Saturday, June 28, 2008

SYTYCD - Salt Lake City, Utah and Dallas, Texas Auditions

Day 1 – Salt Lake City, Utah

Mandy is one of my least favorite judges. Few of her numbers stand out. There have been some stand out, but not many. Before I start here’s my color key:

BAD or don’t like for some reason.

Still need to see more before opinion.

Like them already.

Chelsie Hightower I could have done without the sob story, but she dances well. Ticket to Vegas.

The kid with Down’s syndrome was very inspirational. Unfortunately, I was typing when they showed his name and I missed it ;). Nevertheless, he is not for the competition. I’m sure he does great in his Olympic activities.

Michael MooreWanna be B-boy. In his own words "Holy Cr@p, that was bad" That was too funny! He appeared to be in the midst of being electrocuted.

Richard CastenedaWhy?

Gev – Wow, what fluidity. The fact that he does this on ice is just fascinating to me. He should be able to do that on the ground. He is sent to choreography. I’ll be looking to see if he makes it. I think he’ll be strong in both the hip-hop and contemporary categories. Not sure how he’ll handle ballroom (which I can only take so much of myself)

Cutie Petuttie gets a ticket to Vegas, huh??? However, Gev has to go through choreography??? I guess. She was wearing the red lace top, I missed her name, but heard them tell her she was a cutie petuttie. Again, I guess. We’ll see what happens in Vegas, cuz that is one tough week. American Idol Hollywood week is nothing.

The mom of 4 needs to continue being at home with her babies. They need her more than we need to see her dance.

Kelly Baker Bonnie Story’s daughter (choreographer for High School Musical). I have a 6 year old that LOVES Corbin Blue, except when her brother gets to teasing her and then she has "broken up with him", anyway, that's the only reason why I've seen her mother's work!! LOL She is very, very good. Ticket to Vegas.

They now get 30 minutes to work with Travis and choreography. Gev makes it to Vegas…I like him. There were more, but they didn’t highlight them, so not sure.

Day 2 – Salt Lake City, Utah

Naomi – Not sure what she was doing. She says it was jazz. Horrible. Next. Mandy said that she thought they were being Punk’d … LOL

Ryann Race – strip club DJ. Nigel is such an old freak! Again, nice fluidity. WOW…ok that was not choreographed, it was freestyle! Nice. Makes him interesting. He is sent to choreography. We’ll see.Matt Dorame – He was OK. I didn’t think he should have gone straight to Vegas without choreography. I like men that dance masculine and these guys are just not appealing to me right now.

The guy with the black sweats with one pants leg up (missed his name as well) was OK. He got a ticket to Vegas.

Kourtney Pearson – (Michelle’s best friend) she was OK. She goes to choreography. I’d like to see more from her during Vegas week, just to see. I kinda like them, but they may end up

Michelle Stringham – She was OK as well. Goes to choreography.

Travis ChoreographyShelly (Michelle) goes to Vegas. Kourtney as well. Ryann actually got a ticket to Vegas as well, I don’t think he’ll do that well in Vegas, but we’ll see. 16 total from the second day. 42 Total from Utah.

Dallas, Texas – Day 1

Adam from Hairspray is judging today. I remember his hairspray type number he choreographed for the group number last year.

Brian Davidson – why did he keep hitting himself!? What a dork! He told you himself why he didn’t make it. He can’t move with fluidity. He was not going to be able to do anything else dance wise other than what he did….sent home.

Chad Agnor – pulled his hamstring during warm-up. Nigel advised him not to dance, but he insisted on dancing anyway. What he did with a hamstring injury I don’t think or know that it would have been any better without the injury. Maybe he’ll come back next year and we’ll get to see.

Paige Jones – She just screams "Annoying"….I’ll call her…..Barbie! She should just keep her aspirations to be a professional cheerleader. Gets sent to choreography.

Joshua Allen – He’s pretty good. Nigel compared him to Gimel from season 2 and well, I liked Gimel better I think. We’ll see how he does on choreography.

Cassidy – She blamed it on the nerves. She gave this whole long speech about she can’t believe they told her she wasn’t good. She may be good where she lives, but not enough for the show.

Briana Gardner – She looked like a pole dancer to me as well. Disgustingly skinny! I have no idea what she thought she was doing.

John Dix and Arielle Coker – They were OK. Arielle did stand out a bit. Arielle gets a ticket to Vegas. John gets pushed to choreography.

They sped through a bunch of good auditions that I would have liked to have seen. The best hip-hop girl. The guy that made Adam scream about fluidity. That’s one thing I’ve always hated about the pre-season show or the audition shows. You never get to see everyone’s audition. I’m looking forward to Vegas week so I can actually get to see these people dance like the judges did. That sucked…..oh well.

Steven Arnor – chair dance. He was too weird. He and Mary went at it because Mary advised him he needs training. Which he seriously did. Called Mary a Biatch and was kicked out of the auditorium.

Travis choreography John Dix doesn’t make to Vegas. Barbie (Paige) is going to Vegas. Joshua Allen is going to Vegas as well. Missed the total from Dallas that made it to Vegas. Not more than Utah, I’m sure. Or even LA.

Tomorrow Washington D.C. and Charleston, SC

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