Thursday, July 23, 2009

SYTYCD - Top 8

I have been having the hardest time coming up with blogs considering the top dancers this year are just awesome!!!

I have no idea who is going home tonight and I really hate to see any of them having to leave.

Out of all the pairing last night Jeanette and Evan was prolly the best couple. Only because they both had OK solos and both their performances were really good. Jeanette is a tiny little thing considering she's shorter than

Melissa and Ade were reunited and had their worst as well as their best performances as a couple. The salsa was really bad looking. She's sexy, but it didn't feel hot and sexy. I just kept thinking man Jeanette would have tore that up!!! But the Tyce DiOrio piece that was representing a cancer patient was a real tear jerker!!! Ade is a strong sexy dancer and the boy is just so modest I wish he would win, but I wouldn't be upset about him just coming in the top 4.

Jeanine and Brandon are really good dancers as well. Jeanine is much better than I expected her to be at the beginning of this competition. Her solo was the best to me (I missed Melissa's (ff to fast..hehe)) Brandon solo was just OK, but he's so popular I don't see him going home, but I could be wrong! I didn't see Phillip leaving either so.....

Kayla and Jason were OK tonight. They didn't stand out other than being Top 8 and great dancers!! Anywho, Jason's solo was not good to me, too many spins I was almost dizzy watching it. Kayla's solo was the worst out of the girls for me as well. She has nice lines and great moves, but the whole putting it together comes together better for the other 2 IMO.

I'm gonna make two guesses on who's going home.

Kayla and jason
Jeanine and Evan

Let's see what happens tonight! :)

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