Thursday, June 18, 2009


So I missed the bottom 3 by 1. Even my "if" guess was wrong. Bottom 3 ended up being:

Caitlin & Jason: Shane Sparks Hip-Hop

Ashley & Kupono: Shane Sparks Hip-Hop

Kayla & Max: Brian Friedman Pop

So 2 out the bottom 3 are Shane Sparks routines, hmmm. Does that say something for Shane? Does it reflect on the dancers only? I really didn't think everyone else thought of Brian Friedman like I did. He's annoying to me and I didn't want to vote against it just cuz I didn't like him at all, but it appears that not a lot of other people liked that routine either! I'm not shocked, but I guess more caught off guard. Didn't think America was there ..hehe

Before we get started with the DFYL I have to mention that Kat's white suit was very nice and the Lil C Dictionary of Dance clip was hilarious. I don't know if the guy knows what HE is even talking about half the time, but it is entertaining to listen to! Better than that Mary scream!!

So let's see who really wants to stay in this competition:

Caitlin Kinney – Contemporary - 21

Week 1 - Nicole' Bollywood

This was just an aiight performance for me. There was nothing really spectacular about it. She does have very fluid movement and looks very "long" when she dances. Not sure if it will be enough since I'm not too familiar with Ashley.

Jason Glover – Lyrical and Contemporary - 21

Week 1 - Nicole' Bollywood

Wow and wow! That is a GREAT example of what you have to do when you are DFYL! Amazing and I'll be extremely shocked if they send him home after that performance! He is a great dancer I said it after watching him do the Bollywood routine and with the hip-hop, he got it more than Caitlin. I can see this couple being split up as Jason saved himself!!

Ashley Valerio – Contemporary - 22

Week 1 - Wade Robeson Jazz

She is one dancer I really didn't know anything about at all. I have to say that I do enjoy her uniqueness but there wasn't really anything else to offer in that routine. The personality was probably the best thing. I didn't even see the same person who had done the Crash Test Dummy.

Kupono Aweau – Lyrical and Contemporary - 23

Week 1 - Wade Robeson Jazz

He also has a definite uniqueness about him. One that I have to say I actually enjoyed tonight. He reminds me of the Hawaiin guy last year. Maybe it's an Hawaiian thingy. There wasn't much else in the routine, but it was still entertaining to me. Not better than Jason, but definitely entertaining!

Kayla Radomski
– Jazz and Contemporary - 18

Week 1 - Louis VanAmstel Samba

Honestly, this was too much for me. Just all over the place. Great dancer but needs a better routine for her solo. I don't see the judges letting her go but they may give her a warning to be smarter about her solo if she has to DFYL again.

Max Kapitannikov – Latin Ballroom - 26

Week 1 - Louis VanAmstel Samba

Week 1 didn't really count for him since he pulled his own genre and did very well in it as I would hope he would. I felt he did rather well with Kayla in the Pop routine and was rather impressive in a style other than his own, but his solo as most ballroom solos left me thinking eh. And compared to Jason and Kupono, I think he's going home.

So some girl group performs while me and the fam discuss who we think it will be going home. We completely missed the name of the group or girl. Wasn't very impressive anyway.

So the judges have returned from deliberations and this week they are NOT unanimous in either guy or girl. So everyone leaving only had 2 votes to leave. Only one person was sent to sit down right off the bat and that was Jason.

We say goodbye to:

Ashley Valerio

Max Kapitannikov

That means we have a new couple next week. Kayla & Kupono will now be paired together. This is another test to see how strong of a dancer they are cuz they now will only have a week of chemistry while the other couples all have 2 weeks on them.

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