Saturday, June 28, 2008

SYTYCD - Top 18 - Dance Night

Hopefully we'll learn a bit more about the dancers tonight. I believe I know who the top 10 will be already, but I'll wait to see if there are any early surprises before I blurt it out .. ... hehe

Mia Michaels is the guest judge this week. I really like her and her abstract concepts. I do prefer her choreography over her being a judge.

Chelsea T. (Contemp) & Thayne (Contemp): ???? – Mandy Moore

Last week: Cha-Cha

This week: I frikin missed it!!!! I walked in the door JUST as they were walking away from each other at the end of the music and I heard the judges bash them. So based on that I'm guessing they MAY end up being in the b3. Not sure since I didn't see it. I may be back to edit this since I can prolly find a copy of the performance now.

Chelsie H. (Ballroom) & Mark (Contemp): Argentine Tango – Alex DaSilva

Last week: Contemporary

This week: I did not find them as sexy as I think they should have been. It was all sort of awkward looking to me. The judges liked it, so maybe I missed something, but I liked them better last week with Mia's contemporary piece than I did with this number. I thought it should have been sexier. I was expecting sexier.

Jessica (Contemp) & Will (Contemp): Hip-Hop – Cicely & DLisa

Last week: Tango

This week: That was a world better than what they did as a couple last week. Jessica stepped it up a bunch, but still not to the level where Will is. The dude is simply amazing and he needs a better partner. Nigel obviously likes her. I will give it to Jessica that she stepped it up, but she is no match for Will. I was pleasantly surprised to see him do hip-hop well, but he was great!

Kourtni L. (Contemp) & Matt (Contemp): Fox Trot – Jean-Marc

Last week: Jazz

This week: Much better than last week's jazz number, but still kinda disappointing. She just looks so huge and heavy on stage when she's partnered. I think Kourtni really stands out as a solo dancer only. She was rocking the finger wave hair style. To me they had an opportunity to make that really really good and instead it was just OK.

Courtney G. (Contemp) & Gev (Hip-Hop on ice): Contemporary – Mandy Moore

Last week: Disco

This week: That was really really pretty and smooth and nicely done. I'm not a huge fan of Mandy's choreography, but they danced that nice. It was sexier than what they did last week and I could feel chemistry between them. Not sure why the judges couldn't. Courtney was a little stiff to begin with, but they loosened up once they got going.

Katee (Contemp) & Joshua (Hip-Hop): Broadway – Tyce Diorio

Last week: Hip-Hop

This week: After that performance I have to cave in to Katee. They are definitely a force to be reckoned with!! What an awesome performance!! This is what the show is all about to me!!! If they keep performing like this they will definitely be the couple to beat! Will has a weak partner so they can't have that status. These two are both pulling their weight and giving outstanding performances!! This guy is a pop-locker and he just rocked Broadway!!! Amazing!

Susie (Latin Ballroom) & Marquis (Contemp): Salsa – Alex DaSilva

Last week: Smooth Waltz

This week: What a complete and utter disappointment! They are Latinos!!!! What was that? What was Marquis doing with his shoulders?? Where was all that Miami sass that Susie has been boasting about having?? You can't just put on a skimpy outfit and that's sexy, there is more to it and she was NOT bringing it at all!! So were we expecting way too much from them?? I guess so!

Kherington (Contemp Jazz) & Twitch (Hip-Hop): Viennesse Waltz – Jean-Marc

Last week: Broadway

This week: I am completely shocked and totally proud of Twitch and what he just did!!! Again, this is what the show is all about to me. Bringing someone from one dance style and making them great in all of them! I never expected to see that performance from Twitch although he is one of my favs!! Kherington is just a pretty girl, period! I can see why Dominic had his mouth hanging open during her audition! That performance was beautiful and graceful and really good!! They will be giving Josh and Katee and run for their money!! (and Will once he gets a partner!)

Comfort (Hip-Hop) & Chris (Contemp): Krump – Lil'C

Last week: Jive

This week: I was again expecting WAY more than what I got! I'm not sure if Comfort toned it down in order to not leave Chris behind, but that was NOT good to me at all as far as Krump goes! It was a mild hip-hop routine that wasn't bad, but it wasn't suppose to be. Each step should have been raw, rugged, and rough and it wasn't! It was a complete disappointment! Chris definitely stepped it up, but neither of them gave the performance I expected.

The people I voted for, their reviews are purple :)

My bottom 3 predictions are in red :)

Shane Sparks group choreography for the results show tonight!!! This should be good!!! I enjoyed Wade's group performance last week as usual!!!!

Rayven (Ballerina) & Jaime (Swing): Hip Hop – Napolean and Tabitha

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