Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hell's Kitchen - Top 3

They each get to spend time with their family while Chef prepares the dish. Christina ate with her parents and was really the only one that was paying any attention to the dish that they were eating prepared by Chef. Corey at with her mother and boyfriend. Patrozza with his father and girlfriend.

Of course the challenge ended up being to re-create the dish that Chef had prepared for them.

3rd was Corey she was eliminated for using the wrong meat.  She picked Buffalo instead of Venison.

2nd was Petrozza  forgetting the puree cost him the win.  He had NONE wotsoeva. 

Christina.  AGAIN wins the challenge this week! 

While Corey and Petrozza have to crush up blocks of ice for service, Christina gets to go on a tour us with Chef and her parents and out to a fancy restaurant!

I honestly think they need to get rid of that backstabbing Corey in order to have a fair finale!!!

During service they each get a run and running the entire thing.  Assertive training with Chef is ALWAYS funny since they get to yell at Chef Ramsey!!  Chef called Christina a cheerleader!! LOL 

Petrozza - missed the missing peas in the risotto.  Chris totally messed up her fish station again!!  She always wins the challenges and then ends up messing up on service!

Corey - totally flopped, she couldn't even get her orders called out to the chefs correctly!  She caught the intentional mistake, but too late.  They sent her the wrong sauce for the Lamb Wellington and she didn't catch it till AFTER she poured it on the meat!

Christina - she caught the mistake with NO hesitation or almost miss or nothing! She needed mint mashed potatoes and not Basil.  She was GREAT when it came to running the kitchen in my opinion.  She still has a lot of work for the stations though!

They each are asked to nominate one person to go home.

Corey - nominates Christina because when she gets yelled at she looks like a deer in headlights and just freezes.

Chris - nominates Corey because she doesn't see the leadership qualities in her.

Petrozza - nominates Christina after the hard time he had with her during her fish station while he was in lead.  Can't blame him really.

After much thought Chef sends Corey packing!!  I was shocked!  I figured Christina had messed up enough dinner service stations and then she got 2 nominations so I just assumed she was leaving.  I was wrong!!  hehe   Not that it matters EVERYONE will be back next week to be split into teams with the two finalist.  JEN I think will be sabotaging whoever she doesn't want to win!   They will get to re-decorate the restaurant and re-create the menus.  This should be interesting!! LOL

Corey goes home!

So who do you think will take it all??

Petrozza OR


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