Friday, July 18, 2008

Birthday Pics from Chili's Bar & Grill - Plus Dance results

This wasn't any major party or anything like that. It was my family, my sister and her daughter, my mom, and my best friend Tara! One of my co-workers showed up and bought me a Margarita as well, but we didn't start with the pictures till he had already left! I was like dang we didn't get a picture of Anthony, but hey here's to his honorable mention!! LOL

This is my daughter (Aloria), Tara, Me, My husband, and my son (KJ) is kinda hanging on his shoulder in the bright light! (I'll see if I can edit that a bit and re-post it)Aloria, Tara, Me, Myron, and KJ @ Chili's

This I think was our second round of Margaritas!! heheTara and Loretta with Margarita Glasses

This is my neice (who will be 7 yrs old July 23) and her MeeMee (my mom)

MeeMee and Ashlyn

This was the camera lady otherwise known as the baby sister in my family:

Kayla (lil sister and camera lady)

This was us just about to head out to another bar....heheMe and TaraBoo!

I think we got home around 2AM, maybe a little before! Either way, I was ONLY 10 min late for work this morning!!! ROFL I think I did a GOOD job!!

Thank you ALL for the Birthday wishes and Happy Birthdays!!!

Since I'm too tired to watch and post a results post I'm just gonna comment real quick.......

I HATE that Kherington and Gev are gone! BUT this lets you know that if you like them VOTE for them or else anything can happen! She has been a fav since the beginning and to see her end up with the least amount of votes usually means that all her fans thought she would be safe and decided to help save someone else. I may have to just pick 2 girls and 2 guys and let them be all I vote for, then again .... I like voting for the routines I like, so maybe I'll limit myself to voting for 4 routines (dancers) only.

Who knows......I'm just bummed and don't want to end up seeing Will leave for the same dumb reason.....ya know?????

Anywho...since I'm actually done early for a change AND it's kinda slow today (FINALLY) I'll be around for a while :)

BTW....I get my internet at home turned back on July 28th!!! I can't wait Fantasy Football here I come! hehehe

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