Friday, May 29, 2009

May Drama - Always ME!

This is a picture of what's left of my 2005 Pontiac Aztek. It wasn't perfect, but it was almost mine (paid off) and it has NEVER given us any problems other than replacing the battery a couple of times. So we have been dealing with what's left of my car here on the left!! The entire right side of the car is useless. Can't open either the front or back door. Everything from the right side under the hood is all crushed to the middle of the car. The right tire is completely broken off the axle. Let's just say this lady hit us HARD!

What is aggravating me now and brought me back to my ole' trusty blog after missing blogging the finale of American Idol is the fact that her insurance company is telling us that they are not responsible because the person THEY insure was not driving at the time of the accident. OK, there was only 2 people at this accident. My husband and the other driver. My kids thank GOD were in school and I was at work (Hubby was just going home from lunch with me!!) So the discrepancy is who she said she was at the accident to the police.

So we have now been waiting over a week (accident was on the 18th) for a copy of a police report that OH, I have to pay for by the way!! With no luck!
We were told possibly Wednesdy, well today is Friday and we still have NO police report! Hubby is starting to feel a little better, he's been going to Physical Therapy for treatment on his neck and shoulders. We still have to go to our regular doctor to have his hand x-rayed since it's still really hurting him. (When she hit him she sent him up on 2 wheels and he jerked the steering wheel to come back down on all fours, hence hurting his hand)

We've had a GREAT rental car, but now with the insurance company claiming that she was not driving we have to pay for this so it's hurting us financially of course. If anyone is in the market for a new car, I totally recommend this Dodge Journey!! Awesome car!

It has 3 rows of seating and my 6'5" husband had NO problem fitting in the drivers seat with one of the kiddos comfortably sitting behind him. Very roomy and standard equipment was really nice. 6 disc CD changer and stereo system was nice. Drive is very nice and it has really good gas mileage as well. I totally wish we could just go buy one of these right now, but just can't do it. The kids absolutely loved it. Played musical chairs every time they got in the damn thing. Took 5 minutes to decide WHICH seat to sit in!! LOL

Well naturally we are now in a hard place since the insurance is saying they won't pay and the police report is still not ready and the kids have another week left of school and of course I have to get to work. We decided to go car shopping yesterday and found a 1999 Pontiac Montana with only 84k miles on it. Fully loaded as much as that was back in 1999!! But still not bad! Appears to be kept up very well. So we are going to try to grab it so we have something to use while we fight with insurance!!

I want to take a moment to tell my mother that I love her very much and that if it wasn't for her I would have been put away in the crazy house or in jail for murdering lazy people a LONG time ago!!!!
LOVE YOU MOMMY!!!! Mrs. Yvette D. Pinder!!!!!

Anyway, our Aztek was a Pontiac and we had NO issues with that car, and I mean NO issues, not even a power window issue!!! So when we ruled out the itty bitty cars and the Tahoe (too much down) and the Suburban (too old) then we saw the Montana and it was like, hmmm Pontiac again...hmmm and it's under 100k miles (our Aztek had over 100k miles) and it was going to end up being less than $400/mo. so we decided to go for it! Still waiting on a call with an approval or denial, but if GOD says the same and all works out we'll have this by this afternoon:
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