Sunday, August 26, 2007

The First Day of School

WOW....How did my mom deal with this??? I sit here wondering if me putting both my 4 year old son as well as my 5 year old daughter in school at the same time was a good idea. They are so ready and excited and I feel like I'm loosing my babies! I can't believe my son is as excited as he is, but I guess this is better than having my daughter go and leave him home by himself considering they have been home together since they were born and have not been anywhere else without each other. They are very close although they argue at times. I am so overwhelmed with emotions it's not even funny!!

How do you deal with handing your children over to some strange "teacher" and expect them to take care of them the way YOU would? How do you relax enough to trust these people? My kids have done great at home. So much so that my daughter tested high enough to be in all honors classes in Kindergarten and my son is in a high level PreK 4 yr old class, but still do they HAVE to be in this "school" type environment where they are not in me or their father's eyesight at some point throughout the day. The teachers tell me that I'm not allowed in the building. Is that even fair???

I'm not sure how tomorrow is going to go for me, but I pray that it's good for the kids no matter what. They so want to go and are so excited about learning how to read more and making all these new friends. I really just hope that all is OK. Insha' Allah!!

I am only going through with this because the kids really seem to want to go to school. The first sign that I don't like this teacher or whatever they will come back home.

I am so nervous....scared. ... not sure if I'm doing the right thing.....I know they have to be educated, but where and what if I choose wrong and they have the most horrendous experience ever in their lives. I don't think I could live with myself. Also...I haven't been in school since I even know how to help them with homework? Do I remember Geometry and stuff??? That's crazy ..they won't be doing that yet. They still have to learn to read and add/subtract. BUT when they get to Geomety, could I do it??

I have so many questions and really no answers till they get there and do it. I guess if me and their dad survived then they should be able to as well. I guess I need more prayer than they do .. LOL

Here's to the First Day of School.

Friday, August 17, 2007

SYTYCD - Top 4 Finale - Dance Review

Top 4: Broadway - Have I mentioned how much I hate broadway!!!!  Although all the dancers have proven why they are in the Top 4 I still think this number did absolutely nothing for them. 

Lacey Solo: That was better than the other night.  She is a great dancer.  She has a lot of the same moves over and over, but so do a lot of the other dancers so at this point I have to give it to her for consistency.  She has been good since week 1 and she has remained good all the way through.  I never expected her to have a bad week while watching!

Sabra and Neil: Hip-Hop - I thought it was OK.  It looked like they had fun.  There were some moments of the routine that were really really kewl like the walk towards the front of the stage, but for the most part the overall routine just wasn't "poppin" for me.  It wasn't even as good as the mild hip-hop Sabra did with Dominic.  I think Dan hit it on the head....we've seen them both do that much better than they did and I for one would have liked to see it a little better than what I've already seen.

Lacey and Danny: Viennese Waltz - It was OK.  Not as pretty as one of the other ones I remembered seeing this season.  (have to go back and look who it was that danced it)  I wasn't really moved by this number is all.

Neil Solo: Uh, surprise he is a gymnast!!  I think that was a great solo from Neil.  He has truly evolved as a dancer in this competition. 

Lacey and Sabra: WADE Jazz - That was a bad azz routine and those girls danced it WONDERFULLY!!!!!  I have no idea what is wrong with Nigel sometimes.  Did he not see the technique in their movements and how they were graceful where needed to be and very quick "fox" like movements when needed to be.  They looked beautiful and did an AWESOME job!

Danny Solo: What a beautiful man.  Just what I thought about him.  He's just really "protective" of himself and from whatever he dealt with in his first 10 years of life before being adopted, he put up walls.  I would not be sad if he won at all!  If he doesn't win I don't think he will have any problems what so ever.  He is a person that will be known by all and any dancers that there will ever be!!!  He will make a name for himself in history as far as dance is concerned!

Danny and Neil: MIA Contemporary - MAN...Neil messed up the leap over Danny's head...but it was still and awesome awesome routine!!!!!  OK.  Danny may have taken the title from Sabra today.

Sabra Solo: It was OK, but I like her all season so I have to vote for her but at this point I'll prolly do her and Danny.  He was just amazing.

 Lacey and Neil: Lindyhop - Great lifts!!!  They looked like they should be on the next episode of GREASE.

Sabra and Danny: Cha-Cha - THAT is why they are the top 2!!!!



(borrowed from Mags Donnelly's American Idol Blog)