Friday, September 4, 2009

1994 - A different point of view

A few days ago I posted a blog titled 1994

There is a part of that story where I was unconcious and really wasn't sure what had happened. I shared my blog post with the young lady who helped me that night/morning just to let her see she had been mentioned and she provided me with the below story. It was kinda weird seeing/reading it from that point of view.

Wow!!!!!! Here's the rest of the story...

As I was driving home after the clubs had closed, I heard screaming, but I couldn't tell from where at first. I rolled down my window & saw on a sidewalk, to my right, by a chain link fence that fenced off a potential fall into a tributary, this guy beating/pummeling this girl.

I didn't know what to do. This was also before everyone had cell phones. I landed on my horn to draw attention & never took my hand off of the horn so you can imagine how unnerving that was alone ... I still didn't know what to do.

But never laying off the horn, I slow down & start screaming out my window that "YOU BETTER LEAVE HER ALONE!!! I'M CALLING THE COPS".

Then, my car was too far in front of this incident & I drove forward (still leaning on my horn) to the next turn around in the median, not knowing what I was going to do once I turned around to get back on the scene...thinking that my only plan was to try & run over him w/out running over her & fleeting thoughts of (am I going to be in trouble for hitting him w/ my car).

Thankfully, by the time I got all the way turned around & on the right side of the road & still on my horn, a cop had appeared out of nowhere (later from the trial found out he was guarding a nearby club - maybe the same one you were at -- between your screams & my horn is what drew his attention) & had him on his knees & a gun pointed to his head. I layed off the horn & pulled into the parking lot of that shopping strip, slammed the car in park, jumped out & the cop was ordering me to "get her out of the road" which I did & your purse & spilled contents too.

I remember that night the moon had a fuzzy ring around it (which for some dumb reason I felt the need to point out to you, maybe in attempt to get your mind off what just happened ... understandably, you didn't give a crap - LOL) & you & I just leaned on my car while I held & pet you. I was so thankful you were OK & that I didn't have to run over him.
That was fascinating to hear the story from your perspective, I don't think I ever heard it in such detail from you before. I'm ovewhelmed at the moment having read what you wrote & reliving these memories.

Wow! It's hard to believe that happened that long ago.

Thanks for Sharing!!!
Much Love,
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