Friday, July 11, 2008

SYTYCD - Top 12 - Results

I truly love Tabitha and Napolean’s choreography! That was a really kewl opening number! I am enjoying their choreography more than Shane Sparks and WAY more than Dan’s!

Robert Muraine and Phillip Chbeeb are a shoe in for a dance battle on the finale show!! That is going to be so awesome to watch!!

First two couples:

Comfort & Thayne: Hip-Hop/Contemporary – Bottom 3

Katee & Joshua: Viennese Waltz/Bollywood – SAFE

That was such a DOH moment! That was too obvious that Comfort and Thayne would be the Bottom 3 between these two couples.

Next 2 couples:

Jessica & Will: Contemporary/Quick Step – Bottom 3

Chelsie & Mark: Salsa/Broadway – SAFE

Once I saw these two I knew it could go either way. I think it is Jessica’s fault, but its OK cuz Will should do fine with his solo! I also wanted to say that I did not give Chelsie and Mark their proper recognition yesterday on their Broadway routine. It was really really good when I went back and watched it again! Still think Courtney/Gev had the better night of the two!

Last 2 couples:

Courtney & Gev: Cha-Cha/Jazz – SAFE

Kherington & Twitch: Krump/Tango – Bottom 3

I was completely caught off guard on this one. Never expected Twitchington in the Bottom 3. Of course I fell asleep and didn’t vote, but I still never expected it. This makes perfect sense if you look at the pattern though. Each couple in the Bottom 3 had at least ONE bad performance.

Alvin Haley Dance Company (I think) – WOW! That was really nice to watch! They have strong powerful movements and such height! WOW.

Dance For Your Life

At this point solos need to have LOTS and LOTS of personality and originality. Without "standing out" there is NO way you will advance to the Top 10!! With so many Contemporary and Hip-Hop dancers this year we are risking seeing the same ole same ole over and over again.

Comfort: Hip-Hop – Nigel and I are just off! Last week he didn’t like it and I did, this week I didn’t really care for it and he did! N-E-Wayz, I thought it was OK, but taking the last two weeks into consideration, we’ll see.

Thayne: Contemporary – This guy has really good technique and it’s a shame he’s going up against Will and Twitch because I don’t think he stands a chance with that solo. It was good, but not what I’m expecting to see from the other two guys. And that may be the ONLY reason he leaves this week. Shame, but oh well.

Jessica: Contemporary – Yeah buddy!! She just showed us that WILL is the reason she will make the Top 10. I don’t think they will keep Comfort for the tour over her, so she better thank GOD!

Will: Contemporary – All I can say is DAYMN!!!!!! He looked just like the 3 professionals that performed before the DFYL started!

Kherington: Contemporary – I remember her audition well since they teased Dominic about his mouthing hanging open. Hehe She is a great dancer! WAY better than what we just saw from Jessica!!

Twitch: Hip-Hop – YEAH!!! I LOVE this guy and the way he sees music with dance! That was an AWESOME solo as well! Like I said…Thayne was up against 2 of the best!!!

So the judges go to make a decision while some girl named Keri who is suppose to be a break out star performs. After listening to the first verse and the chorus of that song I see why I’d never heard of her. UGH! Flipping channels till she’s done and thinking about what is going to happen with the guys. The girls, I think should be an easy decision, but the guys are too hard!!!!

That would be soooooo kewl if they’d get rid of Comfort and Jess and then just keep Thayne and Will and Twitch!! LOL

Nigel didn’t waste anytime, just went right to it. Kherington reminded us that she’s not just a pretty face and is sent to sit down. I think he referred to her as brilliant. Between Comfort and Jessica, the judges preferred Comforts solo, but took Jessica’s weekly performances into consideration and kept her instead of Comfort.

Eliminated Girl: Comfort Sedoki

Nigel advised Twitch that his musicality along with his dancing is outstanding and he’s sent to sit down. Will is advised he could dance with that Alvin dance group just like I said..hehe, and he’s sent to sit down as well. Nigel even made the SAME comment about sending two girls home instead, but can’t make two guys dance the waltz together!! LOL

Eliminated Guy: Thayne Jasperson

So no couples split again this week. I would NOT have been upset to see Jessica go home and Comfort go on tour, but I think the judges prolly made the best choice. Jessica had better realize just how lucky she is to have been partnered with Will!!!

Since I couldn't find pics of Comfort and Thayne (that I could access from work) I decided to post this one of last years winner Sabra! (the FRO...hehe)

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