Friday, July 11, 2008

SYTYCD - Top 12 - Dance Night

This group of Top 10 is going to be wicked, wild and oh so enjoyable!!!! I can’t wait till next week already!! LOL!

Dude, I finally liked one of Cat’s dresses. That was a nice design and colors!! Hehe

MAN, I hate it when Mia Michaels is the guest judge, oh well, no WOW contemp routines this week, right??!

Round 1

Chelsie H. (Ballroom) & Mark (Contemp): Salsa – Alex D'Silva

Previous weeks: Contemporary, Argentine Tango, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Fox Trot

This week: Chelsie is not flexible in the shoulder area at all, but otherwise it was great! She looked sexy, and hot as she should. Mark was lacking just a little in the technique, but for the most part really good performance.

Comfort (Hip-Hop) & Thayne (Contemp): Hip-Hop – Tabitha & Napolean

Comfort Previous weeks: Jive, Krump, African Jazz, Broadway, Smooth Waltz

Thayne Previous weeks: Cha-Cha, Jazz, Quick Step, Broadway, Smooth Waltz

This week: Thayne was WAY better than I was expecting. Comfort was soooo disappointing!! She should have been a LOT better than she was, but there is just no "together" dancing unless they are actually touching each other. There is no connection with the audience. I think Comfort has riden the train as long as she can!

Jessica (Contemp) & Will (Contemp): Contemporary – Tyce Diorio

Previous weeks: Tango, Hip-Hop, Disco, Jive, Lyrical Jazz

This week: That was very beautifully danced by the pair of them. Very moving and I agree with Nigel, kinda erot!c! (wasn't sure if it would bleep or not.hehe) I don't think I would say that Jess stepped it up to match Will, I think she does well in contemporary already. It's when she has to put shoes on that she's in trouble! Will is just amazing and looked kinda small and tasty in his little Adam and Eve garbe..wink, wink. Jess has good technique when she doesn't have to think of much else.

Courtney G. (Contemp) & Gev (Hip-Hop on ice): Cha-Cha – Anya & Pasha

Previous weeks: Disco, Contemporary, Rumba, Hip-hop, Broadway

This week: Horrible music for this dance. I hate Rhianna! Blah! I liked Anya and Pasha to a certain extent. I'm not big on ballroom and they had a hard time of it outside of ballroom. Pasha was better than Anya or at least he made it further. They lacked a bit in technique but man did they look like they were having fun! They actually made Mary's Hot Tamale train. I think I preferred their performance over the earlier Salsa from Chelsie and Mark. Courtney is cuter than Chelsie to me so maybe that was all it was.

Kherington (Contemp Jazz) & Twitch (Hip-Hop): Krump – Lil CPrevious weeks: Broadway, Viennese Waltz, Hip-Hop, Paso Doble, Contemporary

This week: MAN!!!! That was high energy, it was hard hitting where it should be, that just gave me chills!!! Kherington gurl, I have MUCH respect!!! You pulled that Shyte off!!!! She lost it a little at the end, but THAT was a Krump routine and I knew Twitch could do it as I've seen him do Krump before, but Kherington MAN! The breathing move was my fav!!! I just LOVED it! That was sooo frikin good!!! She was wearing the heck outta those leather pants!!

Katee (Contemp) & Joshua (Hip-Hop): Vienesse Waltz – Jean-Marc

Previous weeks: Hip-Hop, Broadway, Samba, Contemporary, West Coast Swing

This week: It was pretty as most Waltz's are, but compared to everyone else's, it was off the charts or anything. This is prolly the first time I didn't get all wrapped up in a performance from them. I hate ballroom dancing though.

For me Twitchington completely won Round 1.

Comfort and Thayne completely lost Round 1.

Round 2

Chelsie H. (Ballroom) & Mark (Contemp): Broadway – Tyce DiorioPrevious weeks: Contemporary, Argentine Tango, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Fox Trot, Salsa

This week: That was very cute, sexy, and performed very well. There is something about this couple that I don't like. I cannot put my finger on it, but it's something. I think it's Chelsie....she's the one that had that whole sob story during auditions and she just rubbed me wrong, personality wise. She's a great dancer, but definitely not one of my favs, which makes this couple not one of my favs cuz Mark is just funny looking period to me!!

Comfort (Hip-Hop) & Thayne (Contemp): Contemporary – Mandy Moore

Comfort Previous weeks: Jive, Krump, African Jazz, Broadway, Smooth Waltz, Hip-hop

Thayne Previous weeks: Cha-Cha, Jazz, Quick Step, Broadway, Smooth Waltz, Hip-hop

This week: This is Comfort's last week to ride!! That was her opportunity to BRANG it and she FLOPPED!!! Her technique was way way off. I give it to her that she tried, but the remaining dancers are WAY better and it's time for her to go. ALL the other hip-hop dancers have been able to pull off AT LEAST contemporary. I was not impressed with this routine. I think Thayne could have done it a world of justice with a different partner.

Jessica (Contemp) & Will (Contemp): Quick Step – Tony Meredith

Previous weeks: Tango, Hip-Hop, Disco, Jive, Lyrical Jazz, Contemporary

This week: I'm glad they had the first piece. Jessica is back in shoes in this number and it shows. She's back to wobbling and this time since she wobbled she had Will wobble with her. The suit jacket didn't help Will any either with his stance or "carriage" as Mary calls it. Anywho, prolly best because at this point Jessica will make it to the Top 10 because Comfort is worse. Otherwise, she'd be heading home this week and Will would FINALLY get a new partner! They did better me and what I would have done, but overall, not as good as other routines tonight.

Courtney G. (Contemp) & Gev (Hip-Hop on ice): Jazz – Mandy Moore

Previous weeks: Disco, Contemporary, Rumba, Hip-hop, Broadway, Cha-Cha

This week: I am officially with Dman now. This couple are the underdogs. They were really really good with this routine and I think they have a really good chance of having a good week when it will benefit them the most. Anything can happen!!

Kherington (Contemp Jazz) & Twitch (Hip-Hop): Tango – Jean-MarcPrevious weeks: Broadway, Viennese Waltz, Hip-Hop, Paso Doble, Contemporary, Krump

This week: I don't know if my son was bugging me too much or if that was really as boring as it came off! After that Krump it was kinda a let down, but it wasn't horrid or anything! Just wasn't enjoyable for me.

Katee (Contemp) & Joshua (Hip-Hop): Bollywood – Nakul

Previous weeks: Hip-Hop, Broadway, Samba, Contemporary, West Coast Swing, Viennese Waltz

This week: That was completely kewl!! They totally rocked Bollywood! LOL It reminds me of the Trini/Indi background you see in Trinidad sometimes. The judges were right though, there was a LOT of different styles there and they completely pulled it off!!! Katee looks totally hot in the make-up and jewels and stuff. They made Mary's train (I HATE that scream!) My birds go crazy EVERY time!!!

For me Katee & Joshua completely won Round 2.

Comfort and Thayne completely lost Round 2.

I think the 2nd and 3rd spots in the bottom 3 will boil down to the preference of Chelsie & Mark's Salsa over Courtney & Gev's Cha-Cha. Technically, definitely Chelsie & Mark. Courtney and Gev were more enjoyable for me. They were also more out of their genre.

Katee & Josh and Twitchington are WAY too popular to end up in the bottom 3. Jessica will be safe cuz it's Comforts time to go. It will be a hard toss up for the guys though. Mia will fight for Thayne so he may stay while Comfort leaves.

The dances I LIKED, their reviews are PURPLE

My prediction for going home is in RED

Kourtni L. (Contemp) & Matt (Contemp): Jazz, Fox Trot, Contemporary, Hip-hop

Chelsea T. (Contemporary): Cha-Cha, Jazz, Quick Step & Chris (Contemporary): Jive, Krump, African Jazz

Susie (Latin Ballroom) & Marquis (Contemporary): Smooth Waltz, Salsa

Rayven (Ballerina) & Jaime (Swing): Hip Hop

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