Wednesday, November 25, 2009

SYTYCD - Top 12 Perform

So who do you ladies think will go home tonight????

I totally loved the following routines:

Kathryn/Legacy - Sonya Jazz

Ashleigh/Jakob - Sonya Jazz

Ellenore/Ryan - Tyce Broadway

Mollee/Nathan - Tyce Can-Can

Noelle/Russell - Tyce Contemporary

Ashleigh/Jakob - Cha-Cha

I agree with the judges that Ashleigh/Jakob had the best night ... they had 2 great dances for the night!! That girl knows her ballroom!
I honestly think Karen/Victor will be going home this week.
All the Hip-Hop numbers sucked to me!!! Karen/Victor should have been better but they were so no synched it was horrible.
Mollee and Nathan did OK, but I still think it could have been better!

I think Noelle/Russell's Samba was OK Noelle wasn't sexy enough to me ....

Kathryn/Legacy have made a true name for themselves!!
I like Ellenore/Ryan no matter what ..... the first routine was just OK.
I also don't think any other couple would have pulled off that Can-Can the way Mollee/Nathan did....just took a lot of energy!!

So next week they have to pick their partners AND their dance routines....this is going to be sooooooo fun!!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Top 18 Perform

Sorry I'm so late...I've been doing some extra things on the side so been tired.  Anyway, so again this week we don't get to vote thanks the stoopid baseball series!!  I'm so glad this is the last week and it's all over now!!

So Nigel announces at the beginning of the show that the "powers that be" as far as producers and $$$ in the show have all agreed that Billy Bell will join the Top 100 in Vegas next season and Brandon Dumlao can re-apply next season.  He has to start from scratch though were Billy Bell is already in Vegas!  Billy is tons better so we'll see if either make the Top 20 next season!

As they introduce the dancers we see that Noelle is back so hopefully she will show her stuff otherwise she will be going home considering we haven't really seen much of her other than that annoying clip with Mollee about being BFF's in a weeks time!    

On with the dancing.........

Noelle(Contemporary) and Russell(Krump) - Hip Hop by Jamal Sims
Jamal is new to the show this season and I have to admit, not too impressed.  It wasn't a bad routine, but I could have done without the "tennis" theme.  During the video review I did notice that Noelle is a very pretty girl.  I think overall Russell hit it, but I expected him to, it was just a weird routine.  Noelle could have came a bit harder on her moves, but in the end I was impressed with what she did do.  Judges are picking the bottom 4 so who knows what we'll see tonight!!

Ashleigh(Ballroom) and Jakob(Contemporary) - Viennese Waltz by Tony Meredith
Still not feeling Ash too much, but I thought this was a good routine!  Jakob sooooo looks like the guy who plays Jimmy on Smallville and with that it's just hard to watch this couple!  LOL   I think they danced it well enough to stay out of the Bottom 4 this week as well.  I'm just not feeling Ashleigh as much as I am Jakob.

Bianca(Tap) and Victor(Contemporary) - Broadway by Tyce DiOrio
I highlighted them as one of the best couples last week, but this week that was one of the WORST performances ever!  Technically it was just OK, but they NEVER got into the characters!  I mean come on at the end they should have just gone crazy and it never happened!!!  Anyone who has ever seen the Color Purple either movie or play can't tell me they didn't feel it more from the movie than that routine!!  They should have went to church and never did!  So disappointing from Bianca considering she is a black southern woman!!!  She should have brought it out of Victor!  Mr. Miami!

Mollee(Jazz) and Nate(Contemporary) - Bollywood by Nakul Dev Mahajan
This week officially moves Mollee from the "eh" group!  That was an awesome routine and they performed it very very well!  How awesome were the spins by Nate in the beginning??  The kid is really good!!  Mollee didn't look like a 14 year old trying to be a woman and she really hit the dance moves nice!  Nakul is an awesome choreographer.  He's also responsible for Joshua and Katie in Season 4, I think, with their Bollywood routine that was just amazing!!

Channing(Contemporary) and Phillip(Tap) - Samba by Tony Meredith
They struggled through that entire routine and the sad part is you can see it!  Phillip is weak and he needed a little bitty girl he could throw around..Channing is too much woman for him in more ways than one!!!  The parts where Channing didn't have to depend on Phillip she looked hot, but again once Phillip comes in the picture it's struggle city!  Plus he's just weird looking to me!! hehe  In my opinion this is one couple to be in the Bottom 4.

Karen(Latin Ballroom) and Kevin(Hip Hop) - Hip Hop by Tabith and Napolean
I wasn't impressed with this routine as I normally am with Tab and Nap, but overall it was OK.  Maybe my expectations were too high considering she's Latina and his genre IS Hip Hop.  The judges go on and on about how sexy Karen is, but did she really hit it as they say she did or was she just sexy enough??  I think Kevin did great with moves but they just seemed soooo simple to me and I wanted to see more!!  It was just OK

Kathryn(Contemporary) and Legacy(B-Boy) - Contemporary by Stacy Tookie
Wow, I am impressed with Legacy after watching this routine!!  Kathryn is not bad either but this was her style so I expected that!  As long as she's not crying she's tolerable!! LOL Legacy pulling it off made it that much better though!!  This was one of the best of the night by far!

Pauline(Jazz) and Peter(Tap) - Contemporary Jazz by Wade Robeson
OK, I want some of whatever the hell it is Wade and Amanda are smoking on!!! That was hot and prolly my favorite of the night!!   Pauline was with Brandon last week and saved herself in DFYL and Peter lost Ariana so they are a new couple and obviously a better couple.  Peter is the best dancer out of all 3 tappers in my opinion and will prolly get the farthest.  This was Pauline's style so I expected her to do well, which she did.  

Ellenore(Contemporary Jazz) and Ryan(Ballroom) - Argentine Tango by Miriam and Leonardo 
I expected Ryan to do well as this is his style and Ellenore is one of my favorite girls so I hoped they pulled this off which they did.  It was very elegant and fun to watch.  Ryan will make it farther than his wife Ashleigh.  He's a better dancer.  Ellenore really set the goof aside and was very pretty!  Not that I mind the goof, that's part of why I like her! But the Tango is really not the place for it.....unless your one of the Adams' 

Now the judges get to pick the bottom 4 dancers and they will have to DFTL.   The judges have 3 couples step forward and then advise that the bottom 4 will come for those 3 couples:

Noelle(Contemporary) and Russell(Krump)
    Channing(Contemporary) and Phillip(Tap)
Bianca(Tap) and Victor(Contemporary)

I'm so glad Russell avoided the bottom 4 this week!  The bottom 4 are:
Noelle, Phillip, Bianca and Victor


Noelle(Contemporary) - That was pretty good.  She's better than I thought she was.

Victor(Contemporary) - I didn't realize he was that good either!  That was great!

Bianca(Tap) - I'm not one to judge tap since no one does it like Savion for me.  It was just OK.

Phillip(Tap) - Ugh!  I just don't like him!

After the break the judges have decided who is leaving and Nigel advises they are not unanimous in their decision.   We say goodbye and good luck to:

Bianca Revels - 20 - Tap


Phillip Attmore - 25 - Tap

I sure hate to see Bianca go so soon after her 3 year struggle to make it to this point, but that performance tonight was just horrible.  With talent this great you gotta bring it every single night...there is no room to be mediocre!  I'm glad to see Phillip go!!  Sad that 2 tappers left the show at the same time, but seriously I could not stomach Phillip any longer!! :)