Saturday, June 28, 2008

SYTYCD - Top 20 - Dance Night

I figured I had such a great format that worked for me last year I will use the same format this year J I have been totally looking forward to this year!!!!! I know it’s going to zoom by so I’m trying to enjoy every second!!! LOL Even Cat Deeley and her crooked nose and stick legs!

On with the race to $250,000!!! Dan Karaty is the guest judge this week. I think I was pretty clear in my previous blogs how I feel about him, so I’ll leave it at that!

Rayven (Ballerina) & Jaime (Swing): Hip Hop – Napolean and Tabitha

I am not familiar with this couple. They didn’t stand out to me in auditions and they didn’t stand out to me in that routine either! They did OK for a Ballerina and Swing dancers, but as an all around dancer that was NOT it! This totally reflected Malibu’s most wanted or something..LOL Rayven was better at hitting her points than Jaime, but they both lacked tremendously. I could have gone without the undie’s flash as well. Ewwww.

Susie (Latin Ballroom) & Marquis (Contemp): Smooth Waltz – Hunter Johnson

Anyone who read my blog last year knows that I am NOT a ballroom fan at all. This was NICE! I figured they missed something on the lift, but it was hard to tell, till Nigel opened his big mouth. The technique was there from both dancers which I expected from Susie to an extent. Good job.

Kourtni L. (Contemp) & Matt (Contemp): Jazz – Mandy Moore

I had a scary flash back to AI and Danny…UGH! Anyway…ok that’s over! That was OK. I think they both kept it really really safe. They are capable of more, but didn’t deliver that. It wasn’t bad, but I expected better. I really liked Kourtni from her auditions so I’d like to see more from her.

Chelsea T. (Contemp) & Thayne (Contemp): Cha-Cha – Tony Meredith and Melody

Where the HECK did that little fire cracker come from??!! I don’t remember her during auditions OR Vegas at all! (I even went back to check old posts….nothing) She and Thayne were HOT HOT HOT! She is a little bitty sexy thing up there. It was very very good! They made Mary’s Hot Tamale train. Not sure how much technique was involved, but it was definitely hot.

Chelsie H. (Ballroom) & Mark (Contemp): Contemporary – Mia Michaels

OK, anyone who read my blog last year again knows I LOVE Mia! Her and Wade Robeson are my ULTIMATE favs as far as the choreographers go. She put together Tim Burton’s wedding. It was good. The dress was a bit distracting, but the routine was good and they executed it well. Very fluid movements.

Kherington (Contemp Jazz) & Twitch (Hip-Hop): Broadway – Tyce DiOrio

Twitch has been a fav of mine since last season. I am so glad to see him back this year AND to have made it to the Top 20 this year! He named the duo "Twichington" which Cat used to introduce them so that will prolly stick for the remainder of the season unless they make it to where the partners split up. That was definitely Broadway! This is one of those genre’s that can go either way and they pulled it off! It was really good!!! Twitch pulled off the toe touch jump with great height!

Comfort (Hip-Hop) & Chris (Contemp): Jive – Tony Meredith and Melody

Again not big on ballroom, but I was impressed by Comfort. I expected her to be all over the place. She was actually pretty decent I thought. There was the spring in her step that was missing, but for the most part she pulled it off. She actually has a decent little shape under all the hip-hop get up….LOL Great personalities. Don’t think they were bad enough to leave, but Comfort’s solos would save her 4 sure. For not being ballroom dancers it was not horrible!

Katee (Contemp) & Joshua (Hip-Hop): Hip-Hop – Napolean and Tabitha

Now THAT was hip-hop baby!!!! They were in almost perfect unison throughout the whole thing. I liked Joshua from his auditions and Katee, well she left a bad taste in my mouth at the end of the Top 20 picks, but that was really really good!! I completely liked it!

Jessica (Contemp) & Will (Contemp): Tango – Hunter Johnson

It was OK. I am not a huge Jessica fan, but I really like Will so I’m torn on this couple as well. I figured if Debbie Allen stepped down for Will to participate he has to be good. He’s shown nothing less. This was great performance from his side. I have no idea what wobbly Jess was doing. She will need to practice dancing in heels if she wants to get through the ballroom dances!! Mary labeled them the couple to beat, that is BS!!! Sorry, there were MUCH better performances tonight even the other ballroom was better than that!

Courtney G. (Contemp) & Gev (Hip-Hop on ice): Disco – Dorianna Sanchez

I so completely hate Disco! Her dress was cute. I just think it’s a waste and there was only ONE performance that was actually good in the whole history of the show doing Disco!!! Gev is one of my favs and I think if he’s bottom 3 then his solo will most likely save him right now. We’ll see how it all goes tonight!!!!

The people I voted for, their reviews are purple :)

My bottom 3 predictions are in red :)

I can’t believe we finally get to see WADE tonight!!!! Whooo hoooo!!!! I think Cat said he is doing the group number for tonight

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