Thursday, July 19, 2007

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

I am completely frustrated with our mortgage company. Wells Fargo are the most criminal minded bunch of bankers, loan officers, whatever you wanna call them! They BOUGHT our loan from another company a year ago. Now take note I said they bought not that we went looking for a loan from Wells Fargo.
The first thing they did was say we didn't have enough insurance on our house. They took it upon themselves to purchase insurance using our escrow account. The of course purchase the most expensive policy they could possibly find. Then they turned around and said we had to put that money back into the escrow as well as the amount for the taxes and the amount for the loan insurance! So our monthly payments went from $760/mo. to $1264/mo. And in the process of all of this now we have somehow gotten 2 months behind! They can't explain how considering I have proof of EACH months payments for the last year, but somehow we are 2 months behind. I'm still waiting on an explanation for that!
So we go purchase our own insurance. We are still waiting for the amount from the old insurance to be refunded to my escrow account, but somehow I just don't think that is going to happen. They will find some reason as to why that has to be applied somewhere else.
We are now looking for a different house or an apartment. At this point I think I prefer to rent. I do not want to deal with the city or the banks or anyone else who wants to know where my money is going at all anymore!! I will find someplace nice for us to rent and be on our way!
The plumbing in this house has gotten so bad that my electricity bill is actually $600 due to hot water that will not stop running in ONE bathroom!! That is $300 over the normal bill range. It is time to go...all the signs are there.

Folks avoid Wells Fargo at all cost!!!
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