Thursday, July 31, 2008

SYTYCD - Top 6 - Dance Night

Another amazing night of dance!! I thouroughly enjoyed last nights show!!! And I just have to say. I will NEVER be able to watch TV without a DVR!!!! That is the most kewlest thing!!! hehe I must have backed up and watched about another hour of show!!! hehehe Gotta love it!

Tonight's guest judge is Adam Shankman. Director of Hairspray. Sorry this is geting posted so late!! We have been hella busy at work and I just kept getting interrupted. Good news is I fixed my computer... YAH! I'm recording the results now, so I still don't know who's going home. I'll watch when I'm done....Love that DVR!!! hehe

Round 1

Mark (Contemp) & Courtney (Contemp): Vienesse Waltz - Jason Gilkenson -This is a new addition this year as well (choreographer) and he's from DOWN UNDER...hehe Anyway .... this is prolly my most disliked style of ballroom dancing. That whole glide or bounce up and down thing is just boring to me. That being said they look great as a couple and they looked all pretty, but I really hate that dance!!! I won't make this red because it wasn't the dancers. I'm sure they danced it correctly, it's just that even done correctly it gets on my nerves! hehe

Chelsie Solo: Ballroom - I know there really isn't much she can do solo as a ballroom dancer, but she has proven to be a good contemporary dancer as well as Jazz, why can't she work some of this into her routine! I'm so sick of that same ole same ole solo. Not that it isn't any good, just want something different!

Twitch Solo: Hip-Hop - That was frikin' AWESOME! The dude is so tuned into the music. Not to mention the amount of personality that comes across from EVERY performance!!! The fake bling teeth and then the gold lens only glasses. He's just too much personality all balled up in one. Good Job!!!

I had to take a second to mention that NASTY, NASTY, NASTY woman by the name of Cat Deely! DUDE! My husband has a pair of those fake gold teeth and I would NOT put HIS in my mouth without washing them off and stuff first!!! I really hope that was all edited together and they took out the cleaning part. If not that was the NASTIEST thing I have seen someone WILLINGLY do in my life!!!!

Joshua (Hip-Hop) & Katee (Contemp): Contemporary - Tyce Diorio - Wow, wow, and wow!! OMG! Tyce is trying to give Mia a run for her money without the props!!! I cannot believe that this guy has had NO professional training, HUH??? Just naturally good at it!! He and Katee together are simply amazing and entertaining to watch!!!! (Why does Katee get to kiss everybody!??)

Twitch (Hip-Hop) & Chelsie (Ballroom): Mambo - Tony Meredith & Melonie - That was much better than the last Mambo he tried. Of course Chelsie is great in her own genre. You can tell he worked at that and it paid off!

Katee Solo: Contemporary - She tried to change it up a little. I mean a very very little. Otherwise to me, same ole same ole. Not that it isn't good, I just want to see something more at this point. Some personality a little different moves...something!

Josh Solo: Hip-Hop/B-boy - Still pretty original, but getting a little repeatative on some things, but I still like him.

Josh & Katee were my favs from Round 1!!

Round 2

Mark (Contemp) & Courtney (Contemp): Jazz - Sonya - That was right up Mark's alley!!! That was one of the best performances I've ever seen on this show!!! It was dark and creepy, but really interesting!! Perfect for Mark's style! Courtney has proven to step up to what's thrown at her as well.

Joshua (Hip-Hop) & Katee (Contemp): Paso Doble- Jason Gilkenson - I have officially been just dumbfounded!!! Josh is very VERY impressive. Not to take anything away from Katee, but she's been dancing all her life. I'm sure Josh has as well, but he's all self taught from what I understand! Very impressive!! Josh finally got to show his chest and as bad as I talk about ballroom, that was HOT! Katee's dress was SWEET!

Courtney Solo: Contemorary - To me that was prolly her best solo! I liked it over what we've seen so far and for what she's shown us thus far.

Mark Solo: Contemporary - I have to admit, I like his uniqueness. That was prolly his best solo as well. I would not be upset about him making the finale if he did, they are all amazing dancers...the guys when it comes to their solos have always made it really hard!

Twitch (Hip-Hop) & Chelsie (Ballroom): Hip-Hop - Tabitha & Napolean - Chelsie actually did better than I expected! I love Tab & Nap's choreography! They do the type of hip-hop dancing I love to see. I don't always want to watch a "hard" type routine when it comes to hip-hop!! These two fighting over the conductor stick was just very entertaining!! The facial expressions complete! Great Job!!

I think Josh & Katee were my favs from Round 2, but I really liked the hip-hop as well.

The routines I liked are of course PURPLE.

The ones I didn't care for are RED.

If I didn't care one way or the other it just stayed TEAL.

Since I really liked all the partnered routines (for the most part) I decided to go with the solos again. So, I voted for: Twitch, Mark, and Joshua based on solos until I was bored with re-dialing the numbers. I threw in one or two votes for Katee as well. I can't make a guess on who is leaving the show right now (since it's ending now so I'll go watch in a minute) I'll be back in a few hours to post my results. (I hope) I have NO idea who's leaving. Really NO clue!

Be back in a few!

Friday, July 25, 2008

SYTYCD - Top 8 - Results

This is the last week I'll be writing my review the NEXT day! Next week I'll be able to write my blog as the show is going on OR right after. I can't wait..hehe!

The opening number was choreographed by a newbie. Didn't catch his name. The choreography was OK.

And we begin:

Katee: Contemporary/Solo/Broadway – SAFE

Will: Samba/Solo/Hip-Hop – B2 - I wanted to cry at this announcement! I cannot believe he was even in the bottom!!! These guys are so close that I knew something like this COULD happen, but never never expected it!!

Comfort: Solo/Hip-Hop/Fox Trot – B2 - This was to be expected.

Mark: Hip-Hop/Solo/Fox Trot – SAFE - Totally and utterly shocked. He has earned it, I will not take anything away from him for not being a fav of mine.

Chelsie: Argentine Tango/Solo/Disco – SAFE

Twitch: Contemporary/Broadway/Solo – B2 - Now I'm totally bummed as I realize that either Twitch or Will is going home this week and Mark is safe!! I cannot believe it!!!

Joshua: Argentine Tango/Solo/Disco – SAFE

Courtney: Samba/Hip-Hop/SoloB2

At this point any guy that leaves is an amazing dancer and I'm so bummed that it will be either Twitch or Will :(

LA Ballet Company– They were OK. I have to be in the mood for ballet.

The happy dances are frikin hilarious sometimes!!! LOL


Of course at this point these are just for show-off, so I think they should GO OFF!!!

Comfort: Hip-Hop – Same ole, Same ole. eh

Will: Contemporary – Amazing Dancer!

Courtney: Contemporary – eh

Twitch: Hip-Hop – Awesome!!!!

LL Cool J - I could care less what this man is singing, saying, wearing, eating, or doing. I will watch him ALL DAY LONG! I remember him as a "semi-buffed" 17 year old screaming "I'm BAD" to the cameras on MTV and I fell in love back then and we have now had a WONDERFUL 20 year relationship he knows NOTHING about!! hehe From his lips, to those arms, and down his shins.......just SEXY! Whooooo!!! I soooo needed a cold shower afer that! Didn't listen to the song much, but his dancers were not that good to me......of course I was only watching him!!! whoooo hoooo!!! Deep breathing ...... calm... calm....OK! I'm good!

Going home tonight are:

Eliminated Girl: Comfort Fedoke

Eliminated Guy: Will Wingfield

I'm so shocked that Will actually left the show!!!! He had to be the BEST technical dancer this year, by far!! My husband says there is something HUGE waiting for that man. GOD Bless both you and Comfort and may all your dreams come true!!! There is a World of dance out there and I will be looking for Will in every bit of it!!!

So does Debbie Allen come back as a judge now????

Thursday, July 24, 2008

SYTYCD - Top 8 - Dance Night

Wow, Wow, WOW!!!!! What an amazing night of dancing! This season is BY FAR the best!! HANDS down! I'm so enjoying this season! Let's get started.

Tonight's guest judge is Toni (Bette Midler's choreographer for her Vegas show). Never heard of her before tonight, at least I don't think so. I missed all the introductions. I walked in just as Will was picking Courtney's name from the hat.

Round 1

Will (Contemp) & Courtney (Contemp): Samba - Jean-Marc - LOVED the reggae flavor to that routine! It was hot, boy can that girl wear half a dress!! They made Mary's Tamale Train. Whatever they were lacking in technique could not be seen by me. I promise Will can dance anything. Courtney is definitely holding her own! Great routine.

Comfort Solo: Hip-Hop - Started dancing when her dad sent her to high school for performing arts. I am still not seeing any progression in her solos. This was the same ole, same ole for me!!

Twitch (Hip-Hop) & Katee (Contemp): Contemporary - Mia Michaels - I'm so jealous of Katee right now. They did NOT fake that kiss! hehe They utilized the door prop very well! Loved how Twitch at one point leaned against it and kinda grinned and then when he swung it open and Katee was hanging on the other side. There was so much emotion in that routine it was hard not to get into it. They did a great job!

Will Solo: Contemporary - Started dancing after he watched the movie "Dirty Dancing". He totally pulled of a James Brown routine and was great! It wasn't the same thing he does every week! He even had the straight hair wig!! It was great!

Mark (Contemp) & Comfort (Hip-Hop): Hip-Hop - Tabitha & Napolean - Yeah, yeah, yeah! That was GREAT! I was completely shocked by the pair of them! They both stepped it up and brought their A game with that routine! I love Tab and Nap's choreography but Comfort finally added her own taste to it just a bit. Naturally Mark wasn't hitting as hard as Comfort, but he sure held his own ground as far as I'm concerned!! Way better than I was expecting! The lift into the back flip was very very kewl!

Katee Solo: Contemporary - Started dancing at the age of 4. Her solo was same ole, same ole to me. Still a great dancer, but nothing to make her stand apart from everyone else dancing contemporary solos!

Joshua (Hip-Hop) & Chelsie (Ballroom): Argentine Tango - Dimitri - Chelsie comes off as so incredibly stuck up to me, I don't know why! She's prolly the sweetest thing, but her presence comes off as stuck up! This was a great routine and these two danced it wonderfully!!!! They made Mary's Tamale Train. I'm not strong on technique when it comes to ballroom, but knowing that it's one of my least favorite genre's, I have to say that was HOT! I like it and I think they did a great job!!!

Mark Solo: Contemporary - He started dancing later in life when attending the school for performing arts in Hawaii. He was the ONLY boy in dance school. His style is very unique, but it's bordering repetative. I'm starting to see a lot of repeat moves.

I think Twitch & Katee were my favs from Round 1 but it was really close with Mark & Comfort and that contemporary number.

Round 2

Will (Contemp) & Courtney (Contemp): Hip-Hop - Tabitha & Napolean - That was hot, hot, hot!!! I loved it! I love those smooth, gentle hip-hop moves that T&N are known for! That was just great! I was feeling so much emotion from that it brought me to tears! Moving on.............

Chelsie Solo: Ballrom - Started dancing when she was 9 years old in school, trying to make friends. (Her birthday was yesterday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY - So was my neice, she's only 7 though...hehe) Hard for ballroom to bring anything new to their solos. Same ole, same ole!

Twitch (Hip-Hop) & Katee (Contemp): Broadway - Tyce Diorio - That was a very cute routine and Twitch is stepping it up each and everytime he's handed a routine!!! The whole routine was completely entertaining.

Joshua Solo: Hip-Hop/B-boy - Started dancing in the 3rd grade when he was tricked by a teacher into an audition. (He made it) He's bordering being repetitive, but he changes it up just enough. I don't care how often he pumps his chest, I'll take it! I just want to see it once without his shirt on!!! whooo!

Courtney Solo: Contemporary - Started dancing at the age of 3. Again, she is a great dancer, but her solo is the same ole, same ole!

Twitch Solo: Hip-Hop - He started dancing when he was a senior in high school. I think he tried out for drill team! ;) Anyway, he really got serious when he saw that he could make a living after community college. He kills me with the superhero "T" on his shirts! I think that was a good solo! Again, almost repetitive, but changed it just enough to stand out.

Mark (Contemp) & Comfort (Hip-Hop): Fox Trot - Jean-Marc - It wasn't just horrid, but it wasn't what the judges were looking for as far as technique goes. Since they didn't pull off the performance they got BASHED on technique! They were completely dancing by numbers and just making sure they got the steps down, but for the most part, it was OK.

Joshua (Hip-Hop) & Chelsie (Ballroom): Disco - Dorianna Sanchez - This is another of my least favorite genre's but they pulled this off with all the lifts. I really liked the one where she completely changed from her back to her stomach while he was spinning her around. Joshua has mucho muscles...hehe ;)

I think Will & Courtney were my favs from Round 2.

The routines I liked are of course PURPLE.

The ones I didn't care for are RED.

If I didn't care one way or the other it just stayed TEAL.

Since I really liked all the partnered routines (for the most part) AND I didn't want to see what happened last week happen again. I decided to base my votes on the solos. So, I voted for: Twitch, Will, and Joshua based on solos until I was bored with re-dialing the numbers. LOL If I had to make guesses I'm saying Comfort and Mark (Again).

BTW....for those of you that know what I've been dealing with as far as my interent at home goes.... I'm glad to say my internet at home will be back on July 28th!!! Whoo hooooo!!!!! :)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Birthday Pics from Chili's Bar & Grill - Plus Dance results

This wasn't any major party or anything like that. It was my family, my sister and her daughter, my mom, and my best friend Tara! One of my co-workers showed up and bought me a Margarita as well, but we didn't start with the pictures till he had already left! I was like dang we didn't get a picture of Anthony, but hey here's to his honorable mention!! LOL

This is my daughter (Aloria), Tara, Me, My husband, and my son (KJ) is kinda hanging on his shoulder in the bright light! (I'll see if I can edit that a bit and re-post it)Aloria, Tara, Me, Myron, and KJ @ Chili's

This I think was our second round of Margaritas!! heheTara and Loretta with Margarita Glasses

This is my neice (who will be 7 yrs old July 23) and her MeeMee (my mom)

MeeMee and Ashlyn

This was the camera lady otherwise known as the baby sister in my family:

Kayla (lil sister and camera lady)

This was us just about to head out to another bar....heheMe and TaraBoo!

I think we got home around 2AM, maybe a little before! Either way, I was ONLY 10 min late for work this morning!!! ROFL I think I did a GOOD job!!

Thank you ALL for the Birthday wishes and Happy Birthdays!!!

Since I'm too tired to watch and post a results post I'm just gonna comment real quick.......

I HATE that Kherington and Gev are gone! BUT this lets you know that if you like them VOTE for them or else anything can happen! She has been a fav since the beginning and to see her end up with the least amount of votes usually means that all her fans thought she would be safe and decided to help save someone else. I may have to just pick 2 girls and 2 guys and let them be all I vote for, then again .... I like voting for the routines I like, so maybe I'll limit myself to voting for 4 routines (dancers) only.

Who knows......I'm just bummed and don't want to end up seeing Will leave for the same dumb reason.....ya know?????

Anywho...since I'm actually done early for a change AND it's kinda slow today (FINALLY) I'll be around for a while :)

BTW....I get my internet at home turned back on July 28th!!! I can't wait Fantasy Football here I come! hehehe

Thursday, July 17, 2008

SYTYCD - Top 10 - Dance Night

Wow, I missed the first 15 minutes of the show so I had to google why Jessica was not there and Comfort was. Did they say how she broke her ribs? Did someone drop her?? How ironic, as my girl Alanis Morissette would say!! Hehe I don't think Comfort is as technical a dancer as the remaining other 9, but I like her so more power to her!

Tonight's guest judge is Lil C. All I have to say for him is I had NO IDEA he was in "Stomp the Yard" Twitch & Kherington's Krump routine had me so psyched I had to pull that off the shelf and give it a good ole look over! I don't think we have EVER seen Krump on SYTYCD as good as what's in that movie! Twitch was prolly the closest!!

So all new couples this week. I think I'm scratching the "previous week" line. Just too much stuff and looks all jumbled! :)

Round 1

Joshua (Hip-Hop) & Courtney (Contemp): Hip-Hop - Dave Scott - First off, good match up with these two. I totally enjoyed that routine. I missed it and had to watch it on Utube. This is the second time I have liked Courtney's hip-hop! Joshua I expected to do well with out a doubt! There are some technique issues for Courtney, but for the most part they rocked that routine! There was obvious chemistry between the two as well as energy and character! I enjoyed!

Chelsie Solo: Ballroom - I just feel like it's the same thing over and over again from her. Which is actually the case with MOST ballroom dancers attempting to dance solo.

Mark (Contemp) & Kherington (Contemp Jazz): Country 2 Step - Missed it - I saw enough of it to know that I didn't need to watch it in it's entirety on Utube! I live in Texas and could have gone an entire season without seeing this genre!! Ugh style, but I expected them to do well, but Kherington seems to be having issues with the chemistry with Mark. Could it be cuz he's no where near as hot as Twitch?? hehe Either way I was not impressed with what I saw from them on this performance.

Gev Solo: Hip-Hop/B-boy - His first solo was much better, but he still showed what he can do. He messed up the jump over his foot, but overall still an OK performance. Definitely not boring to watch!

Twitch (Hip-Hop) & Comfort (Hip-Hop): Smooth Waltz - Jean-Marc - The lift at the end was prolly the BEST part of that whole performance! It was not graceful and pretty at all. It was all choppy and the rise and fall that the judges were talking about I could see was missing. Let's just say, it's a good thing they got the lift.

Courtney Solo: Contemporary - It was pretty good. She has definitely proven herself in this competition over the last few weeks.

Will (Contemp) & Katee (Contemp): Broadway - Tyce Diorio - OK, How frikin' lucky are they to have picked each other!!! Two of the best! And they proved it with that routine! Very simple, but they totally brought it to life! Will is just amazing no matter what and Katee can definitely hold her own with him! I truly believe this years winner will come down to personality!! This is definitely a start to getting there!!! Great Job!

Mark Solo: Contemporary - He's much better than I give him credit for, I'll admit it. He's got a very interesting dance style. He does it very well. He's definitely not boring to watch, just weird! hehe

Gev (Hip-Hop/B-boy) & Chelsie (Ballroom): Contemporary - Sonya - I'm liking this choreographer a lot! Weird, but very very good!! That being said I think Gev and Chelsie rocked it and it was hot and sexy and all that wrapped up into one! I'm loving this Top 10 group! I think Chelsie looks better as a contemporary dancer than a ballroom dancer. Maybe cuz I don't care for ballroom, but this performance was hot! I'm way impressed with Gev!

Comfort Solo: Hip-Hop - For me, this was same ole same ole. There are a few very well executed moves BUT we've seen them. I'm not seeing her grow anymore.

Twitch Solo: Hip-Hop - His solo last week was better, but I still liked this week's. He's such a personality that he pulls it off week after week. Not to mention us fans from last year that are just so happy to see him back and in the finals!

I think Joshua & Courtney were my favs from Round 1 with Gev & Chelsie close 2nd.

Round 2

Joshua (Hip-Hop) & Courtney (Contemp): Rumba - Jean-Marc - WOW, wow, wow! That was great! I loved the banter from Joshua about how he's finally getting to show his chest. Will and Twitch are always naked on stage and now is his turn! Showed much personality from Joshua that I liked! The whole routine was sexy, sensual, and Joshua has that walk DOWN! Courtney looks great in half a dress and I think this is one of the FEW ballroom routines I've liked!!

Katee Solo: Contemporary - She's just so amazing with making the littliest movements so profound and eye catching! She's hard to stop watching!

Mark (Contemp) & Kherington (Contemp Jazz): Jazz - Tyce Diorio - They both have great technique and that's exactly all I got from this performance. It was like a competition type routine rather than a feel the music type routine! It was OK, but could have been sooooo much better!

Will Solo: Contemporary - The man is just awesome!

Twitch (Hip-Hop) & Comfort (Hip-Hop): Hip-Hop - Dave Scott - FINALLY!! I still think Comfort left a lot out for a "hip-hop" dancer, but I think Twitch made her step up her game and it was finally a good performance in her own genre for her! Twitch is just hands down amazing!! Mary gives him a standing "O" He truly has proven he can do it all in his own genre!!

Kherington Solo: Contemporary - That was much better than what she's been doing with her partner this week! She has amazing technique as well, but she looks unsure when she gets moved around a bit, so we'll see if she's still here next week and what happens then. She's lost the most pizzaz this week I think.

Will (Contemp) & Katee (Contemp): Pas de Deux - Desmond Richardson - This performance brought tears to my eyes and chills all over my body! I will just leave it at that! Just AMAZING! If you want to see true beautiful dancing watch that performance again on Utube! I've saved it as a favorite!!! It was also kewl to hear David Archuleta's rendition of Imagine! Great!

Joshua Solo: Hip-Hop - He has proven his versatility over and over that I forget he's a hip-hop dancer most of the time. He's quickly becoming a one man show here!

Gev (Hip-Hop/B-boy) & Chelsie (Ballroom): Jive - Jean-Marc - That was rocked!! Gev lacked a bit on the technique but for the most part that whole performance was entertaining as all get out!

Will & Katee got me on Round 2 with Joshua & Courtney a colse 2nd.

The routines I liked are of course PURPLE.

The ones I didn't care for are RED.

If I didn't care one way or the other it just stayed TEAL.

Tomorrow our votes will be the final say on who stays and who goes! If I had to make guesses I'm saying Comfort (AGAIN) and Mark.

BTW....for those of you that know what I've been dealing with as far as my interent at home goes.... I'm glad to say my internet at home will be back on July 28th!!! Whoo hooooo!!!!! :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

SYTYCD - Top 12 - Results

I truly love Tabitha and Napolean’s choreography! That was a really kewl opening number! I am enjoying their choreography more than Shane Sparks and WAY more than Dan’s!

Robert Muraine and Phillip Chbeeb are a shoe in for a dance battle on the finale show!! That is going to be so awesome to watch!!

First two couples:

Comfort & Thayne: Hip-Hop/Contemporary – Bottom 3

Katee & Joshua: Viennese Waltz/Bollywood – SAFE

That was such a DOH moment! That was too obvious that Comfort and Thayne would be the Bottom 3 between these two couples.

Next 2 couples:

Jessica & Will: Contemporary/Quick Step – Bottom 3

Chelsie & Mark: Salsa/Broadway – SAFE

Once I saw these two I knew it could go either way. I think it is Jessica’s fault, but its OK cuz Will should do fine with his solo! I also wanted to say that I did not give Chelsie and Mark their proper recognition yesterday on their Broadway routine. It was really really good when I went back and watched it again! Still think Courtney/Gev had the better night of the two!

Last 2 couples:

Courtney & Gev: Cha-Cha/Jazz – SAFE

Kherington & Twitch: Krump/Tango – Bottom 3

I was completely caught off guard on this one. Never expected Twitchington in the Bottom 3. Of course I fell asleep and didn’t vote, but I still never expected it. This makes perfect sense if you look at the pattern though. Each couple in the Bottom 3 had at least ONE bad performance.

Alvin Haley Dance Company (I think) – WOW! That was really nice to watch! They have strong powerful movements and such height! WOW.

Dance For Your Life

At this point solos need to have LOTS and LOTS of personality and originality. Without "standing out" there is NO way you will advance to the Top 10!! With so many Contemporary and Hip-Hop dancers this year we are risking seeing the same ole same ole over and over again.

Comfort: Hip-Hop – Nigel and I are just off! Last week he didn’t like it and I did, this week I didn’t really care for it and he did! N-E-Wayz, I thought it was OK, but taking the last two weeks into consideration, we’ll see.

Thayne: Contemporary – This guy has really good technique and it’s a shame he’s going up against Will and Twitch because I don’t think he stands a chance with that solo. It was good, but not what I’m expecting to see from the other two guys. And that may be the ONLY reason he leaves this week. Shame, but oh well.

Jessica: Contemporary – Yeah buddy!! She just showed us that WILL is the reason she will make the Top 10. I don’t think they will keep Comfort for the tour over her, so she better thank GOD!

Will: Contemporary – All I can say is DAYMN!!!!!! He looked just like the 3 professionals that performed before the DFYL started!

Kherington: Contemporary – I remember her audition well since they teased Dominic about his mouthing hanging open. Hehe She is a great dancer! WAY better than what we just saw from Jessica!!

Twitch: Hip-Hop – YEAH!!! I LOVE this guy and the way he sees music with dance! That was an AWESOME solo as well! Like I said…Thayne was up against 2 of the best!!!

So the judges go to make a decision while some girl named Keri who is suppose to be a break out star performs. After listening to the first verse and the chorus of that song I see why I’d never heard of her. UGH! Flipping channels till she’s done and thinking about what is going to happen with the guys. The girls, I think should be an easy decision, but the guys are too hard!!!!

That would be soooooo kewl if they’d get rid of Comfort and Jess and then just keep Thayne and Will and Twitch!! LOL

Nigel didn’t waste anytime, just went right to it. Kherington reminded us that she’s not just a pretty face and is sent to sit down. I think he referred to her as brilliant. Between Comfort and Jessica, the judges preferred Comforts solo, but took Jessica’s weekly performances into consideration and kept her instead of Comfort.

Eliminated Girl: Comfort Sedoki

Nigel advised Twitch that his musicality along with his dancing is outstanding and he’s sent to sit down. Will is advised he could dance with that Alvin dance group just like I said..hehe, and he’s sent to sit down as well. Nigel even made the SAME comment about sending two girls home instead, but can’t make two guys dance the waltz together!! LOL

Eliminated Guy: Thayne Jasperson

So no couples split again this week. I would NOT have been upset to see Jessica go home and Comfort go on tour, but I think the judges prolly made the best choice. Jessica had better realize just how lucky she is to have been partnered with Will!!!

Since I couldn't find pics of Comfort and Thayne (that I could access from work) I decided to post this one of last years winner Sabra! (the FRO...hehe)

SYTYCD - Top 12 - Dance Night

This group of Top 10 is going to be wicked, wild and oh so enjoyable!!!! I can’t wait till next week already!! LOL!

Dude, I finally liked one of Cat’s dresses. That was a nice design and colors!! Hehe

MAN, I hate it when Mia Michaels is the guest judge, oh well, no WOW contemp routines this week, right??!

Round 1

Chelsie H. (Ballroom) & Mark (Contemp): Salsa – Alex D'Silva

Previous weeks: Contemporary, Argentine Tango, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Fox Trot

This week: Chelsie is not flexible in the shoulder area at all, but otherwise it was great! She looked sexy, and hot as she should. Mark was lacking just a little in the technique, but for the most part really good performance.

Comfort (Hip-Hop) & Thayne (Contemp): Hip-Hop – Tabitha & Napolean

Comfort Previous weeks: Jive, Krump, African Jazz, Broadway, Smooth Waltz

Thayne Previous weeks: Cha-Cha, Jazz, Quick Step, Broadway, Smooth Waltz

This week: Thayne was WAY better than I was expecting. Comfort was soooo disappointing!! She should have been a LOT better than she was, but there is just no "together" dancing unless they are actually touching each other. There is no connection with the audience. I think Comfort has riden the train as long as she can!

Jessica (Contemp) & Will (Contemp): Contemporary – Tyce Diorio

Previous weeks: Tango, Hip-Hop, Disco, Jive, Lyrical Jazz

This week: That was very beautifully danced by the pair of them. Very moving and I agree with Nigel, kinda erot!c! (wasn't sure if it would bleep or not.hehe) I don't think I would say that Jess stepped it up to match Will, I think she does well in contemporary already. It's when she has to put shoes on that she's in trouble! Will is just amazing and looked kinda small and tasty in his little Adam and Eve garbe..wink, wink. Jess has good technique when she doesn't have to think of much else.

Courtney G. (Contemp) & Gev (Hip-Hop on ice): Cha-Cha – Anya & Pasha

Previous weeks: Disco, Contemporary, Rumba, Hip-hop, Broadway

This week: Horrible music for this dance. I hate Rhianna! Blah! I liked Anya and Pasha to a certain extent. I'm not big on ballroom and they had a hard time of it outside of ballroom. Pasha was better than Anya or at least he made it further. They lacked a bit in technique but man did they look like they were having fun! They actually made Mary's Hot Tamale train. I think I preferred their performance over the earlier Salsa from Chelsie and Mark. Courtney is cuter than Chelsie to me so maybe that was all it was.

Kherington (Contemp Jazz) & Twitch (Hip-Hop): Krump – Lil CPrevious weeks: Broadway, Viennese Waltz, Hip-Hop, Paso Doble, Contemporary

This week: MAN!!!! That was high energy, it was hard hitting where it should be, that just gave me chills!!! Kherington gurl, I have MUCH respect!!! You pulled that Shyte off!!!! She lost it a little at the end, but THAT was a Krump routine and I knew Twitch could do it as I've seen him do Krump before, but Kherington MAN! The breathing move was my fav!!! I just LOVED it! That was sooo frikin good!!! She was wearing the heck outta those leather pants!!

Katee (Contemp) & Joshua (Hip-Hop): Vienesse Waltz – Jean-Marc

Previous weeks: Hip-Hop, Broadway, Samba, Contemporary, West Coast Swing

This week: It was pretty as most Waltz's are, but compared to everyone else's, it was off the charts or anything. This is prolly the first time I didn't get all wrapped up in a performance from them. I hate ballroom dancing though.

For me Twitchington completely won Round 1.

Comfort and Thayne completely lost Round 1.

Round 2

Chelsie H. (Ballroom) & Mark (Contemp): Broadway – Tyce DiorioPrevious weeks: Contemporary, Argentine Tango, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Fox Trot, Salsa

This week: That was very cute, sexy, and performed very well. There is something about this couple that I don't like. I cannot put my finger on it, but it's something. I think it's Chelsie....she's the one that had that whole sob story during auditions and she just rubbed me wrong, personality wise. She's a great dancer, but definitely not one of my favs, which makes this couple not one of my favs cuz Mark is just funny looking period to me!!

Comfort (Hip-Hop) & Thayne (Contemp): Contemporary – Mandy Moore

Comfort Previous weeks: Jive, Krump, African Jazz, Broadway, Smooth Waltz, Hip-hop

Thayne Previous weeks: Cha-Cha, Jazz, Quick Step, Broadway, Smooth Waltz, Hip-hop

This week: This is Comfort's last week to ride!! That was her opportunity to BRANG it and she FLOPPED!!! Her technique was way way off. I give it to her that she tried, but the remaining dancers are WAY better and it's time for her to go. ALL the other hip-hop dancers have been able to pull off AT LEAST contemporary. I was not impressed with this routine. I think Thayne could have done it a world of justice with a different partner.

Jessica (Contemp) & Will (Contemp): Quick Step – Tony Meredith

Previous weeks: Tango, Hip-Hop, Disco, Jive, Lyrical Jazz, Contemporary

This week: I'm glad they had the first piece. Jessica is back in shoes in this number and it shows. She's back to wobbling and this time since she wobbled she had Will wobble with her. The suit jacket didn't help Will any either with his stance or "carriage" as Mary calls it. Anywho, prolly best because at this point Jessica will make it to the Top 10 because Comfort is worse. Otherwise, she'd be heading home this week and Will would FINALLY get a new partner! They did better me and what I would have done, but overall, not as good as other routines tonight.

Courtney G. (Contemp) & Gev (Hip-Hop on ice): Jazz – Mandy Moore

Previous weeks: Disco, Contemporary, Rumba, Hip-hop, Broadway, Cha-Cha

This week: I am officially with Dman now. This couple are the underdogs. They were really really good with this routine and I think they have a really good chance of having a good week when it will benefit them the most. Anything can happen!!

Kherington (Contemp Jazz) & Twitch (Hip-Hop): Tango – Jean-MarcPrevious weeks: Broadway, Viennese Waltz, Hip-Hop, Paso Doble, Contemporary, Krump

This week: I don't know if my son was bugging me too much or if that was really as boring as it came off! After that Krump it was kinda a let down, but it wasn't horrid or anything! Just wasn't enjoyable for me.

Katee (Contemp) & Joshua (Hip-Hop): Bollywood – Nakul

Previous weeks: Hip-Hop, Broadway, Samba, Contemporary, West Coast Swing, Viennese Waltz

This week: That was completely kewl!! They totally rocked Bollywood! LOL It reminds me of the Trini/Indi background you see in Trinidad sometimes. The judges were right though, there was a LOT of different styles there and they completely pulled it off!!! Katee looks totally hot in the make-up and jewels and stuff. They made Mary's train (I HATE that scream!) My birds go crazy EVERY time!!!

For me Katee & Joshua completely won Round 2.

Comfort and Thayne completely lost Round 2.

I think the 2nd and 3rd spots in the bottom 3 will boil down to the preference of Chelsie & Mark's Salsa over Courtney & Gev's Cha-Cha. Technically, definitely Chelsie & Mark. Courtney and Gev were more enjoyable for me. They were also more out of their genre.

Katee & Josh and Twitchington are WAY too popular to end up in the bottom 3. Jessica will be safe cuz it's Comforts time to go. It will be a hard toss up for the guys though. Mia will fight for Thayne so he may stay while Comfort leaves.

The dances I LIKED, their reviews are PURPLE

My prediction for going home is in RED

Kourtni L. (Contemp) & Matt (Contemp): Jazz, Fox Trot, Contemporary, Hip-hop

Chelsea T. (Contemporary): Cha-Cha, Jazz, Quick Step & Chris (Contemporary): Jive, Krump, African Jazz

Susie (Latin Ballroom) & Marquis (Contemporary): Smooth Waltz, Salsa

Rayven (Ballerina) & Jaime (Swing): Hip Hop

Friday, July 4, 2008

SYTYCD - Top 14 - Result

Opening number from Tyce D’iorio. Eh. Not a HUGE Broadway fan, but some of them can be kewl. That one was OK.

Cat Deely is finally wearing a dress that doesn’t make me want to slap her! I love how this show gets right into the results unlike AI.

First two couples:

Kherington & Twitch: Paso Doble/Contemporary - SAFE

Katee & Joshua: Contemporary/West Coast SwingSAFE

These 4 dancers could easily be in the finale, but they have got to watch out for Chelsie and Will.

Next 3 couples:

Kourtni & Matt: Hip-Hop/Mambo – Bottom 3 (No surprise here)

Courtney & Gev: Hip-Hop/Broadway – Bottom 3

Chelsie & Mark: Jazz/Fox Trot – SAFE

I knew a couple that I liked would end up in the B3, I just wasn’t sure which one it would be.

Last 2 couples:

Comfort & Thayne: Broadway/Smooth Waltz – Bottom 3

Jessica & Will: Jive/Lyrical JazzSAFE

So I was right that Kourtni and Matt would be in the Bottom 3 and possible going home. The ONLY way these two won’t go home today is if they BRANG it during their solos, otherwise they can forget it!! The judges are tired of seeing them in the Bottom 3 week after week.

Robert Muraine – I specifically wrote about this guy in my LA Audition post. He is sooooo very good at what he does. That whole routine was frikin awesome!! I hated that he QUIT!! First day in Vegas I think, he quit. Some garbage about choreography. He quit, bottom line! Now, a dance off between him and Phillip Chbeeb would be DON’T miss TV for sure!! I would LOVE to see them go off on a dance battle.

Dance For Your Life

At this point solos need to have LOTS and LOTS of personality or originality. Without standing out there is NO way you will advance to the Top 10!! With so many Contemporary and Hip-Hop dancers this year we are risking seeing the same ole same ole over and over again.

Kourtni: Contemporary – There’s personality in her look, but I’m seeing the same ole moves from her week after week. She’s not growing at all as a dancer in my opinion.

Matt: Lyrical – Again, not a lot of personality from him. Same ole moves and he actually did better last week with his technique.

Courtney: Contemporary – She appears to be a little firecracker, huh? Being her first time in the Bottom 3, she’ll be OK, but if she ends up there again, she will need to do better than that.

Gev: Hip-Hop/B-boy – SWEET! The boy has got talent!! Nice height on his tricks, very original moves. Good Job!!

Comfort: Hip-Hop – I like that she changed it up a bit with the Krump. Not sure why her Krump routine wasn’t just as hard as that, anyway, I think she could have done better. The girl has some cold moves she is still keeping tucked away. She’s lucky she did well on her Waltz!

Thayne: Contemporary – Good technique. He showed a splash of personality that may save him over Matt. Same thing though, he’s been there week after week, but hopefully he and Comfort are given another week to work on their chemistry!

So the judges go to discuss the eliminations while One Republic performs. I love completely love this lead singers voice. No idea what his name is, so if anyone knows and wants to tell me before I look it up, I’d appreciate it!! J His voice is so crystal clear at that octave and just really pretty to me. I loved the other song…something about Apologizing. My kids are so cute when they sing it. hehe)

Anyway while listening I’m reviewing my notes and thinking it is definitely time for Kourtni and Matt to leave. It could also be Comfort and Matt, but she may get another shot with a new partner since she did do well with the Waltz.

Nigel advised that this has been the hardest week of eliminations for the juges yet!! That being said, Courtney G. is sent back to safety. Comfort pulled off a close one and is safe as well. Nigel did not vote for her because her solo was lacking!

Eliminated Girl: Kourtni Lind

Nigel advised Gev he was fantastic and to go sit down! I wasn’t sure which way they would go, but after Kourtni leaving, I just figured it would be Matt. So Thayne is safe!

Eliminated Guy: Matt Dorame

So no couples split again this week, which is prolly for the best!! We are down to 12!!! 2 more and it’s the Top 10 where the REAL competition starts and it’s not up to the judges anymore!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

SYTYCD - Top 14 - Dance Night

This is one fantastic year of dancers….it changes so much from week to week. I can pretty much guess on the Top 4, but with so much difference from week to week I believe I’ll just wait and see!

This week the guest judges are Tabitha and Napolean, which I hate to see cuz that means none of their fantastic routines! But at least someone who can judge hip-hop J The other greatness is that the couples will all dance 2 dances, whoo hoo!! (Boy did this 2 hours FLY by!!!)

Round 1

Jessica (Contemp) & Will (Contemp): Jive – Tony Meredith

Previous weeks: Tango, Hip-Hop, Disco

This week: I didn’t really care for this routine. Jessica still looks shaky to me on heels! Will is just frikin fantastic!! The lift where she went over his shoulders and down his back then came up through his legs, awesome move! But let’s face it the bounce was missing from Jessica and a few other things just made her look awkward.

Comfort (Hip-Hop) & Thayne (Contemp): Broadway – Andy

Comfort Previous weeks: Jive, Krump, African Jazz

Thayne Previous weeks: Cha-Cha, Jazz, Quick Step

This week: There is obvious good chemistry between them. More than I was seeing with her and Chris. I don’t think it was as bad as Nigel tried to make it out to be. It wasn’t great, but it was good. Could have been smoother in places and could have been more into it in places. Could go either way for me. The twist spin was pretty kewl.

Kourtni L. (Contemp) & Matt (Contemp): Hip-Hop – Cicely & D’Lisa

Previous weeks: Jazz, Fox Trot, Contemporary

This week: First off, Cicely and D’Lisa are not the best when it comes to hip-hop choreography, but oh my goodness, that was dance by numbers at it’s WORST! This is the first time we have seen dance by numbers THIS bad this season!! Just horrid performance for me. I didn’t like it at all!! They better come with it on the second dance or they are going home this week!

Chelsie H. (Ballroom) & Mark (Contemp): Jazz – Mandy Moore

Previous weeks: Contemporary, Argentine Tango, Hip-Hop

This week: I truly enjoyed that performance. I think I finally see what people like in this couple! They do have great chemisty and there was great technique. I’m not a huge Mandy fan, so to make me like it, I thought they danced it very well!

Kherington (Contemp Jazz) & Twitch (Hip-Hop): Paso Doble – Tony Meredith

Previous weeks: Broadway, Viennese Waltz, Hip-Hop

This week: Man oh man. I have been trying very hard to be a good girl, but man oh man that chest is so so fine! I didn’t really care for the cape part of the routine, but to see Twitch stomping around and taking command like that was entertaining. Kherington is an awesome dancer in her own right as well! Very pretty girl!! She was commanding and dominated the cape part of the routine.

Katee (Contemp) & Joshua (Hip-Hop): Contemporary – Mia Michaels

Previous weeks: Hip-Hop, Broadway, Samba

This week: That ROCKED!! OMG what power and emotion. Of course they are lucky to work with the amazing Mia, but they have to execute it as well. That they did. Katee is a fantastic dancer. Of course this is her genre, but wow does she command a performance. Very very good!!!Courtney G. (Contemp) & Gev (Hip-Hop on ice): Hip-hop – Cicely & D’Lisa

Previous weeks: Disco, Contemporary, Rumba

This week: That was better than I expected from Courtney. Disappointment from Gev! This was HIS genre he should have out danced Courtney by a mile, but he didn’t. I still didn’t care for the choreography, but Courtney rocked what she was given, no doubt about it!!

For me Katee and Joshua completely won Round 1.

Round 2

Jessica (Contemp) & Will (Contemp): Lyrical Jazz – Mandy Moore

Previous weeks: Tango, Hip-Hop, Disco, Jive

This week: OK…didn’t notice before that Will is kinda sexy!! Too small for me, but still sexy..hehe They made Mary’s hot tamale train with this routine. I have to admit it, when Jessica doesn’t have shoes on, MUCH MUCH better than when she tries to dance in heels! I liked this routine and I think they saved themselves from the bottom 3.

Comfort (Hip-Hop) & Thayne (Contemp): Swing Waltz – Something Edwards (new guy this year)

Comfort Previous weeks: Jive, Krump, African Jazz, Broadway

Thayne Previous weeks: Cha-Cha, Jazz, Quick Step, Broadway

This week: I am NOT a fan of the waltz, I think it’s one of the most boring dances EVER! That being said, they danced it OK for me. Comfort really is a beautiful girl, she is just normally so rough and rugged, but cleans up well. The spins were beautiful, Comfort actually displayed great technique there, but like I said, not my style AT all!!

Kourtni L. (Contemp) & Matt (Contemp): Mambo – Alex D’Silva

Previous weeks: Jazz, Fox Trot, Contemporary, Hip-hop

This week: They tried to save themselves, they really did. It just wasn’t happening. These two are not connecting with each other, the audience, or the judges. I think they will definitely be in the bottom 3. Their solos will prolly NOT save them this week unless they are just off da chain with it!

Chelsie H. (Ballroom) & Mark (Contemp): Fox Trot – New guy again

Previous weeks: Contemporary, Argentine Tango, Hip-Hop, Jazz

This week: OK, again, not my cup of tea as far as dances go, but this was entertaining to me! When this one is done right it is really pretty to watch and this was really pretty to watch! This is Chelsie’s genre and she showed it! This is my number 3 couple of the night!!

Kherington (Contemp Jazz) & Twitch (Hip-Hop): Contemporary – Mia Michaels

Previous weeks: Broadway, Viennese Waltz, Hip-Hop, Paso Doble

This week: OMG!!! That man is so sexy to me!!! Whoo hoo! Ok…fanning myself. That was a HOT HOT number! Kherington is super cute!! (Dominic has good taste ;)) Twitch totally looked broken-hearted and Kherington could be a heartbreaker!! Totally awesome routine (MIA) and they executed it wonderfully!!!! GREAT job!!

Katee (Contemp) & Joshua (Hip-Hop): West Coast Swing – Benji & Lacey Schwimmer

Previous weeks: Hip-Hop, Broadway, Samba, Contemporary

This week: For those that have not been watching previous seasons. Benji was season 2’s winner and his sister Lacey made it to the finals last year, but was beat by Sabra. When Benji dances West Coast Swing he makes you feel like getting up and dancing without a doubt!!! There is the energetic bounce that he has continuously through the routine that was missing from this routine. They danced it well, but it didn’t "feel" like West coast swing to me.

Courtney G. (Contemp) & Gev (Hip-Hop on ice): Broadway – Andy

Previous weeks: Disco, Contemporary, Rumba, Hip-hop

This week: That was entertaining. They looked so cute! Could have been slightly better in some areas but for the most part … great job!!!

Round 2 goes to Kherington and Twitch!!

It was just way too hard to pick the best and WAY Too hard to pick the bottom 3, because at this point … good routines will end up in the Bottom 3. I voted for the 2 couples that I thought won each round. I didn't see the point in voting for everyone EXCEPT Kourtni and Matt!

The dances I LIKED, their reviews are PURPLE

My prediction for going home is in RED

Chelsea T. (Contemporary) : Cha-Cha, Jazz, Quick Step & Chris (Contemporary): Jive, Krump, African Jazz

Susie (Latin Ballroom) & Marquis (Contemporary): Smooth Waltz, Salsa

Rayven (Ballerina) & Jaime (Swing): Hip Hop