Thursday, March 19, 2009

American Idol - Top 11: Grand Ole Opry Results

So 31 million votes later and we have another person leaving and we will also know who will be going on Tour for a year.

The FORD commercial seemed like they had fun, it was entertaining, but I didn’t really care for the song.

The segment with the party clips was kewl.  I always wondered what happened once they were voted off so that was nice to see.

They also show a clip with everyone at rehearsal wearing masks attempting not to catch the Influenza B that Megan picked up.  She had her face completely wrapped up it was kinda funny looking!!! Anyway, on to the eliminations as Ryan backs away from the group a little more…..

Danny Gokey – SAFE

Lil Rounds – SAFE

Anoop Desai – SAFE

Allison Iraheta and Michael Sarver are told to stand.  Allison is told she is B3 and then Michael is told that he is ALSO B3.  So they move to the hard looking steel things they keep calling stools!!

Brad Paisley performs.  Not surprised I don’t know who he is!

More eliminations:

Scott McIntyre – SAFE

Megan Joy – SAFE

Matt Giraud – SAFE

Kris Allen – SAFE

So now they have Alexis Grace and Adam Lambert standing there.  Come on, that was just way to obvious!!  Of course Alexis Grace is B3.  Adam Lambert is SAFE.

Ryan immediately sends Allison Iraheta back to safety.  I figured she would be sent back considering she shouldn’t have been there.  Ryan then asks the judges if they would consider using their save for either of the two left and they said yes there is one that they are considering saving.

Now Michael and Alexis are sitting on the little steel things while Carrie Underwood and Randy Travis perform.  That was nice!  I like Carrie; she’s one of my favorite Idols. 

Now they reveal that Michael Sarver is SAFE and Alexis will be homeward bound unless the judges save her.  And the judges now tell her that she was the one that they were thinking about saving.  What a blow to Michael to know that if it had been him they wouldn’t have even considered saving him.  Anyway, Alexis now sings for the judges.  Simon tells her “Sorry, not good enough” WHAT????  OK, not that I thought it was all that great, but man!  How harsh is it to get slammed on national TV, not only by America but by the judges as well.  Two hits in one night!  Blam Blam!  Ouch judges, that is way harsh!  I figured you would tell t hem why they weren’t gonna continue on or something constructive, but you just wanna make sure you stab the knife in all the way!

I must say, I don’t think Alexis should have been the one to leave. Everyone knows I thought it should have been Scott all the way.  Since he’s still pulling sympathy votes I knew that wasn’t gonna happen, but I didn’t think Alexis would get the boot in return! :(  And how humiliating was it that Randy called her Allison!!!  What another slap!  I’m guessing Alexis will be fine maybe even better off since she will not have that obligatory year to go on tour!!  But she will be missed in the competition.

Anyway, so Motown next week, can’t wait!!!  One of my favorite weeks since most everyone does well!!

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