Thursday, June 25, 2009

SYTYCD - Top 16 Performance

Karla (Jazz/Cont) & Jonathan (Salsa): Dave Scott – Hip-Hop

They asked them what they would be doing if they weren't dancing. Karla has a degree in Journalism so she would be a Journalist and Jonathan says he'd be an acrobat in the circus. I think he ought to go on and head that route. Karla was actually pretty good, too bad her partner was a complete bust!! They will be in the bottom 3. You just cannot "count it out" with hip-hop. Once you get the moves then you have to work on just feeling them and moving with it you can't look like you are just doing steps which is exactly what Jonathan looked like!

Asuka (L. Ballroom) & Vitolio (Cont): Mandy Moore – Jazz

Asuka says she would be making Jewelry for ballroom dancers and Vitolio says he would be a rock band lead singer. Then they are assigned a Thrash Rocker Jazz routine by Mandy Moore. This is an interesting couple that is getting better and better as the weeks go on. Now I liked this routine although they missed a few of the suppose to be synchronized parts. But overall still a well performed routine.

Melissa (Ballet) & Ade (Cont): Tony Meredith – Rumba

Melissa would continue with her pilates teaching maybe have her own gym or studio. Ade would be a sound engineer. This is easily one of my favorite couples. They are both amazing dancers and Melissa makes me sick she has a fantastic shape!! That piece of dress she was wearing last night was just wow! That leg flip twist thing was very kewl and I'm sure her pilates is what helps her be so limber!! Great job and one of my favorite dances of the night!

Janette (Salsa) & Brandon (Cont): Dave Scott – Hip-Hop

Janette would be a loan processor as she's about to complete a degree in finance and Brandon would be doing lighting and design for shows like SYTYCD. I was so psyched watching their rehearsal video and when they did the routine I was just too satisfied!!! This was hella impressive routine to me! Brandon made me like him tonight no matter what!! Both were good but he just stood out. Great job!!

Kayla (Jazz/Cont) & Kupono (Lyrical/Cont): Jean-Marc - Viennese Waltz

Kayla would be a model since she already models for dance magazines. Kupono would be a costume designer. They caught me off guard when they had no shoes on, yeah a barefoot Waltz. It was pretty good. Kayla is an amazing dancer and I have a feeling that she may be saving herself a bit in DFYL till she gets to a partner that can match her. I liked this routine and I think they performed it well.

Randi (Jazz) & Evan (Broadway): Mia Michaels - Contemporary

Randi would be an Elementary school teacher, specifically Special Ed students. While Evan would be running a custom car shop. Last week they informed us that he built a car from scratch so my guess is he'd be pretty good at running the car shop. This was really good. Evan is an awesome dancer and this was right up his alley I think. He was pretending to be chasing a poodle's behind and so the focus was Randi's butt. Very well performed, I loved the slow mo butt slap!!

Caitlin (Cont) & Jason (Cont): Jean-Marc – Paso Doble

Caitlin would be a broadcast journalist and Jason would be a professional or maybe not soccer player. This was just good to me and for that reason they will prolly end up in the bottom 3 where again Jason will save himself. I think Kayla and he will need to end up together but they will have to get rid of the partners first. Anywhoo, this was OK, but compared to the other routines tonight they fell short of perfecting the routine! I still think Jason is an amazing dancer and will hopefully always save himself!

Jeanine (Cont) & Phillip (Pop Locker): Tyce Di'Orio - Broadway

Jeanine would be an actress and Phillip would be an inventor. They were given MOSES from Singin' in the Rain. I have to agree that Phillip was lacking a bit in technique, but I think he still did rather well considering he split the seat of his pants wide open!!! Jeanine looked great on this routine and she performed it well. I believe Phillip did the best he could and to me it wasn't that bad, but not sure how the rest of America will see it!!

So I’m thinking the bottom 3 couples will be:

Karla & Jonathan

Jeanine & Phillip

Caitlin & Jason

And then going home after DFYL will prolly be:

Karla & Jonathan

This part is getting harder and harder!! Just like last week if it's a dancer vote off then Jeanine & Phillip will be replaced with Asuka & Vitolio.

If that happens then it is very possible that Asuka & Jonathan will go home!!

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