Wednesday, November 25, 2009

SYTYCD - Top 12 Perform

So who do you ladies think will go home tonight????

I totally loved the following routines:

Kathryn/Legacy - Sonya Jazz

Ashleigh/Jakob - Sonya Jazz

Ellenore/Ryan - Tyce Broadway

Mollee/Nathan - Tyce Can-Can

Noelle/Russell - Tyce Contemporary

Ashleigh/Jakob - Cha-Cha

I agree with the judges that Ashleigh/Jakob had the best night ... they had 2 great dances for the night!! That girl knows her ballroom!
I honestly think Karen/Victor will be going home this week.
All the Hip-Hop numbers sucked to me!!! Karen/Victor should have been better but they were so no synched it was horrible.
Mollee and Nathan did OK, but I still think it could have been better!

I think Noelle/Russell's Samba was OK Noelle wasn't sexy enough to me ....

Kathryn/Legacy have made a true name for themselves!!
I like Ellenore/Ryan no matter what ..... the first routine was just OK.
I also don't think any other couple would have pulled off that Can-Can the way Mollee/Nathan did....just took a lot of energy!!

So next week they have to pick their partners AND their dance routines....this is going to be sooooooo fun!!!!
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