Saturday, June 28, 2008

SYTYCD - Top 16 - Results

Mia Michaels at her finest for the opening number! Very kewl, I like mucho!!! The make-up on them was fantastic.

The top part of Cat’s dress totally annoyed me the entire night!!! I know, I’m mental!

Chelsea & Thayne: Quick Step – Bottom 3

Katee & Joshua: Samba - SAFE

Chelsie & Mark: Hip-Hop - SAFE

Kherington & Twitch: Hip-Hop - SAFE

Courtney & Gev: Rumba – SAFE

Comfort & Chris: African Jazz – Bottom 3

Kourtni & Matt: Contemporary – Bottom 3

Jessica & Will: Disco – SAFE

So again, I was right about 2 of the couples. I really could have seen it go either way with the last two couples. I was hoping for Jess and Will so as to get rid of Jessica, but she has made it another week. I do believe she has a chance to be dragged to the Top 10 on Will’s coattails.

QUEST Dominic and HOK from last year are members of this group and they were OFF DA CHAIN!!!! I couldn’t tell if that was Ryan from Season 1 dancing with them as well! That was truly entertaining for me!! Thoroughly enjoyed it!!!

Dance For Your Life

Chelsea T: Contemporary - It was just OK for me. She appears to be a little firecracker but since week 1, we have not seen that again.

Thayne: Contemporary – I thought this was good. The more I see of his technique I like, but not sure I’m keen on his personality yet.

Comfort: Hip-Hop – She is definitely hot in her own style! I wish she would have hit her krump routine the way she was hitting that solo! Good Job.

Chris: Contemporary – OK….this is DFYL, that was OK! At best!

Kourtni: Contemporary – That was good. She keeps reminding us why she’s here during her solos!

Matt: Contemporary – That was really really good! He made Nigel eat his words!! Good Job!

So the judges go to discuss the eliminations while Miss Jordin Sparks performs "One Step at a Time". I love Jordin. I think she is a beautiful girl with a beautiful voice. I just wish someone will tell her that the style of dress she keeps wearing does NOT flatter her in any way at all!! I wish she’d just wear a pair of jeans and a nice blouse and be done! These dresses are making her look older….I want to see 17, not 35! She’s already an Amazon! (Trust me, not a bad thing! ;) hehe)

Nigel made a blanket comment to all the girls about being in the Bottom 3 too many times now and they all need to do much better. Then tells Chelsea to step forward first again, but this week she’s sent home straight away!

Eliminated Girl: Chelsea Traille

Nigel advised Matt that his solo was fantastic and tells him to go sit down. So left standing is Chris and Thayne. That was just too obvious!!

Eliminated Guy: Chris Jarosz

So next week we will see Thayne and Comfort partnered as they both lost their partners tonight. Not sure how that will work, but it will also depend on what style they pick. Maybe Thayne will be able to bring the dancer outta Comfort.

Did anyone notice that all but ONE of the Bottom 6 dancers were contemporary dancers???

SYTYCD - Top 16 - Dance Night

I was too excited waiting on tonight!!! I can’t wait to see who steps up their game, who will just slide by and who will flop! Although I must say, with this group this year….not many flops happening like last year!! Cat is SOOOO skinny!! Maybe it’s just cuz she’s so tall, who knows, but she appears to go on forever!! LOL

Adam Shankman is the guest judge. He’s the guy who did the recent production of Hairspray. I don’t really care for him one way or the other. He’s just really really long winded!!!

Kherington (Contemp Jazz) & Twitch (Hip-Hop): Hip-Hop – Tabitha & Napolean

Previous weeks: Broadway, Viennese Waltz

This week: OK…How lucky is it that they pulled Hip-hop and they are going first!! I figured Twitch would have no issues. I was concerned for Kherington and if she would step up her game enough. She completely did and I was completely entertained! She was hitting the hard parts when necessary as well as being fluid when need be! It was great timing and great facial expressions, the whole works. Her matching glassless glasses were adorable!!

Courtney G. (Contemp) & Gev (Hip-Hop on ice): Rumba – Tony Meredith & Melanie

Previous weeks: Disco, Contemporary

This week: I think this is my first time voting for this couple! I really liked the way they danced this. Courtney was totally into the routine from her facial expression! They were sexy and entertaining and appeared to be just easing through the whole routine. Of course I’m sure Courtney being half dressed didn’t hurt anything either! That was one hot dress!! Gev fell a little short on technique, but come on .. the guy is a hip-hop dancer! That was great!!

Comfort (Hip-Hop) & Chris (Contemp): African Jazz – Tyce D’Orio

Previous weeks: Jive, Krump

This week: First off, Chris that is NASTY eating other people’s food like that!! OK!? Stop IT! This was NOTHING like I was expecting. I wanted to see something along the lines of what Benji’s cousin did in Season 2 with her partner. THAT, I have NO idea what that was! Just two people running around the stage, trying to follow the same steps. I just wasn’t feeling it from either one of them! Depending on who else ends up B3 and how well the solos go, this may be it for them.

Commercial break: Dude, if Sarah is alive on Prison Break that is going to be one weird twist, OK!?

Kitchen Nightmares looks as though it will make me sick to my stomach!

Fringe looks like it may need to be added to my list of new fall shows ;)

Jessica (Contemp) & Will (Contemp): Disco – Doriana Sanchez

Previous weeks: Tango, Hip-Hop

This week: At this point Will is simply amazing. The boy can dance anything. It’s really going to come down to personality in his case if he can win or not. As far as Jessica is concerned, this whole thing is one big joke for her. She had an opportunity to show her azz and she flopped! She’s done better than past weeks, she can at least stand on the heels now. The fact that Will can still shine with such a mediocre partner shows just how amazing he is! So with that said, I think they need to be B3 just so we can get rid of Jessica. This couple needs to be split up!

Kourtni L. (Contemp) & Matt (Contemp): Contemporary – Sonia

Previous weeks: Jazz, Fox Trot

This week: That was the Kourtni I have been waiting to see! Matt is really stiff in the upper body when he’s dancing, but that could also have been character. They were supposed to be comic book characters. They danced it well and they were finally very entertaining. They didn’t look all uncomfortable or out of place at all this week! Good Job! Doesn’t hurt when you pick your genre either!!

Chelsea T. (Contemp) & Thayne (Contemp): QuickStep – Heather Smith

Previous weeks: Cha-Cha, Jazz

This week: It was just OK for me. They seemed to be dragging the entire time. They then appeared robotic at times, even the Charleston move was so stiff looking. I did not find this routine or the performance entertaining at all!

Chelsie H. (Ballroom) & Mark (Contemp): Hip-Hop – Tabitha & Napolean

Previous weeks: Contemporary, Argentine Tango

This week: I may take some flack for this, but as soon as Chelsie did her first pop-lock move I DIED laughing!!! She look like she was hurting or something! It was not cute to me! The overall routine was really better than I expected. I’m loving Tabitha and Napolean’s choreography, but I could not get past Chelsie. I’m sorry! I thought Mark totally pulled it off and he looked great. Chelsie at times came off as dance by numbers to me. Adam, sorry dude, but although they were not the worse and prolly won’t be in B3 with so many dancers still left, I do NOT think they are the couple to beat!!! I couldn’t bring myself to vote for them.

Katee (Contemp) & Joshua (Hip-Hop): Samba – Tony Meredith & Melanie

Previous weeks: Hip-Hop, Broadway

This week: Man, I really like this couple! It was pretty good! She didn’t get the walk down as well as Courtney, but at least they found the other half of Courtney’s dress on her!! (I swear I typed it before Nigel said it!!! LOL) Josh has got some toosh there in those pants, huh?? He even had the latin walk down and he looks so manly when he’s dancing! He was really nervous when they picked it, but the boy has strutted his stuff!!! THIS is the couple to beat!!!

The people I voted for, their reviews are purple :)

My bottom 3 predictions are in red :)

Jordin Sparks will be a guest on tonight’s finale. I hope she sings something OTHER than "No Air"!!!

Susie (Latin Ballroom) & Marquis (Contemp): Smooth Waltz, Salsa

Rayven (Ballerina) & Jaime (Swing): Hip Hop

Hell's Kitchen - Top 3

They each get to spend time with their family while Chef prepares the dish. Christina ate with her parents and was really the only one that was paying any attention to the dish that they were eating prepared by Chef. Corey at with her mother and boyfriend. Patrozza with his father and girlfriend.

Of course the challenge ended up being to re-create the dish that Chef had prepared for them.

3rd was Corey she was eliminated for using the wrong meat.  She picked Buffalo instead of Venison.

2nd was Petrozza  forgetting the puree cost him the win.  He had NONE wotsoeva. 

Christina.  AGAIN wins the challenge this week! 

While Corey and Petrozza have to crush up blocks of ice for service, Christina gets to go on a tour us with Chef and her parents and out to a fancy restaurant!

I honestly think they need to get rid of that backstabbing Corey in order to have a fair finale!!!

During service they each get a run and running the entire thing.  Assertive training with Chef is ALWAYS funny since they get to yell at Chef Ramsey!!  Chef called Christina a cheerleader!! LOL 

Petrozza - missed the missing peas in the risotto.  Chris totally messed up her fish station again!!  She always wins the challenges and then ends up messing up on service!

Corey - totally flopped, she couldn't even get her orders called out to the chefs correctly!  She caught the intentional mistake, but too late.  They sent her the wrong sauce for the Lamb Wellington and she didn't catch it till AFTER she poured it on the meat!

Christina - she caught the mistake with NO hesitation or almost miss or nothing! She needed mint mashed potatoes and not Basil.  She was GREAT when it came to running the kitchen in my opinion.  She still has a lot of work for the stations though!

They each are asked to nominate one person to go home.

Corey - nominates Christina because when she gets yelled at she looks like a deer in headlights and just freezes.

Chris - nominates Corey because she doesn't see the leadership qualities in her.

Petrozza - nominates Christina after the hard time he had with her during her fish station while he was in lead.  Can't blame him really.

After much thought Chef sends Corey packing!!  I was shocked!  I figured Christina had messed up enough dinner service stations and then she got 2 nominations so I just assumed she was leaving.  I was wrong!!  hehe   Not that it matters EVERYONE will be back next week to be split into teams with the two finalist.  JEN I think will be sabotaging whoever she doesn't want to win!   They will get to re-decorate the restaurant and re-create the menus.  This should be interesting!! LOL

Corey goes home!

So who do you think will take it all??

Petrozza OR


SYTYCD - Top 18 - Results

Shane Sparks opening number, it was pretty good. I still like Shane although I think he's arrogant, he does good stuff! I was not surprised to see him feature all the hip-hop dancers the way he did. There are A LOT this year compared to previous years, but these guys are good. They aren’t just poppers or hip-hoppers…this year is just tooooo much fun!!!

Katee & Joshua: Broadway - SAFE

Kherington & Twitch: Viennesse Waltz - SAFE

Chelsea & Thayne: Jazz – Bottom 3

Chelsie & Mark: Tango - SAFE

Kourtni & Matt: Fox Trot - SAFE

Jessica & Will: Hip-Hop – SAFE

Susie & Marquis: Salsa – Bottom 3

Comfort & Chris: Krump – Bottom 3

Courtney & Gev: Contemporary – SAFE

So I was right about 2 of the couples. Kourtni and Matt being safe was a total shocker for me. Comfort and Chris being in the Bottom 3 was actually not far fetched. I briefly thought about putting them there yesterday, but I figured Comfort was more popular than that. No biggie, I believe her solo will save her big time!! The Flaminco dancer was kinda funny to me. I coulda done without the accompanying music!

Dance For Your Life

Chelsea T: Contemporary - It was just OK for me. I still haven’t seen their performance just the bits and pieces they were showing. I think she will need to step it up some. For the most part good solo.

Thayne: Contemporary – He gets great height with his jumps, very smooth. Impressive to me.

Susie: Latin Ballroom - That was way better than what she did last night, but I still think she comes off as totally stuck on herself. She has gotten to the top 20 and just flopped compared to her auditions. The sizzle is gone…lol

Marquis: Contemporary - First off, didn’t realize he was that good. BUT, that was way too many tricks in 30 seconds. Where was the dancing…may hurt him.

Comfort: Pop-locker - The girl is really really good!!! She was creative and I could watch her all day long. Her arm movements remind me of Cedric from last year.

Chris: Contemporary - eh….I’m about bored with contemporary at this point. He didn’t do anything fantabulously different.

So the judges go to discuss the eliminations while someone called Flow Rider performs….WOTEVA, UGH! So I hit mute and start thinking what the judges will do. I’m thinking maybe Chris and Susie. It was hard cuz all 3 guys are contemporary dancers….that’s surprising to me that the contemporary dancers are leaving first, but then again they are always in abundance compared to other styles!

Nigel advises Chelsea that she needs to step it up and then she’s SAFE. Comfort is advised that she hasn’t stepped it up as much as they thought she would until Shane’s routine tonight so she will stay. Susie has lost her fire and needs to go find it!

Eliminated Girl: Susie

Nigel advises Thayne he’s a joy to watch on stage. Marquis is advised that he did too many tricks (do I know Nigel or what!!??...hehe). Chris is advised that he was told to show more personality and that he has done without a doubt. So unanimously Marquis will be leaving!

Eliminated Guy: Marquis

So still no couples split up. Will is stuck with Jess another week, but at least they were safe. I was not upset to see Marquis or Susie go home. So On with the show! LOL

SYTYCD - Top 18 - Dance Night

Hopefully we'll learn a bit more about the dancers tonight. I believe I know who the top 10 will be already, but I'll wait to see if there are any early surprises before I blurt it out .. ... hehe

Mia Michaels is the guest judge this week. I really like her and her abstract concepts. I do prefer her choreography over her being a judge.

Chelsea T. (Contemp) & Thayne (Contemp): ???? – Mandy Moore

Last week: Cha-Cha

This week: I frikin missed it!!!! I walked in the door JUST as they were walking away from each other at the end of the music and I heard the judges bash them. So based on that I'm guessing they MAY end up being in the b3. Not sure since I didn't see it. I may be back to edit this since I can prolly find a copy of the performance now.

Chelsie H. (Ballroom) & Mark (Contemp): Argentine Tango – Alex DaSilva

Last week: Contemporary

This week: I did not find them as sexy as I think they should have been. It was all sort of awkward looking to me. The judges liked it, so maybe I missed something, but I liked them better last week with Mia's contemporary piece than I did with this number. I thought it should have been sexier. I was expecting sexier.

Jessica (Contemp) & Will (Contemp): Hip-Hop – Cicely & DLisa

Last week: Tango

This week: That was a world better than what they did as a couple last week. Jessica stepped it up a bunch, but still not to the level where Will is. The dude is simply amazing and he needs a better partner. Nigel obviously likes her. I will give it to Jessica that she stepped it up, but she is no match for Will. I was pleasantly surprised to see him do hip-hop well, but he was great!

Kourtni L. (Contemp) & Matt (Contemp): Fox Trot – Jean-Marc

Last week: Jazz

This week: Much better than last week's jazz number, but still kinda disappointing. She just looks so huge and heavy on stage when she's partnered. I think Kourtni really stands out as a solo dancer only. She was rocking the finger wave hair style. To me they had an opportunity to make that really really good and instead it was just OK.

Courtney G. (Contemp) & Gev (Hip-Hop on ice): Contemporary – Mandy Moore

Last week: Disco

This week: That was really really pretty and smooth and nicely done. I'm not a huge fan of Mandy's choreography, but they danced that nice. It was sexier than what they did last week and I could feel chemistry between them. Not sure why the judges couldn't. Courtney was a little stiff to begin with, but they loosened up once they got going.

Katee (Contemp) & Joshua (Hip-Hop): Broadway – Tyce Diorio

Last week: Hip-Hop

This week: After that performance I have to cave in to Katee. They are definitely a force to be reckoned with!! What an awesome performance!! This is what the show is all about to me!!! If they keep performing like this they will definitely be the couple to beat! Will has a weak partner so they can't have that status. These two are both pulling their weight and giving outstanding performances!! This guy is a pop-locker and he just rocked Broadway!!! Amazing!

Susie (Latin Ballroom) & Marquis (Contemp): Salsa – Alex DaSilva

Last week: Smooth Waltz

This week: What a complete and utter disappointment! They are Latinos!!!! What was that? What was Marquis doing with his shoulders?? Where was all that Miami sass that Susie has been boasting about having?? You can't just put on a skimpy outfit and that's sexy, there is more to it and she was NOT bringing it at all!! So were we expecting way too much from them?? I guess so!

Kherington (Contemp Jazz) & Twitch (Hip-Hop): Viennesse Waltz – Jean-Marc

Last week: Broadway

This week: I am completely shocked and totally proud of Twitch and what he just did!!! Again, this is what the show is all about to me. Bringing someone from one dance style and making them great in all of them! I never expected to see that performance from Twitch although he is one of my favs!! Kherington is just a pretty girl, period! I can see why Dominic had his mouth hanging open during her audition! That performance was beautiful and graceful and really good!! They will be giving Josh and Katee and run for their money!! (and Will once he gets a partner!)

Comfort (Hip-Hop) & Chris (Contemp): Krump – Lil'C

Last week: Jive

This week: I was again expecting WAY more than what I got! I'm not sure if Comfort toned it down in order to not leave Chris behind, but that was NOT good to me at all as far as Krump goes! It was a mild hip-hop routine that wasn't bad, but it wasn't suppose to be. Each step should have been raw, rugged, and rough and it wasn't! It was a complete disappointment! Chris definitely stepped it up, but neither of them gave the performance I expected.

The people I voted for, their reviews are purple :)

My bottom 3 predictions are in red :)

Shane Sparks group choreography for the results show tonight!!! This should be good!!! I enjoyed Wade's group performance last week as usual!!!!

Rayven (Ballerina) & Jaime (Swing): Hip Hop – Napolean and Tabitha

SYTYCD - Top 18 (Favorites)

For now I think this is my order of favorite Couples:

Twitch & Kherington

Joshua & Katee

Will & Jessica (only cuz I love Will)

Thayne & Chelsea

Gev & Courtney

Chris & Comfort

Marquis & Susie

Mark & Chelsie

Matt & Kourtni

Jamie & Rayven

For now these are my favorite Males:





For now these are my favorite Females:





Hell's Kitchen - Top 4

None of the Top 4 left are extremely impressive, but someone's gotta win.

Petrozza, although good, is a slob.

Christina is just so inconsistent. One week good the next she's a flop!

Corey is a snake which may end up getting her the win.

Jen is good, but her mouth is gonna cost her the win. Her Attitude all together!

They each have one hour to prepare and serve lunch for 80 mystery guests. The mystery guest turn out to be PREGNANT WOMEN!!! That was just too funny to me! The most hungry, but finiky eaters possible!! LOL

4th was Corey....she was still preparing food and had the ladies waiting in line!

3rd was Jen....guess it was just the taste since she thought she had it IN the bag!

2nd was Petrozza and beating him by 2 votes is......

Christina. She gets to blow over $1000 in a shopping spree where Lisa Kline herself helps to dress her. She gets a total cold shoulder from the other members once she returns. Just very very catty if you ask me!! It was funny to me that after all that Christina kept burning Chef with the pot handle! LOL

While the others were cleaning the dining room and prepping for service JEN was eating the left over food on people's plates and complaining about there was so much of Christina's food left so not sure how she won!! What a hater!

Jen and Corey are brought up for elimination. After a non-argument really....Jen just blabbered on and on....actually they both did

JEN goes home!

Joke Distribution List - FRIENDS and PETS!!

This explains why I forward jokes.
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When he was close enough, he called out, 'Excuse me, where are we?'

'This is Heaven, sir,' the man answered.

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The man thought a moment and then turned back toward the road and continued the way he had been going with his dog.

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She said 'Oh, my God, it's too late for you! You've already got the NECK and GIZZARDS!!!

SYTYCD - Top 20 - Results

The opening number was frikin fantabulous to me. I love Wade Robeson's work!!! He and Mia I think bring the most creative routines I have ever seen!!

Kherington & Twitch: Broadway - SAFE

Chelsea T. & Thayne: Cha-Cha - SAFE

Chelsie H. & Mark: Contemporary - SAFE

Kourtni L. & Matt: Jazz - BOTTOM 3

Susie & Marquis: Smooth Waltz - SAFE

Comfort & Chris: Jive - SAFE

Rayven & Jaime: Hip-Hop – BOTTOM 3

Katee & Joshua: Hip-Hop - SAFE

Jessica & Will: Tango – BOTTOM 3

Courtney G. & Gev: Disco - SAFE

I predicted 2 of the bottom 3 correctly. Mary’s comments about Kourtni and Matt made me think that she just knew they were going home! I believe that Will is going to continue to be in the Bottom 3 until they get rid of Jessica. I’m glad that Gev and Courtney G. were safe. I think anyone that pulls Disco and doesn’t end up in the bottom 3 is a good thing! LOL

Poppin’ Pete was a disappointment, especially if he’s related to Boogaloo Sam. Twitch and Joshua were prolly sitting there watching and laughing.

Dance For Your Life

Kourtni L: She was one of my early favs because of her solos. It was OK today. Not anything spectacular, but she is a good dancer.

Matt: The little foot work was kewl, but still nothing spectacular for me.

Rayven: I was really looking forward to seeing her toe work and what did she do?? She didn’t do it!?! I think that will hurt her in the end.

Jaime: Ballroom solos are always hard and to me they always look funny. Like they are stomping on roaches, ants or something of that nature.

Jessica: I am not impressed with her and I completely don’t like her attitude stemming from Vegas week. I think the guy she got into it with was a better dancer, but they picked her. She was wobbly the entire routine and it was sloppy. She’s going to be my "Lauren" this year, I can already tell, because Will is going to continue to carry her and hopefully she will flop in the next DFL.

Will: OH MY GOODNESS!!!! This guy so has the opportunity and ability to win this competition. He will have to get partnered with someone else in order to stay out of the bottom 3, I think. What beautiful movement and technique. I love the way he moves WITH the music! Just wonderful to watch!!!

So after all the solos. Kourtni L. is safe and goes back to join the others. And of course Will is sent back as Safe. I can honestly say, that I would have liked to see the couples split up and Will paired with Rayven. I think we would have more enjoyed that pairing! Oh well! Oh and the Pussycat Dolls came to do something. They are all just high profile table dancers to me.

Eliminated Girl: Rayven Armjilo

Eliminated Guy: Jaime Bayard

SYTYCD - Top 20 - Dance Night

I figured I had such a great format that worked for me last year I will use the same format this year J I have been totally looking forward to this year!!!!! I know it’s going to zoom by so I’m trying to enjoy every second!!! LOL Even Cat Deeley and her crooked nose and stick legs!

On with the race to $250,000!!! Dan Karaty is the guest judge this week. I think I was pretty clear in my previous blogs how I feel about him, so I’ll leave it at that!

Rayven (Ballerina) & Jaime (Swing): Hip Hop – Napolean and Tabitha

I am not familiar with this couple. They didn’t stand out to me in auditions and they didn’t stand out to me in that routine either! They did OK for a Ballerina and Swing dancers, but as an all around dancer that was NOT it! This totally reflected Malibu’s most wanted or something..LOL Rayven was better at hitting her points than Jaime, but they both lacked tremendously. I could have gone without the undie’s flash as well. Ewwww.

Susie (Latin Ballroom) & Marquis (Contemp): Smooth Waltz – Hunter Johnson

Anyone who read my blog last year knows that I am NOT a ballroom fan at all. This was NICE! I figured they missed something on the lift, but it was hard to tell, till Nigel opened his big mouth. The technique was there from both dancers which I expected from Susie to an extent. Good job.

Kourtni L. (Contemp) & Matt (Contemp): Jazz – Mandy Moore

I had a scary flash back to AI and Danny…UGH! Anyway…ok that’s over! That was OK. I think they both kept it really really safe. They are capable of more, but didn’t deliver that. It wasn’t bad, but I expected better. I really liked Kourtni from her auditions so I’d like to see more from her.

Chelsea T. (Contemp) & Thayne (Contemp): Cha-Cha – Tony Meredith and Melody

Where the HECK did that little fire cracker come from??!! I don’t remember her during auditions OR Vegas at all! (I even went back to check old posts….nothing) She and Thayne were HOT HOT HOT! She is a little bitty sexy thing up there. It was very very good! They made Mary’s Hot Tamale train. Not sure how much technique was involved, but it was definitely hot.

Chelsie H. (Ballroom) & Mark (Contemp): Contemporary – Mia Michaels

OK, anyone who read my blog last year again knows I LOVE Mia! Her and Wade Robeson are my ULTIMATE favs as far as the choreographers go. She put together Tim Burton’s wedding. It was good. The dress was a bit distracting, but the routine was good and they executed it well. Very fluid movements.

Kherington (Contemp Jazz) & Twitch (Hip-Hop): Broadway – Tyce DiOrio

Twitch has been a fav of mine since last season. I am so glad to see him back this year AND to have made it to the Top 20 this year! He named the duo "Twichington" which Cat used to introduce them so that will prolly stick for the remainder of the season unless they make it to where the partners split up. That was definitely Broadway! This is one of those genre’s that can go either way and they pulled it off! It was really good!!! Twitch pulled off the toe touch jump with great height!

Comfort (Hip-Hop) & Chris (Contemp): Jive – Tony Meredith and Melody

Again not big on ballroom, but I was impressed by Comfort. I expected her to be all over the place. She was actually pretty decent I thought. There was the spring in her step that was missing, but for the most part she pulled it off. She actually has a decent little shape under all the hip-hop get up….LOL Great personalities. Don’t think they were bad enough to leave, but Comfort’s solos would save her 4 sure. For not being ballroom dancers it was not horrible!

Katee (Contemp) & Joshua (Hip-Hop): Hip-Hop – Napolean and Tabitha

Now THAT was hip-hop baby!!!! They were in almost perfect unison throughout the whole thing. I liked Joshua from his auditions and Katee, well she left a bad taste in my mouth at the end of the Top 20 picks, but that was really really good!! I completely liked it!

Jessica (Contemp) & Will (Contemp): Tango – Hunter Johnson

It was OK. I am not a huge Jessica fan, but I really like Will so I’m torn on this couple as well. I figured if Debbie Allen stepped down for Will to participate he has to be good. He’s shown nothing less. This was great performance from his side. I have no idea what wobbly Jess was doing. She will need to practice dancing in heels if she wants to get through the ballroom dances!! Mary labeled them the couple to beat, that is BS!!! Sorry, there were MUCH better performances tonight even the other ballroom was better than that!

Courtney G. (Contemp) & Gev (Hip-Hop on ice): Disco – Dorianna Sanchez

I so completely hate Disco! Her dress was cute. I just think it’s a waste and there was only ONE performance that was actually good in the whole history of the show doing Disco!!! Gev is one of my favs and I think if he’s bottom 3 then his solo will most likely save him right now. We’ll see how it all goes tonight!!!!

The people I voted for, their reviews are purple :)

My bottom 3 predictions are in red :)

I can’t believe we finally get to see WADE tonight!!!! Whooo hoooo!!!! I think Cat said he is doing the group number for tonight


Wow Vegas! By the end of tonight’s show we will have the Top 20 for the season! Over 200 dancers made it to Vegas, and the judges begin work on breaking that down to 20! (I missed a lot cuz it was zipping through everything)

Day One

Day one begins with the dancers working on a hip hop routine, my favorite genre to watch of course! My early favorite Robert Muraine decides to quit the competition because he feels he’s not cut out for choreography. I was floored! Why even bother trying out????? Have you NOT watched the past 3 seasons???? It’s all about choreography and what you can do with it! What a waste! L

By 3 PM we have gotten through 150 dancers and 62 have been eliminated. Claire Callaway forgot her choreography and just stood there…that was priceless…so professional. Why not free style or something. So she goes back home to her baby.

At the end of day one, 129 dancers remain in the competition.

Day two

Tyce Diorio is doing today’s choreography. Erika Gee, who’s been in Vegas three times and is partnered with another girl because there aren’t enough guys left, gets cut during this round. Also in this round, twins Anthony and Antwaine Hart are split apart when Antwaine gets cut and Anthony goes on to the next round. Also Joshua Allen and Comfort make it through to the next round which I’m glad to see. Twitch also…I love this guy!!! At the end of this round, 94 dancers remain in the competition.

Just when the 94 contestants felt the day was over, they find out they’ll be forming small groups and working all night to choreograph a routine to a song they picked randomly from a box. MOST of the groups do not pull this off well, just like most other years. But the group with Jessica …. Hmmm forgot her last name right now…her group was really really really good, I thought. Even despite the arguing between her and the black guy that looks like the landlord from One on One.

Paige (Barbie) was partnered with Will (hip-hop, that I don’t remember seeing audition for) and they actually made Will come dance for his life, while Barbie gets to dance with another male partner. Boy did she get ugly when they cut her, huh?? She was all complaining about her ugly ballroom hair and rolling her eyes. Just not cute..LOL Only 4 are cut after the group performances, one being Kourtney Pearson.

There are 68 dancers left when Mia Michaels choreography round begins. That number is quickly reduced to 47 by the time the round is over. 22 total cut after Mia’s round. Among those cut are Lizz Plott (the last tapper we saw), who talked her way out of the next round, and Jeremiah Hughes, who walked off stage in the MIDDLE of the performance and then stomped around like a little baby cuz he messed up! That got him eliminated quickly! Of the 47 left 9 have to dance for their life. Twitch and Mark get unanimous votes.


Now we are down to the final round. Each dancer has to perform a solo, which is not critiqued by the judges. As the dancers walk down the corridor to find out if they’ve made the cut..

The "almost" biggest let down was when Katee Shean and Natalie Reid are called in together to find out which of them is cut, and which is moving on in the competition. When the judges ask if whoever gets cut would come back next year, Katee says she wouldn’t and that upsets Nigel to the fullest. Katee is ONLY 19 and if she’s willing to give up now then maybe she’s not right for the competition at all. As it turns out, the judges had chosen her to move on, but her comments have caused them to rethink their decision. They ask both girls to leave the room so they can have a re-vote, and this time the vote is 3/3. Nigel advised Natalie that they will stick with their original decision since it was a tie and keep Katee in the competition. They urge Natalie to come back next year and are amazed at the personality she portrayed in just that little segment.

I’m shocked that Markus Sheilds, Brandon Bryant, Kelly Baker, and Janette Manrara all got cut at the very end. Amazing dancers so hopefully they will be back next year!

Also, I hate to see Debbie Allen leave as a judge! She trained William Winfield and so since he made the Top 20, she will not be able to participate as a judge.

So, we have our top 20. Next week the competition begins!!!! Whooo hoooo!!!!

Top 10 Guys –

Joshua Allen

Stephen "Twitch" Boss

Matt Dorame






William Winfield


Top 10 Girls-

Courtney Galiano

Chelsea T

Susie Garcia

Kourtni Lind


Jessica King


Katee Shean

Chelsie Hightower

Kherington Payne

The people highlighted in Green are the ones I like SO FAR!! This is subject to change!!! LOL

SYTYCD - Milwaukee, WI Auditions

Past Cities Auditions we didn’t see

Michael –Was in Vegas last year, he gets a ticket straight to Vegas. That almost NEVER happens for a Pop-locker!!!! I wasn't watching him every second so I'm not sure what I think of him just yet.

Katee – She was OK. She gets a ticket to Vegas.

Natalie Reid – She reminds me of last year’s Lyri-pop by Jessie. Very good. She also gets a ticket to Vegas. Her and Katy are friends.

Janette Manrara and Romulo Villaverde – Latin ballroom dancers….WOW!!!! That "soccer ball" move is pretty awesome! She was kinda just bouncing around her head on his feet. That was very entertaining to watch. They get sent to choreography and later Janette goes to Vegas while Romulo has to try again next year (so he says)

Day 1 – Milwaukee, WI

Napolean and his wife are guest judges. Man, where is Wade Robeson!???? I really hope he’s still working with the show. He, Mia and Shane are my favorites!!!

Bianca Bevels – Tapper – She was really good. I’m surprised they sent her straight to Vegas without seeing if she can follow choreography.

James Davis – Group of choreographers and that’s what we get??? LOL More of a Kevin Bacon reject! Or Patrick It was just not good, but he thought it was!

Evan K. – Very refreshing. Gene Kelley type dance steps from singing in the rain. It was good! Goes to Vegas. He'll prolly do good with partnering up. We'll see how Vegas goes.

Victor Campos – Zorro wannabe!! I have NO idea what he was doing! He calls it Silly-pop and it was just blah! He refused to remove his was just silly!

Travis – white turtle neck needed to be slapped around a little bit at least that’s what he looked like he wanted. If he had done ONE more toe touch jump I was gonna scream!

Kourtni Lind – Contemporary. I LIKE her. She just draws you into the entire routine. Very very good. She seems to have a great personality as well. Her and her mother are really close. She's interesting. We'll see.

Tom Kozal – he was entertaining, but you can tell he is not trained at all. At least not enough for this competition. He practices dancing while he waits for the goats to drink water. He raises ... get this.... earless goats! LOL

Ashley Henry – She belongs in a club somewhere! She begged for a chance talking about how she has so much potential. They put her through to choreography due to the vibes they were feeling…LOL They claim she has great charisma. She quickly went home after the choreography!

Susie Garcia – Latin dancer, but she’s not wearing heels, she’s wearing tennis shoes that come up to her knees! WTH?? She’s the type of teacher my son would prolly learn circles around!!! LOL She gets sent to choreography.

Rebecca Hart – It’s amazing how much difference 2 weeks and a different outfit will make. She was in the LA Auditions and had a dress covered in rhinestones on…LOL This time was much better and they give her a ticket to Vegas.

Brice – from Cameron. He has been in the States for 2 years and works at a nursing home. I’ve done that, not as entertainment, but as a nurse assistant and that is some heart wrenching work to me! Says a lot about him as a person to me. He was OK, nothing that I was wowed with. He goes to choreography.

After choreography

Brice is not going through to Vegas. Ashley is not going either, but she claims she has 2 ballet classes waiting on her back home. Susie goes through to Vegas. 11 total from the first day in WI

Day 2 – Milwaukee, WI

Cooper Zamorano – Contemporary – Not bad, he does remind me of Travis so no point in sending him to do Travis’ choreography! LOL He gets a ticket to Vegas.

Yesenia - I completely remember her from last year! She’s lost 50 lbs and looks great. If her knee hadn’t been messed up they prolly would have sent her to choreography. She hurt her knee and limps off stage and out to the waiting area for her friend who was also there last year.

Phillip Courter – He’s pretty good, but I’m not sure he’d be able to do other styles. He gets a ticket to Vegas prolly cuz he cried about Yesenia messing up her knee.

Raymond Love – Sexy…I liked the routine, not sure what the judges weren’t seeing. We’ll see how he does in the choreography round. If had started crying about the fact that he was a minister and couldn't get into it, he will have issues. Some of those routines get so hot and steamy. I always wonder about the dancers girlfriends or boyfriends, do they get upset?

Hoa Hue – jungle warrior or something like that, who knows.

Lizz Plott – Another tapper and she also gets a ticket straight to Vegas. She was pretty good. She said she was there last year and did contemporary/hip-hop and didn’t make it, so she decided to bring her forte to the table. It worked for her.

After choreography

Raymond didn’t go to Vegas. The judges are still saying that he is not connecting with his partner. Hmmmm. Oh well. Nigel may hire him to do choreography though :) 11 others made it…so 22 total.

So on to Vegas tomorrow!! That means that tomorrow we will have our Top 20 dancers. See all you dance fans then.

SYTYCD - Charleston, SC and Washington D.C. Auditions

Day 1 – Charleston, SC

Due to all the traffic here in the stoopid Houston area, I was late getting home and walked in on the chica with gold curls saying she didn’t want to learn and then walked off stage. Then I was trying to get Word open when the chick in the red shirt with the black tie in her hair decided she wasn’t going to say nothing because the judges felt she was not dancing. I did catch a glance and no she cannot dance! LOL She was like crawling on the floor or something … who knows…go home!

Anthony Hart and Antwaine Hart –Anthony was good to me and I was quite shocked that Nigel didn’t say "On to choreography" on the other hand when Antwaine came out I told my husband that he appeared to be the better of the two. Then Nigel made them dance together. I thought they were going to get a ticket to Vegas but Nigel advised Anthony to thank his brother for getting him the opportunity to come back out. They both get sent to choreography.

After choreography

Antwaine and Anthony make it to Vegas.

Day 2 – Charleston, SC

Tyce is the judge joining Mary and Nigel in SC. If I remember correctly he has choreographed a few hot numbers in past seasons.

Abigail – the swim teacher. I thought she was kinda weird looking, but seriously why would you come to a dance competition to find out if you can dance!? She wants the judges to let her know if she can dance or not! She was a joke.

BJ Harris – I wasn’t expecting that from him. It was OK. He goes to choreography.

Courtney Galiano – Great contemporary dancer. I’m expecting good things from her. We’ll see how she pulls off Vegas week.

Jason Looney (Betty Wallace) – needs to be SHOT! What a disgrace to humans period!! Forget being a transvestite, that was just nasty!

I remember Claire Callaway from season 2 and then last year with her baby. She was suppose to go straight to Vegas Season 3, but she had the baby. This was NOT as good as Season 2. She gets sent to choreography.

After choreography

BJ doesn’t make it to Vegas, Claire on the other hand gets a ticket to Vegas.

I can say that they definitely had the worst bad dancers I’ve ever seen. That clip of all of them put together was hilarious!!! I totally missed the total of dancers that made it from SC since most of the time I am completely ignorning what Cat Deely and her annoying voice says!

Day 1 - Washington DC

Dan Karaty (I HATE the way Cat says his name) is not one of my favorite judges only because I can’t stand his attitude sometimes. He has worked with NSYNC, and Brittany Spears and he thinks he is a GOD and he’s just a really annoying little white dude!

Megan Campbell – She was really good, but her head got on my nerves, if she had slung her hair back one more time I think I was expecting it to roll right off her shoulders!

Derrick Bradley – I remember this clown from last season. Waste of time. He’s very delusional on what makes a great dancer. He didn’t do anything but play charades with himself.

Markus Sheilds – Hip-Hop dancer. Now he reminds me of Gimel! Very good. His shirt has a picture of his mother on it who has passed away. He goes to choreography.

Markus Smith and Deonna Ball – DC Swing dancers … that was pretty kewl. It’s kinda a splash of a bunch of styles put together. They go to choreography.

After choreography

Deonna and her partner Markus Smith get back to DC Swinging. Markus Sheilds gets a ticket toVegas. Only 9 from the first day in DC.

Day 2 - Washington DC

Brandon Bryant – Contemporary dancer - Wow….I thought he was going to be one of those feminine looking dancers but he was so strong looking and ….all I have to say is it’s such a shame….a girl could do wonders with the likes of that! Too bad he’s not interested! LOL He goes through to Vegas.

Goofball – I missed his name seeing what my son needed. It was kinda corny to me and lacked much technique. He goes on to choreography.

Anthony from Gulliard (the arts school, boasts about graduating in 3 years) I remember him from previous season. He got into with Nigel about masculine and feminine dancing. It was rather funny because I completely agreed with Nigel. What was funny is that this time around instead of the open button down shirt and shorts he has on military camouflage like that was gonna change the girly=ness just oozing outta him!! LOL He goes on to choreography anyway.

After choreography

Goofball is a no. Anthony is still not going to Vegas. He’s so upset, but honestly he would be so much better if he’d just go dance The Nutcraker on broadway or something! He is not for this competition. And again since I'm usually ignoring Cat and watching dancing I've missed how many total made it from DC.

So that’s it for this week and we have one more week of auditions before we get to Vegas week. YAY!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!