Saturday, June 28, 2008

SYTYCD - Top 18 - Results

Shane Sparks opening number, it was pretty good. I still like Shane although I think he's arrogant, he does good stuff! I was not surprised to see him feature all the hip-hop dancers the way he did. There are A LOT this year compared to previous years, but these guys are good. They aren’t just poppers or hip-hoppers…this year is just tooooo much fun!!!

Katee & Joshua: Broadway - SAFE

Kherington & Twitch: Viennesse Waltz - SAFE

Chelsea & Thayne: Jazz – Bottom 3

Chelsie & Mark: Tango - SAFE

Kourtni & Matt: Fox Trot - SAFE

Jessica & Will: Hip-Hop – SAFE

Susie & Marquis: Salsa – Bottom 3

Comfort & Chris: Krump – Bottom 3

Courtney & Gev: Contemporary – SAFE

So I was right about 2 of the couples. Kourtni and Matt being safe was a total shocker for me. Comfort and Chris being in the Bottom 3 was actually not far fetched. I briefly thought about putting them there yesterday, but I figured Comfort was more popular than that. No biggie, I believe her solo will save her big time!! The Flaminco dancer was kinda funny to me. I coulda done without the accompanying music!

Dance For Your Life

Chelsea T: Contemporary - It was just OK for me. I still haven’t seen their performance just the bits and pieces they were showing. I think she will need to step it up some. For the most part good solo.

Thayne: Contemporary – He gets great height with his jumps, very smooth. Impressive to me.

Susie: Latin Ballroom - That was way better than what she did last night, but I still think she comes off as totally stuck on herself. She has gotten to the top 20 and just flopped compared to her auditions. The sizzle is gone…lol

Marquis: Contemporary - First off, didn’t realize he was that good. BUT, that was way too many tricks in 30 seconds. Where was the dancing…may hurt him.

Comfort: Pop-locker - The girl is really really good!!! She was creative and I could watch her all day long. Her arm movements remind me of Cedric from last year.

Chris: Contemporary - eh….I’m about bored with contemporary at this point. He didn’t do anything fantabulously different.

So the judges go to discuss the eliminations while someone called Flow Rider performs….WOTEVA, UGH! So I hit mute and start thinking what the judges will do. I’m thinking maybe Chris and Susie. It was hard cuz all 3 guys are contemporary dancers….that’s surprising to me that the contemporary dancers are leaving first, but then again they are always in abundance compared to other styles!

Nigel advises Chelsea that she needs to step it up and then she’s SAFE. Comfort is advised that she hasn’t stepped it up as much as they thought she would until Shane’s routine tonight so she will stay. Susie has lost her fire and needs to go find it!

Eliminated Girl: Susie

Nigel advises Thayne he’s a joy to watch on stage. Marquis is advised that he did too many tricks (do I know Nigel or what!!??...hehe). Chris is advised that he was told to show more personality and that he has done without a doubt. So unanimously Marquis will be leaving!

Eliminated Guy: Marquis

So still no couples split up. Will is stuck with Jess another week, but at least they were safe. I was not upset to see Marquis or Susie go home. So On with the show! LOL

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