Tuesday, March 31, 2009

American Idol- Top 9- iTunes Top 100

Most Popular Downloads from iTunes.  So there could be anything on this list, but a lot of more current music.

Well on with it!

Anoop Desai – Caught Up by Usher – I still love his voice, BUT tonight proved to me that he is truly a “Brian McNight” singer.  He sounds much better when he sings ballads period!!  Usher is one of my favorite artist and that performance did that song not ONE bit of justice!!  No dancing??  That is a dancing song, Usher is a dancing performer.  It was vocally pitchy and really not the right song for him at all.  He basically just copies what he’s heard…..he may be just a copy cat-er.  He says he wants to be an R&B artist and while he has the chops for it he doesn’t have the “feel” for R&B.  He’s good at mimicking what he hears.  He needs to be part of a group OR he could have done a simple Babyface selection, but he has to learn to use his voice in the open places and play with it a little for R&B.  That straight note holding singing is for “pop”.  The Judges didn’t care for it either. (can you tell hubby helped with that one!!! ROFL)

Megan Joy - Turn Lights Down Low by Bob Marley/Lauryn Hill – NOTHING like Lauryn, but I have to admit that I kinda liked what she was trying to do with the song!  She has such a unique voice and sound that she could have scatted that song out OR jazzed it out with her voice a little more.  Make it more her own!  I really want this girl to do well for some reason I think once she gets to do HER music we are gonna hear some great stuff from her!  Judges didn’t care for it either and I think she may just be going home this week, but that’s OK.

Danny Gokey – What Hurts the Most by Rascal Flatts.  Shocked he picked that song but he sang the shyte out of it!  Made me want to go look up the original since I don’t know it, but something tells me it won’t sound the same.  I think he did a really good job with his performance and really showed what we are to expect from him once he releases an album of his own.  He was one I voted for tonight.

Allison Iraheta – Don’t Speak by No Doubt – Vocally the girl is just off da chain!! I didn’t too much care for the dress thingy, but I loved her hair.  The judges bashed her for her outfit since they couldn’t really say anything about the song.  I think she did really good and she continues to perform with consistency!  We’ll see if she really does end up being the only girl standing.  I did vote for her tonight.

Scott MacIntyre – Just the Way You Are by Billy Joel.  I completely missed his performance cuz my sister was lost on her way to my house and we had the TV muted and by the time we got her going again and realized the show was back on he was just hitting the last few notes.  I’m not upset I missed him since he’s not a fav of mine anyway, but from the playback it sounds like he may have done OK.  The judges liked it well enough so I guess he added a little more flavor to it this week!  

Matt Giraud – You Found Me by the Fray.  I didn’t really like that song so the performance didn’t really move me one way or the other.  I like him better when he does the soulful stuff…isn’t he from Detroit??  Anywho, I think he sounds better with the soulful stuff, but if he wants to rock it out then more power to him.

Lil Rounds – I Surrender by Celine Dion.  Boo!  I didn’t like this performance at all.  The girl can sing, but it was so boring and pitchy in places.  I don’t really think she knows who she wants to be as an artist.  The judges keep pushing for MJ Blige, but I can understand if she’s not feeling that. (She’s not an artist I really care for either)  She needs to hurry up and show us something or her vocals will only carry her so far.

Adam Lambert – Play that Funky Music by White Cherries.  He is the ONLY one that has given props to Ricky Miner and the band!!  Thank you!  Those guys are awesome!!  Now I thought he would pull this off a little better than he did.  Not that it wasn’t good, but he’s back to that style I’m not to fond of so no vote from me this week for him, but again he was still good.

Kris AllenAin’t No Sunshine.  That was a GREAT performance for him!  His best yet for me!  If that’s the type of music he’ll do I will be getting it!  That was a hot arrangement as well.  If he arranged that I give him mad respect!!!  He may be our dark horse……he’s never really been named a possible winner, but if he keeps performing like that it is definitely possible!

Well, that’s my quick take on the show tonight! 

My bottom 3 picks are:

Megan Joy

Matt Giraud

Anoop Desai/Lil Rounds 

Going home will be:

Megan Joy

Now if they stay true to the fact that Megan was not even bottom 3 last week then we could possibly see Matt leave, but I doubt it.  At this point any of the mediocre singers can be goners.  Once it comes down to Allison, Danny, Adam, and possibly Kris, then we will have some competition going on.

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