Saturday, June 28, 2008


Wow Vegas! By the end of tonight’s show we will have the Top 20 for the season! Over 200 dancers made it to Vegas, and the judges begin work on breaking that down to 20! (I missed a lot cuz it was zipping through everything)

Day One

Day one begins with the dancers working on a hip hop routine, my favorite genre to watch of course! My early favorite Robert Muraine decides to quit the competition because he feels he’s not cut out for choreography. I was floored! Why even bother trying out????? Have you NOT watched the past 3 seasons???? It’s all about choreography and what you can do with it! What a waste! L

By 3 PM we have gotten through 150 dancers and 62 have been eliminated. Claire Callaway forgot her choreography and just stood there…that was priceless…so professional. Why not free style or something. So she goes back home to her baby.

At the end of day one, 129 dancers remain in the competition.

Day two

Tyce Diorio is doing today’s choreography. Erika Gee, who’s been in Vegas three times and is partnered with another girl because there aren’t enough guys left, gets cut during this round. Also in this round, twins Anthony and Antwaine Hart are split apart when Antwaine gets cut and Anthony goes on to the next round. Also Joshua Allen and Comfort make it through to the next round which I’m glad to see. Twitch also…I love this guy!!! At the end of this round, 94 dancers remain in the competition.

Just when the 94 contestants felt the day was over, they find out they’ll be forming small groups and working all night to choreograph a routine to a song they picked randomly from a box. MOST of the groups do not pull this off well, just like most other years. But the group with Jessica …. Hmmm forgot her last name right now…her group was really really really good, I thought. Even despite the arguing between her and the black guy that looks like the landlord from One on One.

Paige (Barbie) was partnered with Will (hip-hop, that I don’t remember seeing audition for) and they actually made Will come dance for his life, while Barbie gets to dance with another male partner. Boy did she get ugly when they cut her, huh?? She was all complaining about her ugly ballroom hair and rolling her eyes. Just not cute..LOL Only 4 are cut after the group performances, one being Kourtney Pearson.

There are 68 dancers left when Mia Michaels choreography round begins. That number is quickly reduced to 47 by the time the round is over. 22 total cut after Mia’s round. Among those cut are Lizz Plott (the last tapper we saw), who talked her way out of the next round, and Jeremiah Hughes, who walked off stage in the MIDDLE of the performance and then stomped around like a little baby cuz he messed up! That got him eliminated quickly! Of the 47 left 9 have to dance for their life. Twitch and Mark get unanimous votes.


Now we are down to the final round. Each dancer has to perform a solo, which is not critiqued by the judges. As the dancers walk down the corridor to find out if they’ve made the cut..

The "almost" biggest let down was when Katee Shean and Natalie Reid are called in together to find out which of them is cut, and which is moving on in the competition. When the judges ask if whoever gets cut would come back next year, Katee says she wouldn’t and that upsets Nigel to the fullest. Katee is ONLY 19 and if she’s willing to give up now then maybe she’s not right for the competition at all. As it turns out, the judges had chosen her to move on, but her comments have caused them to rethink their decision. They ask both girls to leave the room so they can have a re-vote, and this time the vote is 3/3. Nigel advised Natalie that they will stick with their original decision since it was a tie and keep Katee in the competition. They urge Natalie to come back next year and are amazed at the personality she portrayed in just that little segment.

I’m shocked that Markus Sheilds, Brandon Bryant, Kelly Baker, and Janette Manrara all got cut at the very end. Amazing dancers so hopefully they will be back next year!

Also, I hate to see Debbie Allen leave as a judge! She trained William Winfield and so since he made the Top 20, she will not be able to participate as a judge.

So, we have our top 20. Next week the competition begins!!!! Whooo hoooo!!!!

Top 10 Guys –

Joshua Allen

Stephen "Twitch" Boss

Matt Dorame






William Winfield


Top 10 Girls-

Courtney Galiano

Chelsea T

Susie Garcia

Kourtni Lind


Jessica King


Katee Shean

Chelsie Hightower

Kherington Payne

The people highlighted in Green are the ones I like SO FAR!! This is subject to change!!! LOL

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