Thursday, June 18, 2009

SYTYCD - Top 18 Performance

Randi (Jazz) & Evan (Broadway): Louis VanAmstel - Jive

This routine was really good to me and remember, I’m not a huge fan of ballroom at all. They definitely had a lot of “FUN” with that routine and it showed. There may have been some lack in the technical area, but who noticed? This couple is definitely going to be expected to be seen in the Top 10.

Melissa (Ballet) & Ade (Cont): Sonya Tayeh – Jazz

This was prolly one of my favorite routines of the night! I love the work Sonya does!! These two dancers are really good!!! Melissa, as a ballerina, has so much flexibility when it comes to other dance styles. She has been very impressive to me. Also Ade, who we hardly saw during auditions, is really making a name for himself! What a fantastic dancer. Lil C went as far as saying he is everyone else’s competition. Definitely a Top 10 couple.

Caitlin (Cont) & Jason (Cont): Shane Sparks – Hip-Hop

First off why the HELL is Shane back??? He really isn’t needed around here. He needs to go back to the Dance Crew show and leave SYTYCD alone. Jason pulled off the whole “hip-hop” vibe that should be there, but the routine lacked because Caitlin wasn’t right there with him. I was expecting them to pull it off after pulling off Bollywood so well, but they flopped on this routine. They will prolly be bottom 3 this week.

Janette (Salsa) & Brandon (Cont): Doriana Sanchez – Disco

OK, wow. I am not usually a fan of the Disco numbers but this one I think Doriana out did herself. Or maybe it’s the two great dancers she had. This is another definite Top 10 couple for me. These two really brought the routine to life. The lifts were amazing, the one where he spun her around by her head or neck or something…then the pretzel flip thing, it was just really good. Mary did all kinds of standing and screaming and Lil C admitted that Brandon is an amazing dancer. Personally I think there is a WHOLE nother reason Brandon did so well with Disco, but I’ll keep those thoughts to myself!! LOL

Asuka (L. Ballroom) & Vitolio (Cont): Waltz – Louis VanAmstel

This was beautiful, elegant, classy and very entertaining to watch. They made Mary cry. I loved the split drag across the stage. There was some technical errors on Vitolio but overall his emotion overshadowed all of that. He cried in rehearsal again as he was overwhelmed with the opportunity he has been given. Also in rehearsal Vitolio asks Asuka why they can’t get the connection going and Asuka simply says I’m not attracted to you that way. Vitolio says “As handsome as I am, she’s not attracted to me???” I about died laughing!!! The guy has a great personality and I can’t wait till he gets a routine that shows that!! I hope before they have to go home! I’m not sure about their Top 10 status yet; they are still a little wobbly!

Kayla (Jazz/Cont) & Max (L.Ballroom): Brian Friedman – Pop

I’m glad they are no longer calling Brian’s routine’s hip-hop!! He’s a jerk to me, but does have a weird creative mind. This was a good routine, but the dancers had to bring it to life and that I think they did. I didn’t want to like Kayla just cuz she was blonde and pretty, so I’ve been hard on her I guess, but she really is a good dancer and if they keep this up they are definitely Top 10 material. Kayla more so than Max, but if he can keep up with her he’ll make it as well.

Karla (Jazz/Cont) & Jonathan (Salsa): Stacy Tookey – Contemporary

Last week these two weren’t impressive. This week, eh, I guess they did a little better, but I don’t see them making it to Top 10. I think they may have avoided bottom 3 this week, but ONLY if people are voting on dances and not dancers. If Phillip avoids bottom 3 then this couple will be in the bottom 3. They did better than I expected them too. The routine was great and they danced it well. Mary advised Jonathan that he danced it better than his own style and I would have to agree! This routine also had a great number of lifts in it and they did them well!

Jeanine (Cont) & Phillip (Pop Locker): Tony Meredith - Tango

After watching the professional Tango dancers last week, I think these two really tried!! It was ok, but the technical lacked on both sides, not just Phillip! Now, Phillip is hella popular and might just pull off missing the bottom 3, but if people are really voting on the dance routines then this couple should be in the bottom 3 and Phillip will save himself, but not sure if Jeanine will! If she does then they are destined for the Top 10 as long as they can pull off their routines!

Ashley (Cont) & Kupono (Lyrical/Cont): Shane Sparks – Hip-Hop

Not sure if the problem is Shane or if it’s just that the dancers really didn’t pull these routines off!! It was just OK! I don’t think either of them really grasped the “hip-hop” vibe that is needed and it was just OK. I feel like Nigel when it was really starting to get good, it was over! This routine I didn’t really like at all so I guess that’s against Shane, but there was still technical things missed.

So I’m thinking the bottom 3 couples will be:

Ashley & Kupono

Jeanine & Phillip

Caitlin & Jason

And then going home after DFYL will prolly be:

Ashley & Kupono

I honestly have no idea if that will be right and really don’t expect it to be. It was simply by chance that I got Paris & Tony last week, (or did I??) but I'm hoping people stick to voting for the performances and not the actual dancers. But I know there are always those that will vote for the dancers!

If it's a dancer vote off then Jeanine & Phillip will be replaced with Karla & Jonathan.

If that happens then I think Karla & Jonathan will go home!!

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