Saturday, March 14, 2009

American Idol - Top 13: MJ Song Results

I know this is extremely late, but oh well: 

33 Million votes…wow, so early??  It’s usually not till the Top 8 or so that you start seeing those type numbers!!

Group song – this was a Jackson 5 medley that actually wasn’t half bad at all.  This bunch sounds much better as a group than in the past…maybe it’s just me.  Maybe they ought to start the American Idol Choir….for all those who’s voices are just slightly below par!! Hehe

The review of all last night’s performances is funny to me as well.  They are ranking them and pretty much letting you know who got the most votes during this part.

FORD Commercial – It was done to the tune of We Will Rock You and I have to admit I liked it. 

Ryan now starts the elimination process. 

Michael Sarver – SAFE

Allison Iraheta – SAFE

Jasmine Murray – Center Stage

Matt Giraud – SAFE

Kris Allen – SAFE

Megan Corkrey – Center Stage 

At this point I’m thinking just like I was the night of the performances.  Jasmine and Megan were the worst, but Megan is more popular.  I think Jasmine’s issue is that she just comes off like a stuck up snob.  At least to me that’s what it is.  She just seems to look at everyone with this look of “I’m so much better than you” and I don’t think that connects well with people at all.  Her family looks fun as I don’t know what, but hey guys, stop spoiling Jasmine.  She’s entirely too stuck up because of it!!!!  Anywho, so of course the one going home was:

Jasmine Murray - HOME

So the new thing now is the Judges Save.  The judges can save one person a season.  They said that America claims that the likes of Jennifer Hudson, Elliott Yamin, and Chris Daughtry were all voted off too early, so this Judges Save is suppose to prevent this from happening again.  So on this note Jasmine performs again for the judges and in my opinion it was worse than performance night.  Ryan asks the judges if they are going to save her and with no explanation or nothing they flat out just said NO.  hehe..I think I’ll like this part!!

Kanye West performs “Heartless” It was funny to me to have him perform this on this show when he’s using a machine to help him sing!! LOL  Some of his music is OK, but for the most part, I can’t stand this guy!!

Now for the 2nd person going home:

Scott McIntyre – SAFE

Alexis Grace – SAFE

Danny Gokey – SAFE

Anoop Desai – Center Stage

Adam Lambert – SAFE

Jorge Nunez – Center Stage

Lil Rounds - SAFE

They force Anoop and Jorge to sit through Kelly Clarkson’s performance of “My Life would Suck Without You” Then they finally let Anoop know he’s SAFE.

Jorge Nunez – HOME

Jorge also does his performance for the “Judges Save” and is quickly told NO, again no explanation or hesitation…no second thoughts about it!!

So I’m uber excited that I got the first 2 eliminated correct!!! Hehe

Next week, Grand Ole Opry….who do you think will shine, who do you think will flop??  What do you want to hear them sing?  I don’t know this genre well enough to pick anything.

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