Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hell's Kitchen - Top 2

This will be a close race from the looks of it so far. My vote is for Petrozza, but let's see how the challenges pan out!

Christina is very diligent on preparing her menu. Petrozza on the other hand is piddling around. Chris is a culinary student Petrozza obviously hasn't studied in a while! LOL

As far as designing their restaurants Petrozza is talking flowers, flowers, and more flowers. While Chris wants everyone dressed in black.

I was fixing my kids dinner and listening to the challenge. Chef Ramsey's 5 other Executive Chefs tasted Petrozza and Christina's signature dishes. Petrozza totally needed that win!!! I'm happy for him.

When they get back to Hell's Kitchen, Christina totally flips out about how ugly the striped wallpaper looked! LOL They even re-played the clip where she said she preferred the stripes!!!

They have to pick their teams:

Petrozza: Bobby, Ben

Christina: Corey, LouRoss

Left standing and waiting are Jen (who all but says she will be sabotaging any team she is on) and poor Matt. We will have to wait till next week to find out who goes where.

I'm looking forward to next week.....I wish they would have just done a 2 hour finale, but we will have a winner next week.

Petrozza or Christina

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