Friday, July 25, 2008

SYTYCD - Top 8 - Results

This is the last week I'll be writing my review the NEXT day! Next week I'll be able to write my blog as the show is going on OR right after. I can't wait..hehe!

The opening number was choreographed by a newbie. Didn't catch his name. The choreography was OK.

And we begin:

Katee: Contemporary/Solo/Broadway – SAFE

Will: Samba/Solo/Hip-Hop – B2 - I wanted to cry at this announcement! I cannot believe he was even in the bottom!!! These guys are so close that I knew something like this COULD happen, but never never expected it!!

Comfort: Solo/Hip-Hop/Fox Trot – B2 - This was to be expected.

Mark: Hip-Hop/Solo/Fox Trot – SAFE - Totally and utterly shocked. He has earned it, I will not take anything away from him for not being a fav of mine.

Chelsie: Argentine Tango/Solo/Disco – SAFE

Twitch: Contemporary/Broadway/Solo – B2 - Now I'm totally bummed as I realize that either Twitch or Will is going home this week and Mark is safe!! I cannot believe it!!!

Joshua: Argentine Tango/Solo/Disco – SAFE

Courtney: Samba/Hip-Hop/SoloB2

At this point any guy that leaves is an amazing dancer and I'm so bummed that it will be either Twitch or Will :(

LA Ballet Company– They were OK. I have to be in the mood for ballet.

The happy dances are frikin hilarious sometimes!!! LOL


Of course at this point these are just for show-off, so I think they should GO OFF!!!

Comfort: Hip-Hop – Same ole, Same ole. eh

Will: Contemporary – Amazing Dancer!

Courtney: Contemporary – eh

Twitch: Hip-Hop – Awesome!!!!

LL Cool J - I could care less what this man is singing, saying, wearing, eating, or doing. I will watch him ALL DAY LONG! I remember him as a "semi-buffed" 17 year old screaming "I'm BAD" to the cameras on MTV and I fell in love back then and we have now had a WONDERFUL 20 year relationship he knows NOTHING about!! hehe From his lips, to those arms, and down his shins.......just SEXY! Whooooo!!! I soooo needed a cold shower afer that! Didn't listen to the song much, but his dancers were not that good to me......of course I was only watching him!!! whoooo hoooo!!! Deep breathing ...... calm... calm....OK! I'm good!

Going home tonight are:

Eliminated Girl: Comfort Fedoke

Eliminated Guy: Will Wingfield

I'm so shocked that Will actually left the show!!!! He had to be the BEST technical dancer this year, by far!! My husband says there is something HUGE waiting for that man. GOD Bless both you and Comfort and may all your dreams come true!!! There is a World of dance out there and I will be looking for Will in every bit of it!!!

So does Debbie Allen come back as a judge now????

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