Friday, July 4, 2008

SYTYCD - Top 14 - Result

Opening number from Tyce D’iorio. Eh. Not a HUGE Broadway fan, but some of them can be kewl. That one was OK.

Cat Deely is finally wearing a dress that doesn’t make me want to slap her! I love how this show gets right into the results unlike AI.

First two couples:

Kherington & Twitch: Paso Doble/Contemporary - SAFE

Katee & Joshua: Contemporary/West Coast SwingSAFE

These 4 dancers could easily be in the finale, but they have got to watch out for Chelsie and Will.

Next 3 couples:

Kourtni & Matt: Hip-Hop/Mambo – Bottom 3 (No surprise here)

Courtney & Gev: Hip-Hop/Broadway – Bottom 3

Chelsie & Mark: Jazz/Fox Trot – SAFE

I knew a couple that I liked would end up in the B3, I just wasn’t sure which one it would be.

Last 2 couples:

Comfort & Thayne: Broadway/Smooth Waltz – Bottom 3

Jessica & Will: Jive/Lyrical JazzSAFE

So I was right that Kourtni and Matt would be in the Bottom 3 and possible going home. The ONLY way these two won’t go home today is if they BRANG it during their solos, otherwise they can forget it!! The judges are tired of seeing them in the Bottom 3 week after week.

Robert Muraine – I specifically wrote about this guy in my LA Audition post. He is sooooo very good at what he does. That whole routine was frikin awesome!! I hated that he QUIT!! First day in Vegas I think, he quit. Some garbage about choreography. He quit, bottom line! Now, a dance off between him and Phillip Chbeeb would be DON’T miss TV for sure!! I would LOVE to see them go off on a dance battle.

Dance For Your Life

At this point solos need to have LOTS and LOTS of personality or originality. Without standing out there is NO way you will advance to the Top 10!! With so many Contemporary and Hip-Hop dancers this year we are risking seeing the same ole same ole over and over again.

Kourtni: Contemporary – There’s personality in her look, but I’m seeing the same ole moves from her week after week. She’s not growing at all as a dancer in my opinion.

Matt: Lyrical – Again, not a lot of personality from him. Same ole moves and he actually did better last week with his technique.

Courtney: Contemporary – She appears to be a little firecracker, huh? Being her first time in the Bottom 3, she’ll be OK, but if she ends up there again, she will need to do better than that.

Gev: Hip-Hop/B-boy – SWEET! The boy has got talent!! Nice height on his tricks, very original moves. Good Job!!

Comfort: Hip-Hop – I like that she changed it up a bit with the Krump. Not sure why her Krump routine wasn’t just as hard as that, anyway, I think she could have done better. The girl has some cold moves she is still keeping tucked away. She’s lucky she did well on her Waltz!

Thayne: Contemporary – Good technique. He showed a splash of personality that may save him over Matt. Same thing though, he’s been there week after week, but hopefully he and Comfort are given another week to work on their chemistry!

So the judges go to discuss the eliminations while One Republic performs. I love completely love this lead singers voice. No idea what his name is, so if anyone knows and wants to tell me before I look it up, I’d appreciate it!! J His voice is so crystal clear at that octave and just really pretty to me. I loved the other song…something about Apologizing. My kids are so cute when they sing it. hehe)

Anyway while listening I’m reviewing my notes and thinking it is definitely time for Kourtni and Matt to leave. It could also be Comfort and Matt, but she may get another shot with a new partner since she did do well with the Waltz.

Nigel advised that this has been the hardest week of eliminations for the juges yet!! That being said, Courtney G. is sent back to safety. Comfort pulled off a close one and is safe as well. Nigel did not vote for her because her solo was lacking!

Eliminated Girl: Kourtni Lind

Nigel advised Gev he was fantastic and to go sit down! I wasn’t sure which way they would go, but after Kourtni leaving, I just figured it would be Matt. So Thayne is safe!

Eliminated Guy: Matt Dorame

So no couples split again this week, which is prolly for the best!! We are down to 12!!! 2 more and it’s the Top 10 where the REAL competition starts and it’s not up to the judges anymore!!!

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