Thursday, July 24, 2008

SYTYCD - Top 8 - Dance Night

Wow, Wow, WOW!!!!! What an amazing night of dancing! This season is BY FAR the best!! HANDS down! I'm so enjoying this season! Let's get started.

Tonight's guest judge is Toni (Bette Midler's choreographer for her Vegas show). Never heard of her before tonight, at least I don't think so. I missed all the introductions. I walked in just as Will was picking Courtney's name from the hat.

Round 1

Will (Contemp) & Courtney (Contemp): Samba - Jean-Marc - LOVED the reggae flavor to that routine! It was hot, boy can that girl wear half a dress!! They made Mary's Tamale Train. Whatever they were lacking in technique could not be seen by me. I promise Will can dance anything. Courtney is definitely holding her own! Great routine.

Comfort Solo: Hip-Hop - Started dancing when her dad sent her to high school for performing arts. I am still not seeing any progression in her solos. This was the same ole, same ole for me!!

Twitch (Hip-Hop) & Katee (Contemp): Contemporary - Mia Michaels - I'm so jealous of Katee right now. They did NOT fake that kiss! hehe They utilized the door prop very well! Loved how Twitch at one point leaned against it and kinda grinned and then when he swung it open and Katee was hanging on the other side. There was so much emotion in that routine it was hard not to get into it. They did a great job!

Will Solo: Contemporary - Started dancing after he watched the movie "Dirty Dancing". He totally pulled of a James Brown routine and was great! It wasn't the same thing he does every week! He even had the straight hair wig!! It was great!

Mark (Contemp) & Comfort (Hip-Hop): Hip-Hop - Tabitha & Napolean - Yeah, yeah, yeah! That was GREAT! I was completely shocked by the pair of them! They both stepped it up and brought their A game with that routine! I love Tab and Nap's choreography but Comfort finally added her own taste to it just a bit. Naturally Mark wasn't hitting as hard as Comfort, but he sure held his own ground as far as I'm concerned!! Way better than I was expecting! The lift into the back flip was very very kewl!

Katee Solo: Contemporary - Started dancing at the age of 4. Her solo was same ole, same ole to me. Still a great dancer, but nothing to make her stand apart from everyone else dancing contemporary solos!

Joshua (Hip-Hop) & Chelsie (Ballroom): Argentine Tango - Dimitri - Chelsie comes off as so incredibly stuck up to me, I don't know why! She's prolly the sweetest thing, but her presence comes off as stuck up! This was a great routine and these two danced it wonderfully!!!! They made Mary's Tamale Train. I'm not strong on technique when it comes to ballroom, but knowing that it's one of my least favorite genre's, I have to say that was HOT! I like it and I think they did a great job!!!

Mark Solo: Contemporary - He started dancing later in life when attending the school for performing arts in Hawaii. He was the ONLY boy in dance school. His style is very unique, but it's bordering repetative. I'm starting to see a lot of repeat moves.

I think Twitch & Katee were my favs from Round 1 but it was really close with Mark & Comfort and that contemporary number.

Round 2

Will (Contemp) & Courtney (Contemp): Hip-Hop - Tabitha & Napolean - That was hot, hot, hot!!! I loved it! I love those smooth, gentle hip-hop moves that T&N are known for! That was just great! I was feeling so much emotion from that it brought me to tears! Moving on.............

Chelsie Solo: Ballrom - Started dancing when she was 9 years old in school, trying to make friends. (Her birthday was yesterday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY - So was my neice, she's only 7 though...hehe) Hard for ballroom to bring anything new to their solos. Same ole, same ole!

Twitch (Hip-Hop) & Katee (Contemp): Broadway - Tyce Diorio - That was a very cute routine and Twitch is stepping it up each and everytime he's handed a routine!!! The whole routine was completely entertaining.

Joshua Solo: Hip-Hop/B-boy - Started dancing in the 3rd grade when he was tricked by a teacher into an audition. (He made it) He's bordering being repetitive, but he changes it up just enough. I don't care how often he pumps his chest, I'll take it! I just want to see it once without his shirt on!!! whooo!

Courtney Solo: Contemporary - Started dancing at the age of 3. Again, she is a great dancer, but her solo is the same ole, same ole!

Twitch Solo: Hip-Hop - He started dancing when he was a senior in high school. I think he tried out for drill team! ;) Anyway, he really got serious when he saw that he could make a living after community college. He kills me with the superhero "T" on his shirts! I think that was a good solo! Again, almost repetitive, but changed it just enough to stand out.

Mark (Contemp) & Comfort (Hip-Hop): Fox Trot - Jean-Marc - It wasn't just horrid, but it wasn't what the judges were looking for as far as technique goes. Since they didn't pull off the performance they got BASHED on technique! They were completely dancing by numbers and just making sure they got the steps down, but for the most part, it was OK.

Joshua (Hip-Hop) & Chelsie (Ballroom): Disco - Dorianna Sanchez - This is another of my least favorite genre's but they pulled this off with all the lifts. I really liked the one where she completely changed from her back to her stomach while he was spinning her around. Joshua has mucho muscles...hehe ;)

I think Will & Courtney were my favs from Round 2.

The routines I liked are of course PURPLE.

The ones I didn't care for are RED.

If I didn't care one way or the other it just stayed TEAL.

Since I really liked all the partnered routines (for the most part) AND I didn't want to see what happened last week happen again. I decided to base my votes on the solos. So, I voted for: Twitch, Will, and Joshua based on solos until I was bored with re-dialing the numbers. LOL If I had to make guesses I'm saying Comfort and Mark (Again).

BTW....for those of you that know what I've been dealing with as far as my interent at home goes.... I'm glad to say my internet at home will be back on July 28th!!! Whoo hooooo!!!!! :)

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