Friday, February 26, 2010

Top 24 - Eliminations

Well. Out of the 4 people eliminated I only got one right. We said goodbye to the following folks last night:

Ashley Rodriguez

Janell Wheeler

Tyler Grady

Joe Muñoz

I think Tyler may have done himself in with his arrogance. Then to turn around and blame the judges was just priceless!!

I hated to see Ashley go. I could have stood her another week over that Haeley chick but eh it's whatever. She won't last much longer anyhow!

Joe got a bum rap as well. Great voice on this kid. Too bad we won't get to see more!

Janell. Eh whatever! LOL

Be back next week .... same time and place (Blogger or Facebook ;~))

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Top 24 - Top 12 Guys

Todrick Hall - He took on Kelly Clarkson and really didn't do it much justice. I wasn't impressed with his vocals at all, but he is definitely a performer.

Aaron Kelly - Eh...That's about all I can say right now.  The teenie boppers will keep him going for a while.

Jermaine Sellers - UGH!  That was way toooooo pitchy for me to even keep listening - FAST FORWARD!  Sorry dude!  Maybe Ne-Yo...but that was NOT it!  Is he a little sugary???  hmmmm??? 

Tim Urban - So this is the guy that got the Golikely or whatever his name was...the guy that got booted's place.   I see why he was turned away at first.  It was not good for me at all.

Joe Munoz - Surprising  I didn't expect the voice.  Song choice was a little boring, but OK vocally.

Tyler Grady - Eh...OK.  I expected much more from him.  I'm with Charisma.   I like his style but he's bordering arrogant so he may kill himself off if he doesn't get it together.

Lee Dewyze -  I like the tone and texture of his voice, but that was just an OK performance for me.   Nothing popped out.

John Park - It's funny to hear that name and then see this guy!  LOL  Sorry prolly shouldn't have said that, but oh well.  It started WAY too better to the end, but he may be going home!

Michael Lynche - Wat?  Maroon 5...never would have expected it.  I liked it!!  I like his stage presence and he seemed to have fun with it.  Not bad.  May get a vote from me.

Alex Lambert - Needs major work on his stage performance.  With that being said, he has a great voice.  Hopefully he'll get over the nerves or a chance to get over the nerves.

Casey James - OK, so I will definitely be making 2 votes tonight!  That was good and I like his voice as well!!

Andrew Garcia - Can we say 3 votes!  I totally enjoyed that performance as well!  That was hands down the best performance of the night for me! 

With that, I say the guys are coming out the gate much stronger than the girls although it took a while to get to that conclusion...thank goodness for Andrew, Casey and Michael.  Refreshing performances ...there is a lot of work to do ladies!!!

Now you got to remember I'm judging these folks usually with hubby in my ear singing along and he pretty much always out sings the person on TV....Andrew had him quiet and listening as well as I'm going to say they were the strongest of the night.

We could see a number of folks go home... my first guess would be John Park.   My second guess would be Jermaine Sellers.   I didn't care for either of their performances ... Todrick , Tim, and Alex may or may not get a second chance...we'll see.  

Results tomorrow night..........

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Top 24 - Top 12 Girls

Paige Miles - Not a bad voice. Not sure I liked the song but overall not a bad performance.

Ashley Rodriguez - Her voice can't handle Leona Lewis and was a complete blah for me. I expected better.

Janell Wheeler - OK. It was very pitchy for me and not impressive.

Lilly Scott - First performance that I like. Original and talented! Definitely one to look out for!!

Katelyn Epperly - It was good. Better than I expected. Not the best but she'll move on to the next round.

Haeley Vaughn - She's still not a fav of mine but she did OK. She is so young and I felt others should have been given the opportunity!

Lacey Brown - Her unique sound will either make her or break her. I didn't care for it at all. And I love Stevie! Lacey. Loving a song does not make it GOOD for your voice. Why is that so hard for you contestants to understand?????

Michelle Delamor - I was worried at first doing Alicia Keys but it was OK. She showed herself!
Kara is annoying!

Didi Benami - I like her voice texture. We'll have to see what she brings if she makes it farther.

Siobhan Magnus - Good job. Way better than I expected. Great overall performance!

Crystal Bowersox - Love it! She will most likely remain my favorite girl!
This is my vote for tonight!

Katie Stevens - Amazing voice on a 16 year old! That being said prolly not a good song choice for her and came off kinda karaoke.

I can't remember if its one or two going home this week so if it's two I think we could be saying bye to Ashley Rodriguez and Haeley Vaughn. They were the worst performers to me.

I'm suffering from Vertigo so I'm typing this up on my cell phone while laying still in bed! Sorry for the lack of photos and my normal details of song that was sang!