Thursday, July 31, 2008

SYTYCD - Top 6 - Dance Night

Another amazing night of dance!! I thouroughly enjoyed last nights show!!! And I just have to say. I will NEVER be able to watch TV without a DVR!!!! That is the most kewlest thing!!! hehe I must have backed up and watched about another hour of show!!! hehehe Gotta love it!

Tonight's guest judge is Adam Shankman. Director of Hairspray. Sorry this is geting posted so late!! We have been hella busy at work and I just kept getting interrupted. Good news is I fixed my computer... YAH! I'm recording the results now, so I still don't know who's going home. I'll watch when I'm done....Love that DVR!!! hehe

Round 1

Mark (Contemp) & Courtney (Contemp): Vienesse Waltz - Jason Gilkenson -This is a new addition this year as well (choreographer) and he's from DOWN UNDER...hehe Anyway .... this is prolly my most disliked style of ballroom dancing. That whole glide or bounce up and down thing is just boring to me. That being said they look great as a couple and they looked all pretty, but I really hate that dance!!! I won't make this red because it wasn't the dancers. I'm sure they danced it correctly, it's just that even done correctly it gets on my nerves! hehe

Chelsie Solo: Ballroom - I know there really isn't much she can do solo as a ballroom dancer, but she has proven to be a good contemporary dancer as well as Jazz, why can't she work some of this into her routine! I'm so sick of that same ole same ole solo. Not that it isn't any good, just want something different!

Twitch Solo: Hip-Hop - That was frikin' AWESOME! The dude is so tuned into the music. Not to mention the amount of personality that comes across from EVERY performance!!! The fake bling teeth and then the gold lens only glasses. He's just too much personality all balled up in one. Good Job!!!

I had to take a second to mention that NASTY, NASTY, NASTY woman by the name of Cat Deely! DUDE! My husband has a pair of those fake gold teeth and I would NOT put HIS in my mouth without washing them off and stuff first!!! I really hope that was all edited together and they took out the cleaning part. If not that was the NASTIEST thing I have seen someone WILLINGLY do in my life!!!!

Joshua (Hip-Hop) & Katee (Contemp): Contemporary - Tyce Diorio - Wow, wow, and wow!! OMG! Tyce is trying to give Mia a run for her money without the props!!! I cannot believe that this guy has had NO professional training, HUH??? Just naturally good at it!! He and Katee together are simply amazing and entertaining to watch!!!! (Why does Katee get to kiss everybody!??)

Twitch (Hip-Hop) & Chelsie (Ballroom): Mambo - Tony Meredith & Melonie - That was much better than the last Mambo he tried. Of course Chelsie is great in her own genre. You can tell he worked at that and it paid off!

Katee Solo: Contemporary - She tried to change it up a little. I mean a very very little. Otherwise to me, same ole same ole. Not that it isn't good, I just want to see something more at this point. Some personality a little different moves...something!

Josh Solo: Hip-Hop/B-boy - Still pretty original, but getting a little repeatative on some things, but I still like him.

Josh & Katee were my favs from Round 1!!

Round 2

Mark (Contemp) & Courtney (Contemp): Jazz - Sonya - That was right up Mark's alley!!! That was one of the best performances I've ever seen on this show!!! It was dark and creepy, but really interesting!! Perfect for Mark's style! Courtney has proven to step up to what's thrown at her as well.

Joshua (Hip-Hop) & Katee (Contemp): Paso Doble- Jason Gilkenson - I have officially been just dumbfounded!!! Josh is very VERY impressive. Not to take anything away from Katee, but she's been dancing all her life. I'm sure Josh has as well, but he's all self taught from what I understand! Very impressive!! Josh finally got to show his chest and as bad as I talk about ballroom, that was HOT! Katee's dress was SWEET!

Courtney Solo: Contemorary - To me that was prolly her best solo! I liked it over what we've seen so far and for what she's shown us thus far.

Mark Solo: Contemporary - I have to admit, I like his uniqueness. That was prolly his best solo as well. I would not be upset about him making the finale if he did, they are all amazing dancers...the guys when it comes to their solos have always made it really hard!

Twitch (Hip-Hop) & Chelsie (Ballroom): Hip-Hop - Tabitha & Napolean - Chelsie actually did better than I expected! I love Tab & Nap's choreography! They do the type of hip-hop dancing I love to see. I don't always want to watch a "hard" type routine when it comes to hip-hop!! These two fighting over the conductor stick was just very entertaining!! The facial expressions complete! Great Job!!

I think Josh & Katee were my favs from Round 2, but I really liked the hip-hop as well.

The routines I liked are of course PURPLE.

The ones I didn't care for are RED.

If I didn't care one way or the other it just stayed TEAL.

Since I really liked all the partnered routines (for the most part) I decided to go with the solos again. So, I voted for: Twitch, Mark, and Joshua based on solos until I was bored with re-dialing the numbers. I threw in one or two votes for Katee as well. I can't make a guess on who is leaving the show right now (since it's ending now so I'll go watch in a minute) I'll be back in a few hours to post my results. (I hope) I have NO idea who's leaving. Really NO clue!

Be back in a few!

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