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Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett - Idol Repost

This is really just my way of honoring MJ. I could take the time to type up a blog about what he meant to music globally, but I think people are aware of the magnatude of the loss of MJ.

I also want to take a minute to mention Farrah Fawcett and the fact that she died on the same day. Now of course MJ was a surprise and everyone knew that Farrah's was coming, but still, I'm sure her family appreciates the honorable mentions here and there.

Life is short people!!! Enjoy your family's while you can! What is the point of working like a dog for 60 years so you can save for your retirement?? What if you don't make it to 65?? Enjoy your family while they are here and don't try to make plans to do it later!!!

American Idol is rebroadcasting the Michael Jackson week on Idol Monday night so, just for kicks here's my blog post from that week along with the results for that week:

American Idol - Top 13: Michael Jackson Songs

So after a parade of judges and Ryan we are informed that two will go home tomorrow night :) Oh well, couldn’t last forever besides they probably couldn’t push SYTYCD back a week for the extra elimination of a 13th contestant..thank goodness :)

Anyway, so everyone has to sing a Michael Jackson song….ugh…they tell them not to sing icon songs then they give them and icon to sing after…sheesh!!!

Lil Rounds – “The Way You Make Me Feel” She can definitely sing and that performance was OK. I kinda wanted her to take the more soul side of it, but she opted for the R&B, I was kinda moving around the house while she was singing so I may have to watch it back again. All in all, she did well enough to miss the bottom 2 I think.

Scott McIntyre – “Keep The Faith”’ Not a popular Jackson song and he really did it no justice vocally. In all honesty that was a go home performance to me. I didn’t like it. He can play the piano and is probably a really good song writer, but he shouldn’t be out in front….behind the scenes is the place for him.

Danny Gokey – “PYT-Pretty Young Thing” I liked the arraignment and I liked his performance. I think he did a good job at sealing himself in a place for next week. I truly believe he will be one of the Top 5 when it comes to that point! *Rolls eyes at Paula*

Michael Sarver – “You Are Not Alone” I like this Jackson song and Michael used that BoyzIIMen soul sound he had in Hollywood week. It was OK, I’m not turning flips, but I think he’s safe for next week as well.

Jasmine Murray – “I’ll Be There” Not too bad. Better than I was expecting, but she’s still kinda just there to me. Her family seems really nice and they are a good looking bunch, but her voice does nothing special for me. Not sure if this was good enough to stay next week since two people will be leaving tomorrow! She does come off much older than 17, so maybe that’s all it is.

Kris Allen – “Remember the Time” Anytime I hear this song I think about the video with Eddie Murphy and the super model Iman and the whole Egyptian thing…can you tell I was an MTV kid!?! I think he totally ruined the song once he got past the 1st verse!! He was not thinking about pitch or controlling the song in any kinda way and it was just all over the place! Train wreck at the end even…disappointing since he actually started out really good. If he makes it to next week I don’t think he should sing with his guitar anymore! He did sound better at the beginning with the guitar, but not at the end!

Allison Iraheta – “Give In To Me” I’m not familiar with this songs original version, but I think she rocked it out!! I really enjoyed her performance although I had NO idea what she was singing!! I pretty sure she’s secure for next week.

Anoop Desai – “Beat It” Why???? I really wanted him to sing something like “She’s outta My Life” or maybe even Human Nature a capella. I’m really disappointed in the song choice it shows no vocal ability nor is he performing it like he wants someone to “beat it” He may have just doomed himself with that performance!! Come on Anoop!!! If you make it to next week you better flex those vocal skills buddy!!!! Now I think the judges were a little harsh, but I do think he can do MUCH better than he did! Song choices people…..Come on!!!

Jorge Nunez – “Never Can Say Goodbye” OK, although I don’t think he did all that bad, but he wasn’t impressive to me at all! I can see him leaving this week since he doesn’t appear to be as popular as let’s say Anoop who didn’t really do that well. I wouldn’t have mind hearing Anoop sing this song either…anything ballad wise!! Ugh….

Megan Corkrey – “Rocking Robin” Ok so she’s just really quirky all the way around! I actually kind of liked it. It kinda fit her whole quirky persona. I love the tone to her voice, it’s “interesting” I’m not sure how much longer she can hang vocally, but she is wildly more popular than Jasmine, so we’ll see.

Adam Lambert – “Black or White” Perfect song choice for him! He definitely knows himself as an artist! Again, not something I would buy to listen to, but can’t deny he is good in that genre!! He has definitely secured his spot! This may come down to a showdown between Adam and Danny!!! Can’t wait to find out!!

Matt Giraud – “Human Nature” Figures someone else would do it since I wanted Anoop to do it!! For Matt this was surprisingly good song choice for him!! I enjoyed it until he went into his falsetto range at the end and went all off key, but other than that it was a good performance! Like I said before with good song choices he can quickly become a serious contender for Top 5!!

Alexis Grace – “Dirty Diana” It was oversung in a few places, but overall she’s established her self as a soulful rocker to me! I like her and her voice…she is going to give the guys a run for it that’s for sure!!

So in the end after it’s all said and done the two I think are going home is:

Jasmine Murray and Jorge Nunez. I think they were the least impressive and then popularity of other contestants.

I would like to see Scott McIntyre go, but I think he’s still to popular for that unfortunately.

We’ll see tomorrow night!

American Idol - Top 13: MJ Song Results

I know this is extremely late, but oh well:

33 Million votes…wow, so early?? It’s usually not till the Top 8 or so that you start seeing those type numbers!!

Group song – this was a Jackson 5 medley that actually wasn’t half bad at all. This bunch sounds much better as a group than in the past…maybe it’s just me. Maybe they ought to start the American Idol Choir….for all those who’s voices are just slightly below par!! Hehe

The review of all last night’s performances is funny to me as well. They are ranking them and pretty much letting you know who got the most votes during this part.

FORD Commercial – It was done to the tune of We Will Rock You and I have to admit I liked it.

Ryan now starts the elimination process.

Michael Sarver – SAFE

Allison Iraheta – SAFE

Jasmine Murray – Center Stage

Matt Giraud – SAFE

Kris Allen – SAFE

Megan Corkrey – Center Stage

At this point I’m thinking just like I was the night of the performances. Jasmine and Megan were the worst, but Megan is more popular. I think Jasmine’s issue is that she just comes off like a stuck up snob. At least to me that’s what it is. She just seems to look at everyone with this look of “I’m so much better than you” and I don’t think that connects well with people at all. Her family looks fun as I don’t know what, but hey guys, stop spoiling Jasmine. She’s entirely too stuck up because of it!!!! Anywho, so of course the one going home was:

Jasmine Murray - HOME

So the new thing now is the Judges Save. The judges can save one person a season. They said that America claims that the likes of Jennifer Hudson, Elliott Yamin, and Chris Daughtry were all voted off too early, so this Judges Save is suppose to prevent this from happening again. So on this note Jasmine performs again for the judges and in my opinion it was worse than performance night. Ryan asks the judges if they are going to save her and with no explanation or nothing they flat out just said NO. hehe..I think I’ll like this part!!

Kanye West performs “Heartless” It was funny to me to have him perform this on this show when he’s using a machine to help him sing!! LOL Some of his music is OK, but for the most part, I can’t stand this guy!!

Now for the 2nd person going home:

Scott McIntyre – SAFE

Alexis Grace – SAFE

Danny Gokey – SAFE

Anoop Desai – Center Stage

Adam Lambert – SAFE

Jorge Nunez – Center Stage

Lil Rounds - SAFE

They force Anoop and Jorge to sit through Kelly Clarkson’s performance of “My Life would Suck Without You” Then they finally let Anoop know he’s SAFE.

Jorge Nunez – HOME

Jorge also does his performance for the “Judges Save” and is quickly told NO, again no explanation or hesitation…no second thoughts about it!!

So I’m uber excited that I got the first 2 eliminated correct!!! Hehe

Next week, Grand Ole Opry….who do you think will shine, who do you think will flop?? What do you want to hear them sing? I don’t know this genre well enough to pick anything.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


So I was able to guess the Bottom 3 couples correctly if you include my "BUT" paragraph. The bottom 3 couples were:

Caitlin & Jason - Jean-Marc Paso Doble

Asuka & Vitolio - Mandy Moore Jazz

Karla & Jonathan - Dave Scott Hip-Hop

So I've decided unless Jeanine & Phillip really mess up they will just stay out of my bottom 3 predictions. Phillip is just mad popular and they will have to literally do horrible (like Jonathan level of horrible) to end up in Bottom 3.

So here is how I saw DFYL:

Asuka Kondoh – Latin Ballroom - 25

Week 2 - Louie VanAmstel Waltz

Week 1 -
Tyce Di'Orio Broadway

I think her style is really good, but I don't see that kind of enthusiasm in the choreographed routines and so I think she has ran her course for now. I really liked her, but then someone said to me that she looks like a 12 year old boy and now that's all I can see!! ROFL..

Vitolio Jeune – Contemporary - 26

Week 2 - Louie VanAmstel Waltz

Week 1 -
Tyce Di'Orio Broadway

I think his solo was rushed and didn't display any kind of control at all! He may have saved himself at the fact that he actually can dance and does have the potential. He did execute some of the moves very nicely, but still kinda on a desperate level.

Karla Garcia – Jazz and Contemporary - 23

Week 2 - Stacy Tookey Contemporary

Week 1 - Tony Meredith Cha-Cha

I liked her solo for the fact that it had a kinda African beat feel to it, but again, it was kinda rushed and showed little control till the standing leg split. It was OK and IMO ok enough to beat out Asuka!

Jonathan Platero – Salsa – 21

Week 2 - Stacy Tookey Contemporary

Week 1 - Tony Meredith Cha-Cha

He just gave Vitolio his next week. His solos are rather boring and really just show the same moves over and over as well as his acrobats. He too has run his course and I believe should be his time to leave.

Caitlin Kinney – Contemporary - 21

Week 2 - Shane Sparks Hip-Hop

Week 1 - Nicole' Bollywood

Her partner gave the best solo last week and this week I think hers was prolly the best. It was well controlled and displayed a good combination of skills. The backbends are her thing the girl is just extremely flexible and when she uses that to her advantage in her dancing it turns out beautiful dancing.

Jason Glover – Lyrical and Contemporary - 21

Week 2 - Shane Sparks Hip-Hop

Week 1 - Nicole' Bollywood

His solo last week was much much better, this week he too seemed desperate and kinda rushed. It wasn't as clean as last week. That being said I think he is safe competing against Vitolio and Jonathan hands down!!

So I have to mention that the Veronicas were not hella impressive. My daughter likes them since she was singing along, but I was not moved to go download an album or search for a CD at Amazon...ya know??

Anywhoo, judges are back from deliberations and they are unanimous in the girls and NOT unanimous with the guys. Caitlin is given the best solo recognition and told to go sit down and in all the confusion she thought she was still waiting to find out.

So we say goodbye to:

Latin Ballroom dancer

Asuka Kondoh


Salsa dancer

Jonathan Platero

That means we have another new couple next week. Karla & Vitolio will now be paired together. They will only have a week of chemistry while the other couples all have 3 weeks on them. I thought the Kayla & Kupono pairing worked out ok. Can't wait to see what next week will bring. We are down to 7 couples, which means only 2 more weeks till we see the Top 10 and who will be going on tour!!!

Testing Signatures

So I was playing with the signature site from KimboSue's blog and this is what I came up with.....


SYTYCD - Top 16 Performance

Karla (Jazz/Cont) & Jonathan (Salsa): Dave Scott – Hip-Hop

They asked them what they would be doing if they weren't dancing. Karla has a degree in Journalism so she would be a Journalist and Jonathan says he'd be an acrobat in the circus. I think he ought to go on and head that route. Karla was actually pretty good, too bad her partner was a complete bust!! They will be in the bottom 3. You just cannot "count it out" with hip-hop. Once you get the moves then you have to work on just feeling them and moving with it you can't look like you are just doing steps which is exactly what Jonathan looked like!

Asuka (L. Ballroom) & Vitolio (Cont): Mandy Moore – Jazz

Asuka says she would be making Jewelry for ballroom dancers and Vitolio says he would be a rock band lead singer. Then they are assigned a Thrash Rocker Jazz routine by Mandy Moore. This is an interesting couple that is getting better and better as the weeks go on. Now I liked this routine although they missed a few of the suppose to be synchronized parts. But overall still a well performed routine.

Melissa (Ballet) & Ade (Cont): Tony Meredith – Rumba

Melissa would continue with her pilates teaching maybe have her own gym or studio. Ade would be a sound engineer. This is easily one of my favorite couples. They are both amazing dancers and Melissa makes me sick she has a fantastic shape!! That piece of dress she was wearing last night was just wow! That leg flip twist thing was very kewl and I'm sure her pilates is what helps her be so limber!! Great job and one of my favorite dances of the night!

Janette (Salsa) & Brandon (Cont): Dave Scott – Hip-Hop

Janette would be a loan processor as she's about to complete a degree in finance and Brandon would be doing lighting and design for shows like SYTYCD. I was so psyched watching their rehearsal video and when they did the routine I was just too satisfied!!! This was hella impressive routine to me! Brandon made me like him tonight no matter what!! Both were good but he just stood out. Great job!!

Kayla (Jazz/Cont) & Kupono (Lyrical/Cont): Jean-Marc - Viennese Waltz

Kayla would be a model since she already models for dance magazines. Kupono would be a costume designer. They caught me off guard when they had no shoes on, yeah a barefoot Waltz. It was pretty good. Kayla is an amazing dancer and I have a feeling that she may be saving herself a bit in DFYL till she gets to a partner that can match her. I liked this routine and I think they performed it well.

Randi (Jazz) & Evan (Broadway): Mia Michaels - Contemporary

Randi would be an Elementary school teacher, specifically Special Ed students. While Evan would be running a custom car shop. Last week they informed us that he built a car from scratch so my guess is he'd be pretty good at running the car shop. This was really good. Evan is an awesome dancer and this was right up his alley I think. He was pretending to be chasing a poodle's behind and so the focus was Randi's butt. Very well performed, I loved the slow mo butt slap!!

Caitlin (Cont) & Jason (Cont): Jean-Marc – Paso Doble

Caitlin would be a broadcast journalist and Jason would be a professional or maybe not soccer player. This was just good to me and for that reason they will prolly end up in the bottom 3 where again Jason will save himself. I think Kayla and he will need to end up together but they will have to get rid of the partners first. Anywhoo, this was OK, but compared to the other routines tonight they fell short of perfecting the routine! I still think Jason is an amazing dancer and will hopefully always save himself!

Jeanine (Cont) & Phillip (Pop Locker): Tyce Di'Orio - Broadway

Jeanine would be an actress and Phillip would be an inventor. They were given MOSES from Singin' in the Rain. I have to agree that Phillip was lacking a bit in technique, but I think he still did rather well considering he split the seat of his pants wide open!!! Jeanine looked great on this routine and she performed it well. I believe Phillip did the best he could and to me it wasn't that bad, but not sure how the rest of America will see it!!

So I’m thinking the bottom 3 couples will be:

Karla & Jonathan

Jeanine & Phillip

Caitlin & Jason

And then going home after DFYL will prolly be:

Karla & Jonathan

This part is getting harder and harder!! Just like last week if it's a dancer vote off then Jeanine & Phillip will be replaced with Asuka & Vitolio.

If that happens then it is very possible that Asuka & Jonathan will go home!!