Saturday, June 28, 2008

SYTYCD - Milwaukee, WI Auditions

Past Cities Auditions we didn’t see

Michael –Was in Vegas last year, he gets a ticket straight to Vegas. That almost NEVER happens for a Pop-locker!!!! I wasn't watching him every second so I'm not sure what I think of him just yet.

Katee – She was OK. She gets a ticket to Vegas.

Natalie Reid – She reminds me of last year’s Lyri-pop by Jessie. Very good. She also gets a ticket to Vegas. Her and Katy are friends.

Janette Manrara and Romulo Villaverde – Latin ballroom dancers….WOW!!!! That "soccer ball" move is pretty awesome! She was kinda just bouncing around her head on his feet. That was very entertaining to watch. They get sent to choreography and later Janette goes to Vegas while Romulo has to try again next year (so he says)

Day 1 – Milwaukee, WI

Napolean and his wife are guest judges. Man, where is Wade Robeson!???? I really hope he’s still working with the show. He, Mia and Shane are my favorites!!!

Bianca Bevels – Tapper – She was really good. I’m surprised they sent her straight to Vegas without seeing if she can follow choreography.

James Davis – Group of choreographers and that’s what we get??? LOL More of a Kevin Bacon reject! Or Patrick It was just not good, but he thought it was!

Evan K. – Very refreshing. Gene Kelley type dance steps from singing in the rain. It was good! Goes to Vegas. He'll prolly do good with partnering up. We'll see how Vegas goes.

Victor Campos – Zorro wannabe!! I have NO idea what he was doing! He calls it Silly-pop and it was just blah! He refused to remove his was just silly!

Travis – white turtle neck needed to be slapped around a little bit at least that’s what he looked like he wanted. If he had done ONE more toe touch jump I was gonna scream!

Kourtni Lind – Contemporary. I LIKE her. She just draws you into the entire routine. Very very good. She seems to have a great personality as well. Her and her mother are really close. She's interesting. We'll see.

Tom Kozal – he was entertaining, but you can tell he is not trained at all. At least not enough for this competition. He practices dancing while he waits for the goats to drink water. He raises ... get this.... earless goats! LOL

Ashley Henry – She belongs in a club somewhere! She begged for a chance talking about how she has so much potential. They put her through to choreography due to the vibes they were feeling…LOL They claim she has great charisma. She quickly went home after the choreography!

Susie Garcia – Latin dancer, but she’s not wearing heels, she’s wearing tennis shoes that come up to her knees! WTH?? She’s the type of teacher my son would prolly learn circles around!!! LOL She gets sent to choreography.

Rebecca Hart – It’s amazing how much difference 2 weeks and a different outfit will make. She was in the LA Auditions and had a dress covered in rhinestones on…LOL This time was much better and they give her a ticket to Vegas.

Brice – from Cameron. He has been in the States for 2 years and works at a nursing home. I’ve done that, not as entertainment, but as a nurse assistant and that is some heart wrenching work to me! Says a lot about him as a person to me. He was OK, nothing that I was wowed with. He goes to choreography.

After choreography

Brice is not going through to Vegas. Ashley is not going either, but she claims she has 2 ballet classes waiting on her back home. Susie goes through to Vegas. 11 total from the first day in WI

Day 2 – Milwaukee, WI

Cooper Zamorano – Contemporary – Not bad, he does remind me of Travis so no point in sending him to do Travis’ choreography! LOL He gets a ticket to Vegas.

Yesenia - I completely remember her from last year! She’s lost 50 lbs and looks great. If her knee hadn’t been messed up they prolly would have sent her to choreography. She hurt her knee and limps off stage and out to the waiting area for her friend who was also there last year.

Phillip Courter – He’s pretty good, but I’m not sure he’d be able to do other styles. He gets a ticket to Vegas prolly cuz he cried about Yesenia messing up her knee.

Raymond Love – Sexy…I liked the routine, not sure what the judges weren’t seeing. We’ll see how he does in the choreography round. If had started crying about the fact that he was a minister and couldn't get into it, he will have issues. Some of those routines get so hot and steamy. I always wonder about the dancers girlfriends or boyfriends, do they get upset?

Hoa Hue – jungle warrior or something like that, who knows.

Lizz Plott – Another tapper and she also gets a ticket straight to Vegas. She was pretty good. She said she was there last year and did contemporary/hip-hop and didn’t make it, so she decided to bring her forte to the table. It worked for her.

After choreography

Raymond didn’t go to Vegas. The judges are still saying that he is not connecting with his partner. Hmmmm. Oh well. Nigel may hire him to do choreography though :) 11 others made it…so 22 total.

So on to Vegas tomorrow!! That means that tomorrow we will have our Top 20 dancers. See all you dance fans then.

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