Saturday, June 28, 2008

SYTYCD - Top 20 - Results

The opening number was frikin fantabulous to me. I love Wade Robeson's work!!! He and Mia I think bring the most creative routines I have ever seen!!

Kherington & Twitch: Broadway - SAFE

Chelsea T. & Thayne: Cha-Cha - SAFE

Chelsie H. & Mark: Contemporary - SAFE

Kourtni L. & Matt: Jazz - BOTTOM 3

Susie & Marquis: Smooth Waltz - SAFE

Comfort & Chris: Jive - SAFE

Rayven & Jaime: Hip-Hop – BOTTOM 3

Katee & Joshua: Hip-Hop - SAFE

Jessica & Will: Tango – BOTTOM 3

Courtney G. & Gev: Disco - SAFE

I predicted 2 of the bottom 3 correctly. Mary’s comments about Kourtni and Matt made me think that she just knew they were going home! I believe that Will is going to continue to be in the Bottom 3 until they get rid of Jessica. I’m glad that Gev and Courtney G. were safe. I think anyone that pulls Disco and doesn’t end up in the bottom 3 is a good thing! LOL

Poppin’ Pete was a disappointment, especially if he’s related to Boogaloo Sam. Twitch and Joshua were prolly sitting there watching and laughing.

Dance For Your Life

Kourtni L: She was one of my early favs because of her solos. It was OK today. Not anything spectacular, but she is a good dancer.

Matt: The little foot work was kewl, but still nothing spectacular for me.

Rayven: I was really looking forward to seeing her toe work and what did she do?? She didn’t do it!?! I think that will hurt her in the end.

Jaime: Ballroom solos are always hard and to me they always look funny. Like they are stomping on roaches, ants or something of that nature.

Jessica: I am not impressed with her and I completely don’t like her attitude stemming from Vegas week. I think the guy she got into it with was a better dancer, but they picked her. She was wobbly the entire routine and it was sloppy. She’s going to be my "Lauren" this year, I can already tell, because Will is going to continue to carry her and hopefully she will flop in the next DFL.

Will: OH MY GOODNESS!!!! This guy so has the opportunity and ability to win this competition. He will have to get partnered with someone else in order to stay out of the bottom 3, I think. What beautiful movement and technique. I love the way he moves WITH the music! Just wonderful to watch!!!

So after all the solos. Kourtni L. is safe and goes back to join the others. And of course Will is sent back as Safe. I can honestly say, that I would have liked to see the couples split up and Will paired with Rayven. I think we would have more enjoyed that pairing! Oh well! Oh and the Pussycat Dolls came to do something. They are all just high profile table dancers to me.

Eliminated Girl: Rayven Armjilo

Eliminated Guy: Jaime Bayard

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