Saturday, June 5, 2010

SYTYCD - Season 7 - All Stars

I must say how disappointed I am in the amount of hip-hop dancers that are vacant from this years auditions .... very depressing after seeing a hip-hop dancer and then a krumper win the show 2 years running and now not really a ONE that can compete with all these freaky contemporary dancers.  
Anywho....not to mention the fact that they are only looking for 10 dancers this year since they are changing the show style to include past contestants to pair up the actual contestants with like DWTS.   They flew threw 2 audition shows to ended up in Day 3 of Vegas week already.   We are now down to 56 dancers I think and they still have to pick ONLY 10 out of this bunch.... so sad, so few unknowns get picked but it is what it is....

Here is the list of previous contestants that will be joining us this season as the 
"professional dancer"

Contemporary Dancers:

Neil Haskell

Courtney Galiano

Ade Obayomi

Allison Holker

Mark Kanemura

Lauren Gottlieb

Kathryn McCormick

Ballroom Dancers:
Anya Garnis

Pasha Kovalev

Hip-Hop/Pop Locking/B-Boyz:

Comfort Fedoke

Twitch Boss

Dominic or D'Trix (One of my all time favs)
He is the one that went on with Hok (also former SYTYCD contestant) to form Quest Crew who stole Season 3 of ABDC with him:

We shall see what Season 7 brings!!!!  Whoo Hoo!