Thursday, June 11, 2009


So I was able to guess the Bottom 3 couples correctly:
Paris & Tony- Napoleon & Tabitha Hip-Hop

Asuka & Vitolio - Tyce Di'Orio Broadway

Karla & Jonathan - Tony Meredith Cha-Cha

So 2 out of the 3 ballroom dances last night ended up in bottom 3. 2 dancers are in the bottom 3 after performing in their OWN styles! Way good competition this
year is what that tells me!!

Now I feel the reason to explain why I missed the one actually going home! I had to pick that based on the clips I'd seen during the show because I really don't remember either of them from the auditions nor Vegas week. So based on what the judges were saying during Vegas week in the clips I figured Paris would save herself and Karla would be heading home.

Anywho, when it comes to DFYL (Dance For Your Life) You must bring it and if you are amongst a dime a dozen as it is so with Contemporary dancers in this competition you will be going home!! End of story.

With all that being said here is what happened tonight as I saw it!!

Paris Torres – Contemporary - 19

performance was very boring and lacked a ton of technique. It was the same moves over and over again. Nothing spectacular, nothing that made her stand out from the other 11 Contemporary dancers in this competition.

Tony Bellissimo – Hip Hop - 20

He was a complete disappointment from the start for me. He's a basic Hip-hop dancer if that and had no business in the Top 20 over people like, oh let's say Ryan K.!! This routine was a flop for me, no hip-hop going on in there at all just the same stuff you would see at a house party!! He should have listened to his dad and took that Lacrosse scholarship!

Kondoh – Latin Ballroom - 25

This girl has so much personality when she dances it just ooozes out of her. That was a really good solo for a Ballroom dancer. Their solos aren't normally so entertaining. Although Latin

Ballroom is normally spicy, huh?
I don't think there will be an issue keeping her.

Vitolio Jeune – Contemporary - 26

I was expecting a little more, but still much better than his performance last night on Broadway, but if he expects to make it through next week or whenever he is back in this position he will definitely need better solos.

Karla Garcia
– Jazz and Contemporary - 23

I didn't know what to expect from her, but at least I can remember her as the girl with the awesome side split. She did something to make herself stand out from the other Contemporary dancers, as best she could. Some people just need people to give them the moves and that's OK, because I think she did great technique wise last night, just the music was OFF!

Jonathan Platero
– Salsa - 21

Considering he calls himself a Salsa dancer that was not all that impressive to me at all. The gymnastics made him stand out over "wanna be a popper" Tony, but still if he wants to make it past next week he will have to BRING IT!!!

I just have a few side notes to add about a few things:

1. The Tango dancers were frikin awesome!! That is the way you have to see those type

of dances or else they are just blah!!

2. Sean Kingston is just annoying, he reminds me of a Jamaican Biz Markie or something. Then again that may be an insult to ole Biz!!!

3. The repeat of the audition footage was kewl for those we didn't actually get to see, but very repetative for the one's that took up the entire audition shows!!!

So the judges have returned from deliberations and they are unanimous in their decisions which is great! Well, not great that someone has to leave, but great that they all decided on the same people with no arguments!

So leaving us the first week will be:

Contemporary Dancer

Paris Torres

Hip-Hop Dancer

Tony Bellissimo

I'm just glad the other couples did not have to be split up. AND

I'm glad to see at least one Contemporary dancer out of the running! Hip-Hop

didn't really loose much!!

Can't wait to see what next week brings!

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