Thursday, June 11, 2009

SYTYCD - Top 20 Performance

Jeanine (Cont) & Phillip (Pop Locker): Napoleon & Tabitha - Hip-Hop

I don't remember Jeanine from her auditions much, but I have to say to pull hip-hop with Phillip for the first week had to be the luckiest thing AND she held her own! She auditioned in Miami and has been taking dance since she was 3. Phillip on the other hand is what you call raw talent and has learned by practicing in his room to the construction outside. I’ve liked Phillip since his first audition 2 years ago. He has improved nicely, back then he was JUST a poplocker! I’m looking forward to seeing these two in the Top 10 easy! The routine was awesome, just as you expect from N&T, and these two brought their personality to it in all the
right places.

Asuka (L. Ballroom) & Vitolio (Cont): Tyce Di’Orio - Broadway
They got a clip out of CHICAGO. It was very boring to watch. Disappointing considering I was really excited about these two. They were technically great, but the performance lacked so much personality it was boring! If it was nerves then hopefully they will get the chance to get over that. They will be in the Bottom 3 IMO. America could surprise me as they have done before, but I don’t think so. As Mary told these two, with so much great talent they can not get by on good, they have to step it up!

Karla (Jazz/Cont) & Tony Meredith – Cha-Cha

I didn’t know much about these two. I thought Jonathan was a contemporary dancer when I first saw his clips. So with that being said, I like this routine. Karla is definitely one to watch. I was only impressed by Jonathan’s splits. I expected more from him since he was a Salsa dancer, but what do I know about ballroom since it is my least favorite. Truth be told I think the music threw it for me!! I don’t understand why that song!? Not traditional cha-cha music and I would prefer these type dances be with music at least somewhat related to it. Poker face = Cha-Cha, nah…. So no opinion really here, just not impressed yet. Hopefully they will have a second chance to impress me.

Randi (Jazz) & Evan (Broadway): Tyce Di’Orio - Jazz

This was a great routine and nicely performed!! They are the vertically challenged of the bunch, just tiny compared to Kat! Randi is married and was out of her comfort zone and Evan offered an apology in advance since he’s not sure how big her husband is. They are cute couple…careful Randi’s hubby ..hehe Anywho, this routine was smooth and sexy and they
really appeared to be the characters they were portraying. Great job and this is another couple I would expect to see in the Top 10.

Paris (Cont) & Tony (Hip-Hop): Napoleon & Tabitha – Hip-Hop

Maybe it’s wrong to expect someone who calls themselves a hip-hop dancer to actually be good at a hip-hop routine!! Tony was extremely disappointing and I’m not impressed at all.
He is going to be this year’s “Comfort” getting by on his solos and personality for at least half the show! Paris was, to a degree, impressive to me. I didn’t expect her to get that much of the
feel, but she did! I expected MUCH more from Tony and found his movements to be rather step by step and not “felt I believe they will be bottom 3, but again I could be wrong because Tony is a cutie and I’m sure has a huge following from his crying in Vegas week!

Jason (Cont) &Caitlin (Cont): Nicole’ ?? (Not sure of the spelling) – Bollywood

I loved this when Josh and Katee did it last year and I think these two did just as well. Jason is very impressive dancer he completely out danced Caitlin IMO, but she still did very well!! She looked absolutely gorgeous in all the Indian gear. The costumes for this routine were really good. I’m not definite that Caitlin is going to hold up, but Jason I’m thinking will be Top 10. Caitlin’s handstand was really kewl, but I still thought her sister was the better dancer.

Janette (Salsa)& Brandon (Cont):Louie (Not sure of his name either) – Fox Trot

I had no idea that Janette was not formally trained in her Salsa. She’s Cuban and it just comes naturally to her! Very nice! Brandon, I like him but he has this weird look about him that I just cannot pinpoint….reject Carlton, maybe!? With that being said they pulled off the routine enough to impress the judges. I’m not a huge fan of the style but I was able to watch it more than once so I guess it wasn’t too bad. They appeared to have been technically on point! hehe

Kupono (Lyrical/Cont) & Ashley (Cont): Wade Robeson - Jazz

Ashly tried out in LA and this is her 4th attempt at making this show!! I don’t remember her from any Anywho I love Wade and his wife Amanda’s work. They are so creative when doing their thang! I love it when they have dancers that can bring it all to live as well and these two did that. They were in very kewl crash test dummy costumes and brought a lot of personality to the stage. I can see them on tour with that routine which I’m sure they will have to do if they make the Top 10.

Melissa (Ballet)& Ade (Cont): Mandy Moore - Contemporary

Melissa looks great for a 29 year seasoned dancer!! And she looked amazing on the stage with Ade, who by the way is a mere 20. Awesome song to dance to by Richard Marx and it was just beautiful. I was really really enjoying it till hubby walks in and says “Kinda, Toby and Missy Annish, huh??” Yeah, I’m married to a crazy person, but it was still funny to me!! Anywho, these two are definitely headed for Top 10. That was very very well executed by these dancers. I think Nigel is right we are in for a surprise for how good Ade really is. I can’t wait to see it and it looks to me that Melissa will keep up with him just fine! They made Adam cry and Mary of course had to scream.

Kayla (Jazz/Cont)& Max (L.Ballroom): Louie (I think, again not sure) – Samba

That was really hot. Again not too keen on the music, but at least it was closer to Samba sounding music and they looked so hot who was listening to the music!!?? Max was lucky to pull his style and Kayla did great at keeping up with him!! This is a couple to expect on tour and Top 10. Great way to end the show!

So I’m thinking the bottom 3 couples will be:

Paris & Tony

Asuka & Vitolio

Karla & Jonathan

And then going home after DFYL will prolly be:

Karla & Tony

I honestly have no idea if that will be right and really don’t expect it to be but I’ll get better at the predictions once I learn more about the dancers or we get closer to the Top 10. We got to see a lot of personality in the rehearsal videos, but we now need to see other styles from the dancers. It would be something if Tony really went home, he is such a joke to hip-hop to me and for the life of me can’t see how he got through Vegas week other than all that crying! If he makes it any further he may get a chance to prove me wrong, but I’m not holding my breath on that!

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