Thursday, March 26, 2009

American Idol - Top 10 - Motown Night

Smokey Robinson and Mr. Berry Gordy!!  What a treat to have such icons present.  Then to see Smokey mentoring!!!  How awesome that must have been for the contestants!!!  Gotta love the celebrity mentoring….very kewl!!  I’m just really posting my quick notes from last night…since we were pretty much emailing each other during the show there isn’t going to be too much you don’t already know :)

First up:

Matt Giraud - Let’s Get it on by Marvin Gaye – It was OK for me.  Vocally he was pitchy and kinda all over the place.  It was a good performance overall, but it wasn’t enough to make me a fan!

Kris Allen – How Sweet it is by Marvin Gaye – It was good minus the last attempt at that riff at the end!  So this week he finally won me over.  He has a nice voice and executed that song very well!  I put in a vote for him this week.

Scott McIntyre – You Can’t Hurry Love by Diana Ross and the Supremes – It was OK.  His voice didn’t annoy me, but there were a lot more pitch issues going on.  I can tell what it is he is trying to do, but his vocals just aren’t strong enough to execute it. (Kara kinda said what I’m trying to)  I don’t think that was a good performance for him and I really think he’s getting to prove how everything he sings pretty much sounds the same.

Megan Joy– For Once in My Life by Stevie Wonder – All bad!!  She has NO where near the vocals to pull of Stevie!  I was anticipating train wreck when she said it!!!  She may just be going home tonight! That was just horrible for me.  I didn’t like anything about it.  I think Kara suggested “My Guy” and I think she would have pulled that song off a TON better than what she did with Stevie’s song!

Anoop Desai – Ooh Baby Baby by Smokey and the Miracles – It was very good, but I want him to give it that little umph that’s missing!  He’s proven he has great vocals, but if you guys could have heard just the slight umph hubby gave me here at the house you’d understand what I’m saying.  He can sing that’s for sure, but now make it “colorful” so to say.  Not sure how to say it, but play around maybe or add some “feel” to your sound….that’s the best I can say it…LOL

Michael Sarver – Not to Proud to Beg by Ike and Tina – OK, Since Megan is more popular I believe he may end up leaving this time around.  We’ll see at the end of it all.  I didn’t like his performance of that song at all.  It was almost like he tried a country spin, either way it was not a good performance at all. 

Lil Rounds – Heat Wave – HUH?  I for the life of me can’t understand why she would pick this song!!  She is turning out to be a huge disappointment!  I don’t’ think she will go home, but that was definitely a going down hill performance.  She completely picked the wrong song and she may pay for it!

Adam Lambert – Tracks of my Tears by Smokey Robinson – That was the shyte performance!!!!  Amazing vocals, man, and just simply amazing vocals!!!!  But I have to say that the boy cleans up very nice!!!  Not a bad looking kid, but I think I prefer the other hair style ….he looked good in his suite though and proved he can be a truly eclectic artist!!!  I think he may have just shown me his edge over Danny!!! 

Danny Gokey – Get Ready – I liked it.  It was ok.  Definitely a Danny performance and I think he’s going to just maintain at this level.  This was the week I expected him to stand out, but he didn’t Adam did!  So unless he’s going to have a step out week later on I don’t think Danny will pull off the win.  It will be interesting to see the final 5 go at it though!!!

Allison IrahetaPappa was a Rolling Stone by Temptations – Very good!!  The girl definitely knows who she is as an artist.  Like I said last week she should have never been in the bottom 3 last week!  She may be the last girl standing after the performance we saw from Lil.

The people I voted for are Green.

I think the bottom 3 will be:

Scott McIntyre

Megan Joy

Michael Sarver

And going home will be either Megan or Michael.  I can’t really decide since popularity plays such a big part in voting with this show!   Matt and Lil I don’t think will be voted off due to bad performances, but they weren’t significant performances for me.

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