Saturday, November 8, 2008

Friend's response to "Because He's Black"

This was copied from one of my other blogs in response to "Because he is Black....."  I thought it was moving enough to post as it's own blog!! 
Thank You Fuss for these words!!  (In case you don't follow the link to her profile...she lives outside of the USA) :)

Obama has been a senator for appx 4 years he is young, only took me a good 10 years to really understand and appreciate motherhood..and that the experience gained helped me with each child that came be more tolerant, understanding, more creative etc.,

Obama is black of Nigerian background, his immediate family have nothing to do with the American blacks that went thru hell and high water treated to the most degrading situations and surviving it all thru their faith. Comparing OBAMA to black American slaves is irrelevant since his past or that of his ancestors has nothing to do with the AMERICAN history that was forged with blood and toil.

He is a man of colour mixed white and black, and the first one to be elevated to a prestigious the army u would call it jumping rank..and obama did it..he moved forward in leaps and bounds, where others before him have barely trodden let alone stood.

I am glad that he won over Hillary and all her experience even tho she too would have been an addition to American history as being the first woman to win..but she didn't and that is fine..Hillary didn't do it for me, a feminist and i dont think she did it for anyone else either.

Obama represents multiculturalism in its purest form, he is a little of everything, sort of a pot potpourri of colours, race, and religion, he represents all those things that people fight and kill for..all in the one person. 
I am hoping that his dream of change will become America's reality.

don't forget he doesn't work alone, and there will be ppl that will be sitting there waiting to pounce on his every move to assure he fails. The American ppl voted for change, they believed that he would be the one to we all have to sit it out and see where and how that change will come about..first and foremost..he needs to address the economy, ppl are losing their life's savings, their jobs, their pensions, their care needs to be is insanity that ppl do not go to the doctor coz they cant afford it and good men and woman are dying in the richest country in the world..when u look at it is not much different than 3rd world health care.
He needs to stick to his promises and keep them to the best of his ability of course allowing for changes in situations and circumstances.

I loved McCain coz he gave his all for America, America the country based on a constitution, a country based on flag and serving for the good of all, so many wonderful things that has made America the great country that it is..and people take issue with the fact that Obama wasn't willing to show that side of himself, not to appease the crowds by pledging allegiance to the flag even in a conciliatory manner
ppl take issue with that, coz they have sons, daughter, relatives etc., fighting in countries far and wide who are dying for their flag..i can understand that would offend many people.
Still Obama is not a black man, he is also a white man, coz in colour coding him we are no different than all the racists, pure and simple he is a man..who has been given a very tough job which he believes that he can pull off..and i pray for him and more importantly for the american people that he succeeds..for the betterment of ur own and everyone else. Godspeed to him, his success is your success and his failure will be urs to..(not urs personally - but collectively..Mabruk hatch on your new President, Inchalla he gets the job done and achieve what others have only dreamed about..
Salam Alechum..fuss
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