Saturday, June 28, 2008

SYTYCD - Charleston, SC and Washington D.C. Auditions

Day 1 – Charleston, SC

Due to all the traffic here in the stoopid Houston area, I was late getting home and walked in on the chica with gold curls saying she didn’t want to learn and then walked off stage. Then I was trying to get Word open when the chick in the red shirt with the black tie in her hair decided she wasn’t going to say nothing because the judges felt she was not dancing. I did catch a glance and no she cannot dance! LOL She was like crawling on the floor or something … who knows…go home!

Anthony Hart and Antwaine Hart –Anthony was good to me and I was quite shocked that Nigel didn’t say "On to choreography" on the other hand when Antwaine came out I told my husband that he appeared to be the better of the two. Then Nigel made them dance together. I thought they were going to get a ticket to Vegas but Nigel advised Anthony to thank his brother for getting him the opportunity to come back out. They both get sent to choreography.

After choreography

Antwaine and Anthony make it to Vegas.

Day 2 – Charleston, SC

Tyce is the judge joining Mary and Nigel in SC. If I remember correctly he has choreographed a few hot numbers in past seasons.

Abigail – the swim teacher. I thought she was kinda weird looking, but seriously why would you come to a dance competition to find out if you can dance!? She wants the judges to let her know if she can dance or not! She was a joke.

BJ Harris – I wasn’t expecting that from him. It was OK. He goes to choreography.

Courtney Galiano – Great contemporary dancer. I’m expecting good things from her. We’ll see how she pulls off Vegas week.

Jason Looney (Betty Wallace) – needs to be SHOT! What a disgrace to humans period!! Forget being a transvestite, that was just nasty!

I remember Claire Callaway from season 2 and then last year with her baby. She was suppose to go straight to Vegas Season 3, but she had the baby. This was NOT as good as Season 2. She gets sent to choreography.

After choreography

BJ doesn’t make it to Vegas, Claire on the other hand gets a ticket to Vegas.

I can say that they definitely had the worst bad dancers I’ve ever seen. That clip of all of them put together was hilarious!!! I totally missed the total of dancers that made it from SC since most of the time I am completely ignorning what Cat Deely and her annoying voice says!

Day 1 - Washington DC

Dan Karaty (I HATE the way Cat says his name) is not one of my favorite judges only because I can’t stand his attitude sometimes. He has worked with NSYNC, and Brittany Spears and he thinks he is a GOD and he’s just a really annoying little white dude!

Megan Campbell – She was really good, but her head got on my nerves, if she had slung her hair back one more time I think I was expecting it to roll right off her shoulders!

Derrick Bradley – I remember this clown from last season. Waste of time. He’s very delusional on what makes a great dancer. He didn’t do anything but play charades with himself.

Markus Sheilds – Hip-Hop dancer. Now he reminds me of Gimel! Very good. His shirt has a picture of his mother on it who has passed away. He goes to choreography.

Markus Smith and Deonna Ball – DC Swing dancers … that was pretty kewl. It’s kinda a splash of a bunch of styles put together. They go to choreography.

After choreography

Deonna and her partner Markus Smith get back to DC Swinging. Markus Sheilds gets a ticket toVegas. Only 9 from the first day in DC.

Day 2 - Washington DC

Brandon Bryant – Contemporary dancer - Wow….I thought he was going to be one of those feminine looking dancers but he was so strong looking and ….all I have to say is it’s such a shame….a girl could do wonders with the likes of that! Too bad he’s not interested! LOL He goes through to Vegas.

Goofball – I missed his name seeing what my son needed. It was kinda corny to me and lacked much technique. He goes on to choreography.

Anthony from Gulliard (the arts school, boasts about graduating in 3 years) I remember him from previous season. He got into with Nigel about masculine and feminine dancing. It was rather funny because I completely agreed with Nigel. What was funny is that this time around instead of the open button down shirt and shorts he has on military camouflage like that was gonna change the girly=ness just oozing outta him!! LOL He goes on to choreography anyway.

After choreography

Goofball is a no. Anthony is still not going to Vegas. He’s so upset, but honestly he would be so much better if he’d just go dance The Nutcraker on broadway or something! He is not for this competition. And again since I'm usually ignoring Cat and watching dancing I've missed how many total made it from DC.

So that’s it for this week and we have one more week of auditions before we get to Vegas week. YAY!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

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