Saturday, June 28, 2008

SYTYCD - LA Auditions

Oh my! What a season this looks like it will be!

I left work a little late so I walked in the door at about 7:20 JUST in time to see our good ole friend SEX (David) There was some guy that thought he was beautiful right before this...*rolls eyes* Back to my friend SEX. After what Nigel told him last year I SHOCKED that he would come back for more! What is wrong with him. He is 3 years delusional and just clearly CRAZY!

I admire the blind girl for trying but she was kinda creepy. Mia gets emotional about everyone!

OH boy do I remember Twitch! I sure hated it came down to him and Hok....I LOVED Hok for anyone that read my blog last year he was one of my all time favorites because he was just MAD talented in what he did! I remember he missed out the year before due to Visa issues, and came back and got a ticket straight to vegas like Twitch! Hopefully this year Twitch will be one of the Top 20!

The Russian desperate housewife was just too funny to me! If she wasn't ashamed of herself then she ought to

PHILLIP CHBEEB - fellow Houstonian who dances with the local group Marvolous Motion. This guy is MAD talented....I can't stop watching him...I still watch his audition from last year on u tube. He was one of my favorites early last year but he couldn't pull off the choreography! This year....he was still sent to choreography, but this time he made it to Vegas baby! If he makes the Top 20 he will rule hip-hop dances, I'm sure....along with Twitch

William Wingfield - I liked the fact that he danced to spoken word. Powerful statement. He gets sent to choreography and ends up getting a ticket to Vegas after.

Rileweird (Naked Boy) That was just way too weird for me - so glad they sent him packing!!!

Travis from Season 2 taught the choreography. After it's all said and done Day 1 auditions in LA produce 16 tickets to Vegas.


Erica Gee - I did not remember this girl till they described what she had done the year before ..... wow what an improvement! She gets a ticket to Vegas.

The Russian couple that is also dating ..... she does all the talking, huh?? I'm not huge fan of ballroom dancing but they look like they are good at it. We'll see what they bring to the other dance styles!

Some guy named Randy Lewis appeared to be having some sort of seizure on stage. He looked like he was in a lot of pain!

Victor Kim - There was a TON of personality in the audition. Not as good as Hok was, but good enough. He gets sent to choreography.

Dominic and Hok were in the seats watching all the auditions along with Travis and a few others.

Why is the masked man back??? He and SEX must talk and decide they are just not gonna give up!!! The Gold Inferno and his jump style need to be burned in an inferno!! The boy has issues!

The Asian ballroom dance couple are very good looking! She's so tiny she will partner with anyone great. They get sent to choreography to be split up as partners. They end up getting tickets to Vegas.

Kherington Payne - contemporary dancer...this is another area that gets iffy for me. It can be SO boring at times unless you've got a great dancer. She reminds me of last years winner Sabra in regards to the energy she displays with her movements. We'll see how well she pulls off other styles. She gets a ticket to Vegas. Nigel called Dominic out on how much he was just mesmerized by her.....we'll see!

Robert Muraine - He will give Phillip Chbeeb a run for minimal hip-hop slots that are available. This is just LA and we already have Phillip, Twitch and now Robert....this will be tough! I have to admit the guy is just as good!! He gets a ticket to Vegas. I heard Mary compare him to Cedric from last year. A LOT of people hated Cedric, but he was good at what he did and I loved it.

So that's the first in a line of about 5 audition shows before we get to Vegas week. So far this looks good. A lot of return acts which is great too.

Hey, I forgot to ask you yesterday....don't you think it's time for Matty to leave Hell's Kitchen?? I can't believe he cut his thumb off!!! LOL

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