Tuesday, October 27, 2009

SYTYCD - Meet the Top 20

What a fun fun show!  No pressure just show us why your here and why we should like ya!  Great Idea Nigel!  Please hip American Idol to this new format!! 

Now I read on twitter after searching (#SYTYCD) that Billy had been replaced by 21 year old Hip Hopper Brandon Dumlao, but after watching the entire show I saw nothing about that and after watching tonight's show I have to admit that it would be a devastation for the show to loose Billy.   I will not be re-posting pictures in this blog so if you need to see who I'm talking about then you will need to go to the previous post where all the pictures are labeled with the dancer's full names and ages. Top 20 Announced Blog

Kat announced that Adam Shankman is now a permanent judge on the show.  There are now 4 judge's seats so this means what?  4 judges every week and more risk for tie votes when it comes to DFYL?  The 4th chair had a name on the back though.....Paula Abdul.  I have had respect for her from day one as a dancer/choreographer so I'm looking forward to hearing some of her critique.  More so than I was on American Idol!  She just seemed flustered on that panel!  I'm wondering if she will be an every week guest judge or if she's only going to do an appearance here and there and the other judges will still be guests.  I guess we'll see starting tomorrow night!! (Or tonight if you wanna be technical!)

Wade and Amanda Robson had the pleasure of choreographing the first group number.  I was a spin of off the 1930's and was OK for a Robson couple routine.  I think the choreographers all kept it simple tonight on purpose.  Let's face it, these kids have a LOT of work ahead of them, so why strain them out on routines that don't "count"!!  Although the routine was simple and appeared just really easy it was still enjoyable and I'm still looking forward to the rest of the season! 

Next was my favorite genre of dance and that is the Hip Hop.  Russell, Kevin and Legacy all teamed up to perform and made me realize there are no female Hip Hop dancers this year.  Russell and Kevin will definitely give each other competition, but I think Russell will have the better luck with other styles.  Legacy was still not impressive to me.  He did surprise me as he was able to keep up with Russell and Kevin but that was about it for now.  I liked the little Krump session in the middle of the routine, but it wasn't enough for me!   I want more!!

Next was the FIRST group of contemporary dancers (so many of them folks they got 2 groups!)  This group consisted of Nate, Ariana, Jakob, and Channing.  I liked everyone in this group except Channing.   I had a preconception about her and I'll have to admit, didn't pay much attention to her during the routine!  I was more interested in watching the one's I wasn't sure about yet.  Ariana is amazing!  Beautiful lines and just a cute little thing!   Jakob and Nate both dance masculine and THAT I can deal with in a male contemporary dancer.  I hate the "feminine" moving male contemporary dancers!  I liked Nate from his audition a year ago though so I was really watching Ariana and Jakob and I liked them both.  Jakob may be this seasons high flyer!  Always appears to be just gliding through the air! 

Next up were the tappers.  I think it's sooo funny how a tapper has NEVER made the Top 20 and this season we end up with 3 of these guys!!  Bianca, Peter, and Phillip of course warrant a brand new choreographer to the show and it's Derick K. Grant.  I was really really hoping for Savion Glover, but no such luck :(   After watching their routine I am so glad that Tap is not a genre they will ever have to pick!!  I like Tap, but this routine was kinda sloppy and boring.  Granted (hehe..get that??) they have all been given pretty simple routines, but they still needed to make this just a little bit more exciting.  Bianca was a favorite of mine from last year, but she was cut during Vegas week.  Last night I couldn't even focus on her tapping because of the pants she had on....it appeared the crotch was hanging down by her knees and just did not do her any justice at all!  Phillip is OK, he's just to weird looking to really care (I know horrible, but he is) Peter impressed me since I didn't know what to expect from him.  I thought he performed the best out of the 3 and is really really CUTE! hehe

Next was the Jazz group.  Mollee, Pauline, and Ellenore fell into this category.  Mohawk Sonya was back this year to cover this genre.  She is one of my favorite choreographers by far so I was looking forward to this.  They talked about how it would be fast, but sexy.....Didn't see it.  The routine was OK, but other than being dressed in little tutu's I didn't really see sexy.  Adam went on and on about how they filled the sexy shoes, but not to me they didn't.  Mollee still looked like she was 14 to me...except maybe 14 attempting to be 16.  Pauline just looked wild kinda and Ellenore looked like she wasn't sure and held back a little.  I have to see more from them, but this number just didn't spark anything for any of them for me.  I liked Ellenore before tonight and still remain undecided about Mollee and Pauline.

Second group of contemporary dancers are now up.  This group consists of Victor, Noelle, Billy, and Kathryn.  I was impressed with this group.  They worked with Mandy Moore and she may have saved the girls for me.  They were both not impressive after Vegas week.  They are both just completely annoying, but they danced their hinnies off in that routine and it was really really good!!  Billy's lines are just OFF DA HOOK!  It was so nice to watch.  He has a tendency to get sorta feminine but you can just see the technique ooooze off of this kid when he's performing..it's just sick! (In a good way!)  So if Noelle and Kathryn don't talk and just dance I could like them..LOL   Victor was good too, but I think Billy outshined him just a little!!  Overall, I think this group had the best performance of the night!!

Last group was our Latin Ballroom dancers choreographed by Jason Gilkison.  Ryan and Ashleigh, the married couple and then Karen.  Karen is from Venezuela and boy does she have sexy Latina coming from all angles when she's on stage!  She is definitely more natural than Ashleigh and I think a better performer.  Ashleigh will get on my nerves this season if I have to keep seeing her mouth the words "He's mine" anytime they talk about Ryan!!  Ryan could have been on that stage by himself and I think I would have still enjoyed the routine!  He is better than his wife as well!

So tomorrow night starts first night of competition.  I thought we were going to be told who was paired with who tonight but I guess we'll have to wait till tomorrow! 
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