Saturday, June 28, 2008

SYTYCD - Top 16 - Results

Mia Michaels at her finest for the opening number! Very kewl, I like mucho!!! The make-up on them was fantastic.

The top part of Cat’s dress totally annoyed me the entire night!!! I know, I’m mental!

Chelsea & Thayne: Quick Step – Bottom 3

Katee & Joshua: Samba - SAFE

Chelsie & Mark: Hip-Hop - SAFE

Kherington & Twitch: Hip-Hop - SAFE

Courtney & Gev: Rumba – SAFE

Comfort & Chris: African Jazz – Bottom 3

Kourtni & Matt: Contemporary – Bottom 3

Jessica & Will: Disco – SAFE

So again, I was right about 2 of the couples. I really could have seen it go either way with the last two couples. I was hoping for Jess and Will so as to get rid of Jessica, but she has made it another week. I do believe she has a chance to be dragged to the Top 10 on Will’s coattails.

QUEST Dominic and HOK from last year are members of this group and they were OFF DA CHAIN!!!! I couldn’t tell if that was Ryan from Season 1 dancing with them as well! That was truly entertaining for me!! Thoroughly enjoyed it!!!

Dance For Your Life

Chelsea T: Contemporary - It was just OK for me. She appears to be a little firecracker but since week 1, we have not seen that again.

Thayne: Contemporary – I thought this was good. The more I see of his technique I like, but not sure I’m keen on his personality yet.

Comfort: Hip-Hop – She is definitely hot in her own style! I wish she would have hit her krump routine the way she was hitting that solo! Good Job.

Chris: Contemporary – OK….this is DFYL, that was OK! At best!

Kourtni: Contemporary – That was good. She keeps reminding us why she’s here during her solos!

Matt: Contemporary – That was really really good! He made Nigel eat his words!! Good Job!

So the judges go to discuss the eliminations while Miss Jordin Sparks performs "One Step at a Time". I love Jordin. I think she is a beautiful girl with a beautiful voice. I just wish someone will tell her that the style of dress she keeps wearing does NOT flatter her in any way at all!! I wish she’d just wear a pair of jeans and a nice blouse and be done! These dresses are making her look older….I want to see 17, not 35! She’s already an Amazon! (Trust me, not a bad thing! ;) hehe)

Nigel made a blanket comment to all the girls about being in the Bottom 3 too many times now and they all need to do much better. Then tells Chelsea to step forward first again, but this week she’s sent home straight away!

Eliminated Girl: Chelsea Traille

Nigel advised Matt that his solo was fantastic and tells him to go sit down. So left standing is Chris and Thayne. That was just too obvious!!

Eliminated Guy: Chris Jarosz

So next week we will see Thayne and Comfort partnered as they both lost their partners tonight. Not sure how that will work, but it will also depend on what style they pick. Maybe Thayne will be able to bring the dancer outta Comfort.

Did anyone notice that all but ONE of the Bottom 6 dancers were contemporary dancers???

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