Wednesday, March 18, 2009

American Idol Top 11 - Grand Ole Opry Night

I’ll just make this real quick! 

I totally missed Michael, Allison and Kris since I got home and continued chatting with hubby from our conversation in the car and just simply forgot to turn the channel on the TV….grrr!

In the flashbacks at the end of the show though I could tell quickly what I thought.  I went ahead and watched them this morning on **** though and came up with my decisions.

Michael Sarver – I think he may be in danger of going home tonight.  Not a strong performance from him.  I think he should have gone more bluesy soul country.  Something that would have showed off those vocals that he does have.

Allison Iraheta – Did a song I was familiar with, but never knew the name of  The girl is amazing at 16 years old.  I think she’s just like Fantasia at this point, she can sing ANYTHING!  I would not be surprised if she is the last female standing giving the boys a run for their money!!

Kris Allen – To Make You Feel My Love – Vocally he was very impressive!!!  I think he does MUCH better without that dang guitar or maybe it’s just the ballad.  He definitely has better control with a ballad!!  I liked it!!  This is probably the first time I like him!

Lil Rounds – Independence Day – I think she did pretty good.  I do understand what the judges are talking about as far as making sure she puts “Lil” into the songs, but I also see it from her side and wanting to honor “country”.  Either way, it wasn’t a great performance for me.  I wish she would have put her own flavor to it.  I must say, I’m so glad she didn’t pick I will Always Love You!  That would have just been TOO expected!!

Adam Lambert – Ring of Fire – The best part of that was his vocals!! It was really good to me and nothing like I was expecting!!!  I loved his falsetto during the 2nd half of the song…I loved it!  (Did I say that…???) Anywho, I know it didn’t sound anything like Country BUT that is how you would expect Adam to do a country song.  I think that’s what they were expecting from Lil as well.  Do Country the way YOU would do country.  Adam definitely did that!!!

Scott McIntyre – Martina McBride – Not sure of the song at all.  I really don’t like his singing presence.  I think he will be an awesome ghost writer or song writer, but he is NOT a performer in my eyes.  I would love to see him go home tonight, but I’m not holding my breath on it!  Too popular.

Alexis Grace – Jolene – I expected Before he Cheats from her as well, but I thought her vocals were ok.  She was trying for the more Bluesy softer sound which I think she accomplished, but overall performance was just OK.  I think I like her better with her edgy-ness.

Danny Gokey – Jesus Takes the Wheel – I really liked that too!!  I think he got a little out of “control” towards the end, but either way he’s an awesome singer!!  I really am not sure who will win this year.  As the competition goes on and folks step up their game I’m truly impressed with these guys so far!!  Danny’s been a fav since the beginning and I don’t think much will change that right now!  Just add others to my list with him. 

Anoop Desai – Always on My Mind - It was good, he shoulda played with the vocals a little more, show off some, but it was still pretty good!!  I think Anoop is another Brian McNight type in as his strong suit is Ballads and his voice sounds fantastic on them.  I’ve heard him A Capella and I love the tone of his voice.  I hope he has learned and continues to pick the correct songs for his voice and music style!!!  Good job on this performance and I think he’s earned his Top 10 spot!!

Megan Corkrey – Walking after Midnight – Not too bad.  She is very unique with everything she does and that may get her pretty far.  I don’t think she’s the best, but she definitely is a performer.  She proved that by doing pretty OK with such a bad flu!!  I wish she’d hurry up and decide on what she wants to be called, Megan Joy, Megan, Megan Corkrey, Megan Joy Corkrey….just pick one!! LOL  She could be in trouble tonight just because she’s not as popular, but whenever she leaves the show someone is picking her up!! 

Matt Giraud – So Small - It was aiight for me.  I like his voice and I like him, it’s just something lacking in his performances, not sure what it is.  For the most part I liked him and I think he’s safe for next week.   We’ll see as weeks continue. 

So tonight I think the bottom 3 are:

Scott McIntyre

Megan Joy Corkrey

Michael Sarver

I would love to see Scott go home, but I think it will probably be

Michael Sarver.

Anyone know what the theme is next week????

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