Wednesday, May 5, 2010

American Idol - Top 5 - Frank Sinatra Songs

Idol finally had a real mentor on the show!   I LOVE Harry Connick Jr. to bits and pieces.... Gotta love him!   
I loved watching the contestants with him, he's just so funny and down to earth!  Great show finally.....although not everyone had a great performance at all.   

The best of the night for me were Crystal, Mike and Lee.  

Casey was horribly pitchy!  

Aaron I just don't like. 

Lee I think did great and he finally showed lots and lots of personality!  I believe Crystal, Mike and Lee will be our top 3 and I wouldn't mind seeing Lee win everything.  The other two I would like to hear their music after the year of touring.  Lee I could stand hearing Idol songs for 2 years till he's done with his contracts.  Hehe

I think Casey or Aaron will be heading home.  It really just depends on fanbase at this point or "popularity!"   I believe that Aaron has that tween audience more than Casey so we will probably say goodbye to Casey tonight.

Casey James

Aaron Kelly

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