

So now they have Alexis Grace and Adam Lambert standing there.  Come on, that was just way to obvious!!  Of course Alexis Grace is B3.  Adam Lambert is SAFE.

Ryan immediately sends Allison Iraheta back to safety.  I figured she would be sent back considering she shouldn’t have been there.  Ryan then asks the judges if they would consider using their save for either of the two left and they said yes there is one that they are considering saving.

Now Michael and Alexis are sitting on the little steel things while Carrie Underwood and Randy Travis perform.  That was nice!  I like Carrie; she’s one of my favorite Idols. 

Now they reveal that Michael Sarver is SAFE and Alexis will be homeward bound unless the judges save her.  And the judges now tell her that she was the one that they were thinking about saving.  What a blow to Michael to know that if it had been him they wouldn’t have even considered saving him.  Anyway, Alexis now sings for the judges.  Simon tells her “Sorry, not good enough” WHAT????  OK, not that I thought it was all that great, but man!  How harsh is it to get slammed on national TV, not only by America but by the judges as well.  Two hits in one night!  Blam Blam!  Ouch judges, that is way harsh!  I figured you would tell t hem why they weren’t gonna continue on or something constructive, but you just wanna make sure you stab the knife in all the way!

I must say, I don’t think Alexis should have been the one to leave. Everyone knows I thought it should have been Scott all the way.  Since he’s still pulling sympathy votes I knew that wasn’t gonna happen, but I didn’t think Alexis would get the boot in return! :(  And how humiliating was it that Randy called her Allison!!!  What another slap!  I’m guessing Alexis will be fine maybe even better off since she will not have that obligatory year to go on tour!!  But she will be missed in the competition.

Anyway, so Motown next week, can’t wait!!!  One of my favorite weeks since most everyone does well!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

American Idol Top 11 - Grand Ole Opry Night

I’ll just make this real quick! 

I totally missed Michael, Allison and Kris since I got home and continued chatting with hubby from our conversation in the car and just simply forgot to turn the channel on the TV….grrr!

In the flashbacks at the end of the show though I could tell quickly what I thought.  I went ahead and watched them this morning on **** though and came up with my decisions.

Michael Sarver – I think he may be in danger of going home tonight.  Not a strong performance from him.  I think he should have gone more bluesy soul country.  Something that would have showed off those vocals that he does have.

Allison Iraheta – Did a song I was familiar with, but never knew the name of it..lol  The girl is amazing at 16 years old.  I think she’s just like Fantasia at this point, she can sing ANYTHING!  I would not be surprised if she is the last female standing giving the boys a run for their money!!

Kris Allen – To Make You Feel My Love – Vocally he was very impressive!!!  I think he does MUCH better without that dang guitar or maybe it’s just the ballad.  He definitely has better control with a ballad!!  I liked it!!  This is probably the first time I like him!

Lil Rounds – Independence Day – I think she did pretty good.  I do understand what the judges are talking about as far as making sure she puts “Lil” into the songs, but I also see it from her side and wanting to honor “country”.  Either way, it wasn’t a great performance for me.  I wish she would have put her own flavor to it.  I must say, I’m so glad she didn’t pick I will Always Love You!  That would have just been TOO expected!!

Adam Lambert – Ring of Fire – The best part of that was his vocals!! It was really good to me and nothing like I was expecting!!!  I loved his falsetto during the 2nd half of the song…I loved it!  (Did I say that…???) Anywho, I know it didn’t sound anything like Country BUT that is how you would expect Adam to do a country song.  I think that’s what they were expecting from Lil as well.  Do Country the way YOU would do country.  Adam definitely did that!!!

Scott McIntyre – Martina McBride – Not sure of the song at all.  I really don’t like his singing presence.  I think he will be an awesome ghost writer or song writer, but he is NOT a performer in my eyes.  I would love to see him go home tonight, but I’m not holding my breath on it!  Too popular.

Alexis Grace – Jolene – I expected Before he Cheats from her as well, but I thought her vocals were ok.  She was trying for the more Bluesy softer sound which I think she accomplished, but overall performance was just OK.  I think I like her better with her edgy-ness.

Danny Gokey – Jesus Takes the Wheel – I really liked that too!!  I think he got a little out of “control” towards the end, but either way he’s an awesome singer!!  I really am not sure who will win this year.  As the competition goes on and folks step up their game I’m truly impressed with these guys so far!!  Danny’s been a fav since the beginning and I don’t think much will change that right now!  Just add others to my list with him. 

Anoop Desai – Always on My Mind - It was good, he shoulda played with the vocals a little more, show off some, but it was still pretty good!!  I think Anoop is another Brian McNight type in as his strong suit is Ballads and his voice sounds fantastic on them.  I’ve heard him A Capella and I love the tone of his voice.  I hope he has learned and continues to pick the correct songs for his voice and music style!!!  Good job on this performance and I think he’s earned his Top 10 spot!!

Megan Corkrey – Walking after Midnight – Not too bad.  She is very unique with everything she does and that may get her pretty far.  I don’t think she’s the best, but she definitely is a performer.  She proved that by doing pretty OK with such a bad flu!!  I wish she’d hurry up and decide on what she wants to be called, Megan Joy, Megan, Megan Corkrey, Megan Joy Corkrey….just pick one!! LOL  She could be in trouble tonight just because she’s not as popular, but whenever she leaves the show someone is picking her up!! 

Matt Giraud – So Small - It was aiight for me.  I like his voice and I like him, it’s just something lacking in his performances, not sure what it is.  For the most part I liked him and I think he’s safe for next week.   We’ll see as weeks continue. 

So tonight I think the bottom 3 are:

Scott McIntyre

Megan Joy Corkrey

Michael Sarver

I would love to see Scott go home, but I think it will probably be

Michael Sarver.

Anyone know what the theme is next week????

Saturday, March 14, 2009

American Idol - Top 13: MJ Song Results

I know this is extremely late, but oh well: 

33 Million votes…wow, so early??  It’s usually not till the Top 8 or so that you start seeing those type numbers!!

Group song – this was a Jackson 5 medley that actually wasn’t half bad at all.  This bunch sounds much better as a group than in the past…maybe it’s just me.  Maybe they ought to start the American Idol Choir….for all those who’s voices are just slightly below par!! Hehe

The review of all last night’s performances is funny to me as well.  They are ranking them and pretty much letting you know who got the most votes during this part.

FORD Commercial – It was done to the tune of We Will Rock You and I have to admit I liked it. 

Ryan now starts the elimination process. 

Michael Sarver – SAFE

Allison Iraheta – SAFE

Jasmine Murray – Center Stage

Matt Giraud – SAFE

Kris Allen – SAFE

Megan Corkrey – Center Stage 

At this point I’m thinking just like I was the night of the performances.  Jasmine and Megan were the worst, but Megan is more popular.  I think Jasmine’s issue is that she just comes off like a stuck up snob.  At least to me that’s what it is.  She just seems to look at everyone with this look of “I’m so much better than you” and I don’t think that connects well with people at all.  Her family looks fun as I don’t know what, but hey guys, stop spoiling Jasmine.  She’s entirely too stuck up because of it!!!!  Anywho, so of course the one going home was:

Jasmine Murray - HOME

So the new thing now is the Judges Save.  The judges can save one person a season.  They said that America claims that the likes of Jennifer Hudson, Elliott Yamin, and Chris Daughtry were all voted off too early, so this Judges Save is suppose to prevent this from happening again.  So on this note Jasmine performs again for the judges and in my opinion it was worse than performance night.  Ryan asks the judges if they are going to save her and with no explanation or nothing they flat out just said NO.  hehe..I think I’ll like this part!!

Kanye West performs “Heartless” It was funny to me to have him perform this on this show when he’s using a machine to help him sing!! LOL  Some of his music is OK, but for the most part, I can’t stand this guy!!

Now for the 2nd person going home:

Scott McIntyre – SAFE

Alexis Grace – SAFE

Danny Gokey – SAFE

Anoop Desai – Center Stage

Adam Lambert – SAFE

Jorge Nunez – Center Stage

Lil Rounds - SAFE

They force Anoop and Jorge to sit through Kelly Clarkson’s performance of “My Life would Suck Without You” Then they finally let Anoop know he’s SAFE.

Jorge Nunez – HOME

Jorge also does his performance for the “Judges Save” and is quickly told NO, again no explanation or hesitation…no second thoughts about it!!

So I’m uber excited that I got the first 2 eliminated correct!!! Hehe

Next week, Grand Ole Opry….who do you think will shine, who do you think will flop??  What do you want to hear them sing?  I don’t know this genre well enough to pick anything.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

American Idol - Top 13: Michael Jackson Songs

So after a parade of judges and Ryan we are informed that two will go home tomorrow night :)  Oh well, couldn’t last forever besides they probably couldn’t push SYTYCD back a week for the extra elimination of a 13th contestant..thank goodness :)

Anyway, so everyone has to sing a Michael Jackson song….ugh…they tell them not to sing icon songs then they give them and icon to sing after…sheesh!!!

Lil Rounds – “The Way You Make Me Feel” She can definitely sing and that performance was OK.  I kinda wanted her to take the more soul side of it, but she opted for the R&B, I was kinda moving around the house while she was singing so I may have to watch it back again.  All in all, she did well enough to miss the bottom 2 I think.

Scott McIntyre – “Keep The Faith”’ Not a popular Jackson song and he really did it no justice vocally.  In all honesty that was a go home performance to me.  I didn’t like it.  He can play the piano and is probably a really good song writer, but he shouldn’t be out in front….behind the scenes is the place for him. 

Danny Gokey – “PYT-Pretty Young Thing” I liked the arraignment and I liked his performance.  I think he did a good job at sealing himself in a place for next week. I truly believe he will be one of the Top 5 when it comes to that point!   *Rolls eyes at Paula*

Michael Sarver – “You Are Not Alone” I like this Jackson song and Michael used that BoyzIIMen soul sound he had in Hollywood week.  It was OK, I’m not turning flips, but I think he’s safe for next week as well.

Jasmine Murray – “I’ll Be There” Not too bad.  Better than I was expecting, but she’s still kinda just there to me.  Her family seems really nice and they are a good looking bunch, but her voice does nothing special for me.  Not sure if this was good enough to stay next week since two people will be leaving tomorrow!  She does come off much older than 17, so maybe that’s all it is.

Kris Allen – “Remember the Time” Anytime I hear this song I think about the video with Eddie Murphy and the super model Iman and the whole Egyptian thing…can you tell I was an MTV kid!?!  I think he totally ruined the song once he got past the 1st verse!!  He was not thinking about pitch or controlling the song in any kinda way and it was just all over the place!  Train wreck at the end even…disappointing since he actually started out really good.  If he makes it to next week I don’t think he should sing with his guitar anymore!  He did sound better at the beginning with the guitar, but not at the end!

Allison Iraheta – “Give In To Me” I’m not familiar with this songs original version, but I think she rocked it out!!   I really enjoyed her performance although I had NO idea what she was singing!!   I pretty sure she’s secure for next week.

Anoop Desai – “Beat It” Why????  I really wanted him to sing something like “She’s outta My Life” or maybe even Human Nature a capella.  I’m really disappointed in the song choice it shows no vocal ability nor is he performing it like he wants someone to “beat it” He may have just doomed himself with that performance!!  Come on Anoop!!! If you make it to next week you better flex those vocal skills buddy!!!!  Now I think the judges were a little harsh, but I do think he can do MUCH better than he did!  Song choices people…..Come on!!!

Jorge Nunez – “Never Can Say Goodbye” OK, although I don’t think he did all that bad, but he wasn’t impressive to me at all!  I can see him leaving this week since he doesn’t appear to be as popular as let’s say Anoop who didn’t really do that well.  I wouldn’t have mind hearing Anoop sing this song either…anything ballad wise!!  Ugh….

Megan Corkrey – “Rocking Robin” Ok so she’s just really quirky all the way around!  I actually kind of liked it.  It kinda fit her whole quirky persona.  I love the tone to her voice, it’s “interesting” I’m not sure how much longer she can hang vocally, but she is wildly more popular than Jasmine, so we’ll see.

Adam Lambert – “Black or White” Perfect song choice for him!  He definitely knows himself as an artist!  Again, not something I would buy to listen to, but can’t deny he is good in that genre!!  He has definitely secured his spot!  This may come down to a showdown between Adam and Danny!!!  Can’t wait to find out!!

Matt Giraud – “Human Nature” Figures someone else would do it since I wanted Anoop to do it!!  For Matt this was surprisingly good song choice for him!!  I enjoyed it until he went into his falsetto range at the end and went all off key, but other than that it was a good performance!  Like I said before with good song choices he can quickly become a serious contender for Top 5!!

Alexis Grace – “Dirty Diana” It was oversung in a few places, but overall she’s established her self as a soulful rocker to me!  I like her and her voice…she is going to give the guys a run for it that’s for sure!!

So in the end after it’s all said and done the two I think are going home is:

Jasmine Murray and Jorge Nunez.  I think they were the least impressive and then popularity of other contestants.

I would like to see Scott McIntyre go, but I think he’s still to popular for that unfortunately.

We’ll see tomorrow night!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

American Idol - Top 13: Pre-Ranked

13) Kris Allen – He is not a favorite of mine and I’m actually shocked he’s in the Top 13.  I was not impressed with him during Hollywood week nor was I impressed with his performance of Man in the Mirror.  He will have to pull some big performances in order not to be going home within the first 2 weeks.
12) Michael Sarver - I like Mike, but if he doesn’t come strong with good song choices and vocals then he will be quickly voted out.  He should have never been there over Anoop to begin with, and now there is no way he can compete vocally.  Granted they start working with vocal coaches and stylist at this point so we could be surprised, we’ll see.
11) Jasmine Murray – Her vocals are just OK to me.  I think the judges like her because of her looks, but again, if she doesn’t bring it strong every time, one performance will send her home.  There is little room for mess ups this season.
10) Jorge Nunez – He could very well move up on this list.  He has a very good voice and is also charming now that we’ve had a chance to actually see him.  So much so that Tatiana attempted to bite off of him with the thinking in Spanish thing…*rolls eyes* I will prolly re-rank after the first week of performances.  We’ll see.
9) Matt Giraud – He is another one that could move up or quickly down the list.  He will have to make good song choices.  The top 10 of the 13 is going to be tough so whoever makes it will have to bring their A game ever week or they will find themselves quickly going home!!
8) Megan Corkrey – She is popular.  She has been a favorite of mine since her audition, but the dancing is throwing me, so I have to not watch her.  Not sure if vocally she can compete with the others and when it comes to switching genres you have to be able to back it up vocally if it’s not your “cup o’ tea” so to say.  Not sure how she will make out on this, but again this is pre-rank so we’ll see.
7) Scott McIntyre – Only reason I have him this high on the list is because he appears to be this popular.  I just don’t see the thrill of this guy’s voice???  It doesn’t do it for me.  Maybe he’ll change my mind, since I like him well enough.  I’m not wowed by his voice is all. He may end up proving me right and be one of the first to leave, but then again his fan base is huge, so we’ll see.
6) Alexis Grace – Again, if she doesn’t perform she will be quickly gone, but I expect her to do well for a while.  I like her sound and hopefully she will make smart song choices and pull off the genre changes each week.
5) Allison Iraheta – This girl has natural vocal ability there is no denying that.  My thing is can she change around?  Will she be able to make smart song choices and pick good songs?  We’ll see!  I for one love her voice and really hope that her being 16 doesn’t hinder her as far as experience.  It’s very possible, she seems to be a real natural.
4) Adam Lambert – Not my cup of tea, and yeah, I’m speaking music wise.  Let’s not even talk about his other preferences!!  He does have all the rocker fans though so that will definitely get him through for a long time.  As long as he makes wise song choices he’ll do fine for his fans.  I know it sounds repetitive, but it really does boil down to song choices.
3) Lil Rounds – She can definitely sing, but not a favorite of mine.  I think she sounds like every other Mary J Blige wanna be girl out there.  She has not shown me anything that is “Lil” vocal wise.  She does have more of the R&B fan base than Jasmine Murray does which is prolly why she’ll make it through for a long while.  Not sure how she’ll do on let’s say….Country week, but she may be able to pull it off.  I wouldn’t be upset about her winning cuz like I said she can sing, but I don’t foresee her recording anything I would listen too.  Could be proven wrong.
2) Anoop Desai – I love his tone and I love his stage presence.  Definitely a favorite of mine this season and I would love to see him go very far!  He could also mess himself up with a horrible song choice, but I think he’s a smart boy and may not have any issues with that.  I don’t wanna hear My Prerogative again though!
1) Danny Gokey – At this point I think he has the hugest fan base and he is a music teacher so I think he will have NO problem picking songs arranged just right for his vocals.  That little advantage I think gives him the edge over a lot of the other contestants.  Did you see his Hollywood week group performance????  Not only can he do it for himself, but he taught 3 other people….I think he’s a shoe in for winner, but again could be wrong….we’ll see!!!
Feel free to agree or disagree ….none of this is in stone and at this point I think I could still change my mind on a few of them…it all depends on this first week and how smart of song choices they make.  I hope they all do well, but I’m really hoping my favorites do well!!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

American Idol - Top 36 - Wild Card Round

Well, this is how EVERY other show from this point on should be run….perform, judge, and move on….that was great!!!!

Jesse Langseth – She decided on “Tell Me Something Good” by Rufus.  She proved why I didn’t agree with bringing her back.  Yeah, she has a unique sound, but she’s not good enough.  She’s a bar band singer, that’s about it.  The judges say the same thing, it was just OK.  I will say it was better than last time, but NO.

Matt Giraud – I like him, but he’s not singing what I think he is picking the right songs.  This time he picks Jackson 5’s "Who's Loving You".  He does sound good, but still not hitting home for me.  His “soul” seems kinda forced, not natural, almost like he’s trying to hard. I liked the hat, but ditch the scarf.   I think this performance may have earned him a Top 12 spot though.

Megan Corkrey – She’s been one of my favorites since her audition, but the last couple weeks have been rough for her.  She added the weird quirky dance, which Simon seems to like about her.  She sings "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree."  I thought she did pretty good.  I still don’t like that dance and her pitch goes off, but it’s almost like that’s what you expect from her tone, not sure…maybe it’s just her I like.  Judges seem to be feeling the same way, not great vocals, but they like her.  She’s different.  I say based on the judges comments, she’s probably our Top 12 girl spot.

Von Smith – I’m surprised by his vocals actually.  I’m not hearing him scream anymore.  He does have a big voice and gets really close to loosing the control, but that performance was boring.  He sang "Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word."  He can sing, but I don’t really like him for Idol.  He needs to be on Broadway.

Jasmine Murray – I was in the kitchen making coffee while she was singing, but she sounded a TON better than she did the first time.  She sang "Reflection" by Christina Aguilera and I was surprised.  I didn’t think she would pull it off as well as she did.  She may have just taken the 3rd spot in our Top 12.  I really hope not, just cuz I like Anoop a lot, but we’ll see.

Ricky Braddy – He decides to take on Stevie Wonder’s "Superstition."  I really didn’t want him to do this.  He didn’t sound train wreckish, but it was no way good enough for Top 12.  I think he’s at the end of the road.

Tatiana Del Toro – OK, again NOT one I would have brought back to the Wild Card round at all.  She proves it by singing "Saving All My Love for You." By Whitney Houston……AGAIN!!!!  Afterwards she tells the judges that she can sing other songs, but not better than that one.  Why mess with a good thing.  Uhmmm, your kidding right????  What a WASTED spot that Ju’Not Joyner could have used to show his stuff again…whether he’d made it or not it would have been more entertaining for this spot!!!!  Besides, she sang the song better the last time she sang it, this one was karaoke and a waste!!!    Then she embarrasses herself even more by trying to say she thinks in Spanish and English and when she thinks in Spanish that’s when her accent comes through….OMG On national TV you are going to pull that?????  I’m done with her…..feel like I’m watching Schizo-Idol.

Anoop Desai – He’s been dubbed Anoop Dogg for a reason…he just has to make it to the Top 12.  I was utterly disappointed when he comes out and sings “My Prerogative” by Bobby Brown.  Although we didn’t get to hear him sing this song it is still a song he has performed before.  Not thrilled, but the judges say they are OK with it because he did it much better.  Then they tell him not the best vocals, but he’s weirdly popular.  Something Simon said caught my attention.  He said they have to “cast” the next stage, not pick the best singers.  That tells me that Anoop may have a shot cuz he is just really popular, the audience was crazy when he performed!!

So now they get to the results almost immediately…WORKS for me…lol

Jasmine Murray – Top 12

Ricky Braddy – NO

Megan Corkrey and Tatiana Del Toro – Paula drags it out so I’m guessing it’s Megan and it is.  Tatiana of course goes to the judges table where Paula advises her she will be an actress too!! LOL

Von Smith - NO

Jesse Langseth – NO  Simon tells her she almost did make it though which I’m not sure if that was a good thing to tell her or not.  Does she kick herself for almost making it or does she say yeah, I was almost there????  Hmmmm…..

Matt Giraud and Anoop Desai – I really think it should be Anoop, but the judges really like Matt as well.  This is the biggest twist the show has ever had in all it’s Seasons…..After telling Matt he has made it to the Top 12, then then tell Anoop that just for him they have decided that it will be a Top 13!!!! 

What????  I’m tooooooooo thrilled…thank you!!! Hehe

Coming up next……my pre-ranking of the Top 12…ooops  Top 13!!!