Sunday, March 8, 2009

American Idol - Top 13: Pre-Ranked

13) Kris Allen – He is not a favorite of mine and I’m actually shocked he’s in the Top 13.  I was not impressed with him during Hollywood week nor was I impressed with his performance of Man in the Mirror.  He will have to pull some big performances in order not to be going home within the first 2 weeks.
12) Michael Sarver - I like Mike, but if he doesn’t come strong with good song choices and vocals then he will be quickly voted out.  He should have never been there over Anoop to begin with, and now there is no way he can compete vocally.  Granted they start working with vocal coaches and stylist at this point so we could be surprised, we’ll see.
11) Jasmine Murray – Her vocals are just OK to me.  I think the judges like her because of her looks, but again, if she doesn’t bring it strong every time, one performance will send her home.  There is little room for mess ups this season.
10) Jorge Nunez – He could very well move up on this list.  He has a very good voice and is also charming now that we’ve had a chance to actually see him.  So much so that Tatiana attempted to bite off of him with the thinking in Spanish thing…*rolls eyes* I will prolly re-rank after the first week of performances.  We’ll see.
9) Matt Giraud – He is another one that could move up or quickly down the list.  He will have to make good song choices.  The top 10 of the 13 is going to be tough so whoever makes it will have to bring their A game ever week or they will find themselves quickly going home!!
8) Megan Corkrey – She is popular.  She has been a favorite of mine since her audition, but the dancing is throwing me, so I have to not watch her.  Not sure if vocally she can compete with the others and when it comes to switching genres you have to be able to back it up vocally if it’s not your “cup o’ tea” so to say.  Not sure how she will make out on this, but again this is pre-rank so we’ll see.
7) Scott McIntyre – Only reason I have him this high on the list is because he appears to be this popular.  I just don’t see the thrill of this guy’s voice???  It doesn’t do it for me.  Maybe he’ll change my mind, since I like him well enough.  I’m not wowed by his voice is all. He may end up proving me right and be one of the first to leave, but then again his fan base is huge, so we’ll see.
6) Alexis Grace – Again, if she doesn’t perform she will be quickly gone, but I expect her to do well for a while.  I like her sound and hopefully she will make smart song choices and pull off the genre changes each week.
5) Allison Iraheta – This girl has natural vocal ability there is no denying that.  My thing is can she change around?  Will she be able to make smart song choices and pick good songs?  We’ll see!  I for one love her voice and really hope that her being 16 doesn’t hinder her as far as experience.  It’s very possible, she seems to be a real natural.
4) Adam Lambert – Not my cup of tea, and yeah, I’m speaking music wise.  Let’s not even talk about his other preferences!!  He does have all the rocker fans though so that will definitely get him through for a long time.  As long as he makes wise song choices he’ll do fine for his fans.  I know it sounds repetitive, but it really does boil down to song choices.
3) Lil Rounds – She can definitely sing, but not a favorite of mine.  I think she sounds like every other Mary J Blige wanna be girl out there.  She has not shown me anything that is “Lil” vocal wise.  She does have more of the R&B fan base than Jasmine Murray does which is prolly why she’ll make it through for a long while.  Not sure how she’ll do on let’s say….Country week, but she may be able to pull it off.  I wouldn’t be upset about her winning cuz like I said she can sing, but I don’t foresee her recording anything I would listen too.  Could be proven wrong.
2) Anoop Desai – I love his tone and I love his stage presence.  Definitely a favorite of mine this season and I would love to see him go very far!  He could also mess himself up with a horrible song choice, but I think he’s a smart boy and may not have any issues with that.  I don’t wanna hear My Prerogative again though!
1) Danny Gokey – At this point I think he has the hugest fan base and he is a music teacher so I think he will have NO problem picking songs arranged just right for his vocals.  That little advantage I think gives him the edge over a lot of the other contestants.  Did you see his Hollywood week group performance????  Not only can he do it for himself, but he taught 3 other people….I think he’s a shoe in for winner, but again could be wrong….we’ll see!!!
Feel free to agree or disagree ….none of this is in stone and at this point I think I could still change my mind on a few of them…it all depends on this first week and how smart of song choices they make.  I hope they all do well, but I’m really hoping my favorites do well!!!!
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