Friday, December 11, 2009

My Realization!

I am just in a writing mood so figured I'd write about my realizations!
I came to realize that I have made a lot of decisions in my life based on how other people view me! Trying to please and keep everyone happy! Well, today I have decided that this destructive behaviour will stop!
There are a few people in my life that would love nothing better than for me to fall flat on my face with failure! One since she was able to talk. Another since the day I can remember. And others just fall in around them! I've learned of another I didn't even suspect and that's prolly been since I can remember her! Either way it all stops here!
I will no longer think of myself or my TIME as worthless in these people's eyes because I will only be looking through my own eyes!
When I look I see a beautiful person with a huge heart that is always willing to do what she can for someone! Someone who has worked damn hard to get where I am and not about to let anyone belittle what I've accomplished!!! I don't care if it's not enough for. you. This is NOT ur life!! I see a proud as hell mother and wife and I'll be damned if I let anyone (even hubby) steal my joy!!
So you people continue to think I'm worthless or the devil or whatever makes you happy because this crab has her shell for protection and it appears I needed to wear it all the time cuz ya not safe around family either!
Trifflin people who are always staring down their nose at someone as though they are better than them need to grow the hell up!
Other lazy SOB's need to get up and do something useful with yourself!
The one's that think this world revolves around you..........I'm about to show you how much it really doesn't!!
Lonely and trifflin excuse for people should have been the name to this blog!! HaHa
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