Thursday, July 17, 2008

SYTYCD - Top 10 - Dance Night

Wow, I missed the first 15 minutes of the show so I had to google why Jessica was not there and Comfort was. Did they say how she broke her ribs? Did someone drop her?? How ironic, as my girl Alanis Morissette would say!! Hehe I don't think Comfort is as technical a dancer as the remaining other 9, but I like her so more power to her!

Tonight's guest judge is Lil C. All I have to say for him is I had NO IDEA he was in "Stomp the Yard" Twitch & Kherington's Krump routine had me so psyched I had to pull that off the shelf and give it a good ole look over! I don't think we have EVER seen Krump on SYTYCD as good as what's in that movie! Twitch was prolly the closest!!

So all new couples this week. I think I'm scratching the "previous week" line. Just too much stuff and looks all jumbled! :)

Round 1

Joshua (Hip-Hop) & Courtney (Contemp): Hip-Hop - Dave Scott - First off, good match up with these two. I totally enjoyed that routine. I missed it and had to watch it on Utube. This is the second time I have liked Courtney's hip-hop! Joshua I expected to do well with out a doubt! There are some technique issues for Courtney, but for the most part they rocked that routine! There was obvious chemistry between the two as well as energy and character! I enjoyed!

Chelsie Solo: Ballroom - I just feel like it's the same thing over and over again from her. Which is actually the case with MOST ballroom dancers attempting to dance solo.

Mark (Contemp) & Kherington (Contemp Jazz): Country 2 Step - Missed it - I saw enough of it to know that I didn't need to watch it in it's entirety on Utube! I live in Texas and could have gone an entire season without seeing this genre!! Ugh style, but I expected them to do well, but Kherington seems to be having issues with the chemistry with Mark. Could it be cuz he's no where near as hot as Twitch?? hehe Either way I was not impressed with what I saw from them on this performance.

Gev Solo: Hip-Hop/B-boy - His first solo was much better, but he still showed what he can do. He messed up the jump over his foot, but overall still an OK performance. Definitely not boring to watch!

Twitch (Hip-Hop) & Comfort (Hip-Hop): Smooth Waltz - Jean-Marc - The lift at the end was prolly the BEST part of that whole performance! It was not graceful and pretty at all. It was all choppy and the rise and fall that the judges were talking about I could see was missing. Let's just say, it's a good thing they got the lift.

Courtney Solo: Contemporary - It was pretty good. She has definitely proven herself in this competition over the last few weeks.

Will (Contemp) & Katee (Contemp): Broadway - Tyce Diorio - OK, How frikin' lucky are they to have picked each other!!! Two of the best! And they proved it with that routine! Very simple, but they totally brought it to life! Will is just amazing no matter what and Katee can definitely hold her own with him! I truly believe this years winner will come down to personality!! This is definitely a start to getting there!!! Great Job!

Mark Solo: Contemporary - He's much better than I give him credit for, I'll admit it. He's got a very interesting dance style. He does it very well. He's definitely not boring to watch, just weird! hehe

Gev (Hip-Hop/B-boy) & Chelsie (Ballroom): Contemporary - Sonya - I'm liking this choreographer a lot! Weird, but very very good!! That being said I think Gev and Chelsie rocked it and it was hot and sexy and all that wrapped up into one! I'm loving this Top 10 group! I think Chelsie looks better as a contemporary dancer than a ballroom dancer. Maybe cuz I don't care for ballroom, but this performance was hot! I'm way impressed with Gev!

Comfort Solo: Hip-Hop - For me, this was same ole same ole. There are a few very well executed moves BUT we've seen them. I'm not seeing her grow anymore.

Twitch Solo: Hip-Hop - His solo last week was better, but I still liked this week's. He's such a personality that he pulls it off week after week. Not to mention us fans from last year that are just so happy to see him back and in the finals!

I think Joshua & Courtney were my favs from Round 1 with Gev & Chelsie close 2nd.

Round 2

Joshua (Hip-Hop) & Courtney (Contemp): Rumba - Jean-Marc - WOW, wow, wow! That was great! I loved the banter from Joshua about how he's finally getting to show his chest. Will and Twitch are always naked on stage and now is his turn! Showed much personality from Joshua that I liked! The whole routine was sexy, sensual, and Joshua has that walk DOWN! Courtney looks great in half a dress and I think this is one of the FEW ballroom routines I've liked!!

Katee Solo: Contemporary - She's just so amazing with making the littliest movements so profound and eye catching! She's hard to stop watching!

Mark (Contemp) & Kherington (Contemp Jazz): Jazz - Tyce Diorio - They both have great technique and that's exactly all I got from this performance. It was like a competition type routine rather than a feel the music type routine! It was OK, but could have been sooooo much better!

Will Solo: Contemporary - The man is just awesome!

Twitch (Hip-Hop) & Comfort (Hip-Hop): Hip-Hop - Dave Scott - FINALLY!! I still think Comfort left a lot out for a "hip-hop" dancer, but I think Twitch made her step up her game and it was finally a good performance in her own genre for her! Twitch is just hands down amazing!! Mary gives him a standing "O" He truly has proven he can do it all in his own genre!!

Kherington Solo: Contemporary - That was much better than what she's been doing with her partner this week! She has amazing technique as well, but she looks unsure when she gets moved around a bit, so we'll see if she's still here next week and what happens then. She's lost the most pizzaz this week I think.

Will (Contemp) & Katee (Contemp): Pas de Deux - Desmond Richardson - This performance brought tears to my eyes and chills all over my body! I will just leave it at that! Just AMAZING! If you want to see true beautiful dancing watch that performance again on Utube! I've saved it as a favorite!!! It was also kewl to hear David Archuleta's rendition of Imagine! Great!

Joshua Solo: Hip-Hop - He has proven his versatility over and over that I forget he's a hip-hop dancer most of the time. He's quickly becoming a one man show here!

Gev (Hip-Hop/B-boy) & Chelsie (Ballroom): Jive - Jean-Marc - That was rocked!! Gev lacked a bit on the technique but for the most part that whole performance was entertaining as all get out!

Will & Katee got me on Round 2 with Joshua & Courtney a colse 2nd.

The routines I liked are of course PURPLE.

The ones I didn't care for are RED.

If I didn't care one way or the other it just stayed TEAL.

Tomorrow our votes will be the final say on who stays and who goes! If I had to make guesses I'm saying Comfort (AGAIN) and Mark.

BTW....for those of you that know what I've been dealing with as far as my interent at home goes.... I'm glad to say my internet at home will be back on July 28th!!! Whoo hooooo!!!!! :)

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