Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hell's Kitchen - Top 4

None of the Top 4 left are extremely impressive, but someone's gotta win.

Petrozza, although good, is a slob.

Christina is just so inconsistent. One week good the next she's a flop!

Corey is a snake which may end up getting her the win.

Jen is good, but her mouth is gonna cost her the win. Her Attitude all together!

They each have one hour to prepare and serve lunch for 80 mystery guests. The mystery guest turn out to be PREGNANT WOMEN!!! That was just too funny to me! The most hungry, but finiky eaters possible!! LOL

4th was Corey....she was still preparing food and had the ladies waiting in line!

3rd was Jen....guess it was just the taste since she thought she had it IN the bag!

2nd was Petrozza and beating him by 2 votes is......

Christina. She gets to blow over $1000 in a shopping spree where Lisa Kline herself helps to dress her. She gets a total cold shoulder from the other members once she returns. Just very very catty if you ask me!! It was funny to me that after all that Christina kept burning Chef with the pot handle! LOL

While the others were cleaning the dining room and prepping for service JEN was eating the left over food on people's plates and complaining about there was so much of Christina's food left so not sure how she won!! What a hater!

Jen and Corey are brought up for elimination. After a non-argument really....Jen just blabbered on and on....actually they both did

JEN goes home!

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